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Not Even the Sky Is the Limit

The scheduled launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour last month was supposed to be notable, not just because it was to be the last launch of this particular shuttle, but because of two special guests who traveled to the Space Center to witness the now-delayed launch. President Obama traveled to Florida for the launch, as did Gabrielle Giffords, the member ... [click for more]

Data Rape

Americans have been so bombarded with fear-drenched messages about the need to shut out foreign terrorists that few consider whether they are also being shut in. A 5-page biographical questionnaire, Form DS-5513, is being proposed as a new requirement for at least some Americans who seek a passport. The questionnaire is so intrusive as to constitute data rape. ... [click for more]

U.S. Attorneys Crack Down on the Tenth Amendment

Since just last month, the Arizona Department of Health Services has been accepting applications for medical marijuana patient and caregiver cards. Voters in Arizona approved an initiative placed on the ballot via a citizen petition, Proposition 203, the “Arizona Medical Marijuana Act,’ in the general election last November. The measure, which took effect on April 14, narrowly ... [click for more]

Obamas Broken Guantánamo Promise

The latest leaks of classified documents, which show that the U.S. government imprisoned hundreds of men at Guantánamo Bay on the most dubious “evidence,” brings to mind the question, Why hasn’t President Obama kept his promise to close the infamous prison that will forever stain America’s honor? As the UK Guardian, one of the newspapers that disclosed the documents, reported, ... [click for more]

Deference to Authority, Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 The 50-year-old economic embargo by the U.S. government against the Cuban people stands as a testament to the power of the state to mold the minds of a citizenry, in this case the American citizenry. Having been inculcated from the first grade on up that the U.S. government ... [click for more]

The Government Is Watching You

Most Americans seem detached from the U.S. government’s military actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and elsewhere. U.S. forces not only engage in wanton killing and harsh treatment of prisoners, but also surveillance and other intelligence activities that might appall the American people if they were used at home. Well, guess what: “Technologies and techniques honed for use on ... [click for more]

Blasphemy and the State

On April 16 in Richmond, Virginia, Jesus of Nazareth was spared the death penalty but sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for the crime of blasphemy. Or, rather, a mock courtroom reenacted the sentencing phase of his original blasphemy case, which had resulted in a sentence of crucifixion. Since the mock Jesus had already been ... [click for more]

Is There a Right to Live Where You Choose?

In addition to certain days being designated as holidays, the federal government and various organizations have also singled out certain days, weeks, and months as times to emphasize a particular issue or commemorate a group or event. Some of these are well known, like Earth Day (April 22) and Black History Month (February); others are fairly obscure, like National Cancer ... [click for more]
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