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Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World by Tom Engelhardt (Haymarket Books 2014), 200 pages. “A shadow ...

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How to Deal with China

by The New York Times recently carried a story detailing China’s increasing economic clout around the world, brought about by billions of dollars in cash and grandiose socialist projects in targeted countries. Focusing on Ecuador, a country whose government several years ago forced the U.S. government to close its foreign military base there, the article points out how China is investing billions of dollars ...

Was Donald Trump Right About John McCain?

by Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump set off a firestorm within the conservative community by suggesting that former Republican presidential candidate U.S. Senator John McCain shouldn’t be considered a war hero just for being captured during the Vietnam War. Apparently Trump has survived the firestorm because he’s still topping the Republican polls. In creating the controversy, however, Trump missed the important question — whether a ...

Donald Trump Visits My Hometown!

by Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump just visited my hometown of Laredo, Texas! Not surprisingly, Trump entered Laredo filled with fear. I say “not surprisingly” because Republicans live their lives filled with fear. Communists! Terrorists! Muslims! Illegal aliens! Drug dealers! Bin Laden! Saddam! Ho Chi Minh! Republicans are convinced that they’re all coming to get us. Knees are always a’knockin’ among Republicans. Hey, that’s how we ...

Don’t Some Libertarians Favor Immigration Controls?

by I recently received a good question about libertarianism and open borders: Aren’t there some libertarians who favor immigration controls? If so, doesn’t that preclude anyone from saying that libertarians favor open borders? The answer to the first question is yes, and the answer to the second question is no. The fact that some libertarians favor immigration controls is irrelevant in determining whether this particular government program ...

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