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The Death of Empires

Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America by Glenn Hubbard and Tim Kane. (Simon and Schuster 2013), 296 ...

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The Libertarian Solution to Campaign-Finance Corruption

by A recent article in the New York Times goes a long way in explaining the reason for big money in federal elections. While the article detailed fundraising woes by longtime New York congressman Charlie Rangel, it indirectly explained what libertarians have long been saying what really needs to be done to address big-money corruption in congressional and presidential elections. We start with the obvious: ...

Libertarianism and the Child Immigrant Crisis

by Last week I received an interesting email from an irate woman who said: “Well you have your open border now. It remains to be seen how it will work out.” She was obviously referring to the child immigrant crisis in which tens of thousands of immigrant children are illegally crossing into the United States, where they are being arrested by U.S. authorities, incarcerated, and prepared ...

Drug War, Intervention, and Immigrant Children

by As tens of thousands of immigrant children continue flooding into the United States, we should not ignore the role that U.S. statist policy has played in this phenomenal event. Consider the drug war, one of the longtime favorite statist programs. It has turned Latin America into a hellhole of violence, bringing into existence violent drug gangs, gang wars, turf battles, murders, assassinations, kidnappings, robberies, extortion, ...

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