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Virginia Is for Lovers of Liquor Monopolies

by A Virginia court recently sentenced 26-year-old Daries Lamont Coles to five years in jail for violating Virginia’s drug laws. He joins a long line of other people who have met a similar fate in the decades-long war on drugs. Meanwhile, the State of Virginia is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (VABC), a monopoly agency that has the exclusive ...

Hagel’s Departure Will Make No Difference

by There’s one thing about statists. For them, hope springs eternal. Despite a century of ongoing failure, chaos, and crisis, they still believe that with the right person in charge or with the right reform plan, statism will finally prove to be successful. Time and again, we have witnessed this phenomenon in such areas as the drug war, healthcare, immigration, monetary policy, Social Security, and foreign ...

Rand Paul Is Wrong. Leave Iraq Alone!

by Still opposing the Iraq War in 2003, Senator Rand Paul now wants Congress to declare war against the Islamic State and engage in military action in Iraq. He says that “national security” is at stake. I’ve got a better idea: Leave Iraq alone! Hasn’t the U.S. government done enough damage already in Iraq? Consider all the death and destruction that interventionists have wrought on this poor ...

What Good Would It Do to Reform the NSA and the CIA?

by People who are trying to reform the NSA and the CIA are just wasting their time. After all, at the risk of belaboring the obvious, these two agencies operate in secret. Moreover, they know that they can do anything they want, including breaking the law, and that nothing will ever happen to them. Suppose, for example, that Congress were to enact a law that prohibits the ...

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