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Republican presidential candidate Benjamin “Ben” Carson was director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland from 1984 until he retired in 2013. ...

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Regime Change is the Root of Evil in Syria

by Americans have become so accustomed to regime change as part of their federal governmental structure that most everyone has become quite blasé about the topic. A good example is Syria, which has now been pushed front and center into the consciousness of the American people. Everyone is railing about those Syrian refugees but no one asks an important question: Under what authority is the ...

Fear Is the Name of the Game

by President Obama announced, “We do not succumb to fear.” What did he mean with his use of the pronoun “we”? He’s got to be talking about the military and the CIA — i.e., the national-security establishment — which undoubtedly will not be afraid to drop more bombs in the Middle East and kill more people in that part of the world. He certainly can’t be talking about ...

Gun Control Didn’t Prevent the Paris Massacre

by Gun-control advocates here in the United States have often pointed to Europe as their model for gun control. A good example: France, whose strict gun restrictions and prohibitions would be a dream-come-true for American proponents of gun control. Yet, consider the recent terrorist massacre in Paris. How come it happened? Don’t American gun-control advocates say that gun control would prevent such massacres? It goes back to ...

The Counter-Containment Racket

by The U.S. government is committed to containing ISIS, and ISIS is committed to containing the U.S. government. The same goes for Russia. The Obama regime is committed to containing the Putin regime, which, in turn, is committed to containing the Obama regime. This counter-containment policy is one in which the respective parties need each other and thrive off each other. It’s all quite a racket, ...

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