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Does the Pentagon Still Want Nuclear War Against Russia?

by A wise person would wonder why the Pentagon would intentionally provoke Russia by moving NATO all the way to Russia’s borders after the Cold War ended. He would also wonder why the U.S. government failed to restrain its NATO ally Turkey from shooting down a Russian plane for flying over Turkish airspace for a few seconds. A wise person would know that oftentimes things ...

Blame the Refugee Crisis and Terrorism on Empire and Intervention

by Whenever statist polices produce crises, libertarians are inevitably asked what the libertarian position is to resolve the crises. Two recent examples involve the refugee crisis in Europe and the terrorist crisis in Paris. “How would you libertarians deal with these two crises?” people ask us. Libertarianism, however, is not a philosophy that purports to fix the problems that arise from statism. Instead, it is simply ...

Enslaving People to Keep Them Safe from Government-Produced Enemies

by Take a look at this excerpt from a New York Times article from a couple of days ago: All over France, from Toulouse in the south to Paris and beyond, the police have been breaking down doors, conducting searches without warrants, aggressively questioning residents, hauling suspects to police stations and putting others under house arrest. The extraordinary steps are now perfectly legal under the state ...

Regime Change is the Root of Evil in Syria

by Americans have become so accustomed to regime change as part of their federal governmental structure that most everyone has become quite blasé about the topic. A good example is Syria, which has now been pushed front and center into the consciousness of the American people. Everyone is railing about those Syrian refugees but no one asks an important question: Under what authority is the ...

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The Drug War Against Black America

0:00 Introduction 14:50 Seema Sadanandan 45:30 Radley Balko 1:25:30 Joseph Scalia 1:38:00 Kassandra Frederique 2:07:30 Neill Franklin 2:39:16 Panel The Future of Freedom Foundation ...

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