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Why Doesn’t Democracy Work?

Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government Is Smarter by Ilya Somin (Stanford University Press 2013), 280 pages. In Democracy and Political Ignorance, law ...

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It’s Google’s Turn to Be Plundered

by A couple of days ago, the New York Times profiled Margrethe Verstager, a former “minister of the economy” in Denmark who is now serving as the European Union’s “commissioner of competition.” In her current position, she is going after Google in the hopes of seizing a potential sum of $6 billion from the company. Verstager is going after Google for supposedly violating the EU’s ...

Celebrate Lochner Today

by Today marks the 110th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Lochner v. New York, a case that continues to generate controversy. For example, just last week a writer named Ryan Cooper on a website called “The Week” accused 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul of being “a supporter of the Lochner doctrine.” Joseph Lochner was a baker in New York City. In 1899 he ...

FDR Spied on Leonard Read

by Last night I was reading a book entitled The Emergency State: America’s Pursuit of Absolute Security at All Costs by David Unger. My eyes bulged out when I came across the following sentence: “In 1941 Attorney General Francis Biddle, following Roosevelt’s new guidelines, approved FBI wiretapping of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.” Why did that particular sentence grab my attention? Because I knew that ...

Slavery and the Income Tax

by Not surprisingly, the New York Times has an op-ed today entitled “Shaming Those Who Skip Out on Taxes,” which calls on the federal government to publicly shame tax delinquents as part of its efforts to increase tax collections. I’ve got a better idea: How about people in the private sector publicly shaming everyone who favors the continuation of the federal income tax? Except for a brief ...

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