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Separate Economy and the State

by For centuries, governments established, controlled, regulated, and subsidized religious activity. Then some people began asking a revolutionary question: Why not separate religious activity and the state in such a way that the state would be barred from involving itself in any religious activity whatsoever? The question shook the world. Having been born and raised under systems in which the government played a heavy role in ...

A Lesson from 19th-Century Americans

by Ever since I founded The Future of Freedom Foundation 25 years ago, people have periodically said to me things like: “Jacob, FFF’s uncompromising approach to libertarianism sounds good but it just isn’t practical. Ideals are fine but since they are impossible to achieve, it’s a waste of time to be advocating them. Better to spend your time advocating what is possible and what people ...

Partnering with Communists and Nazis

by The depths of moral depravity into which the U.S. national-security establishment has plunged our nation were disclosed in the New York Times this week. In an excerpt from a book that was released yesterday titled “The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men,” author Eric Lichtblau revealed that the FBI and the CIA hired at least 1,000 ...

My Talk on Immigration at Northwood University

by Last night I had the good fortune of sharing libertarian perspectives with students at Northwood University, one of the few colleges in the country where students receive a great education into free-market principles. My talk, which was delivered live on the Internet, was part of Northwood’s “Freedom Week,” which brought together both students and the general public to hear speakers share insights on the ...

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About FFF

Founded in 1989, The Future of Freedom Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit educational foundation whose mission is to present an uncompromising moral, philosophical, and economic case for the free society.

We hold that the welfare-state, warfare-state way of life that has come to characterize our nation violates not only the founding principles of the United States, as reflected by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but also the fundamental principles of freedom.

Our methodology revolves around the spreading of ideas on liberty, which we believe is the best way to restore a free, prosperous, and harmonious society to our land. We invite you to explore freedom with us and to support our efforts to advance the principles of freedom.

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