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Free Trade Means Free Trade

by There is a lot of controversy over the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a big trade agreement that is being negotiated between the United States, Canada, and a number of Asia-Pacific countries. What is most amusing about the controversy is how the mainstream press, as well as D.C. politicians and bureaucrats, describe the agreement. They call it a “free trade” agreement. That’s funny. For example, last Sunday the ...

It’s Monetary Crisis Time in Greece

by In the first two weeks of June, we might well witness the demise of two of the biggest socialist experiments in history. One involves the welfare state in Greece and the other involves the centrally planned monetary unit known as the Euro. By now, most everyone is familiar with the financial crisis in Greece. For decades, Greece has had an extremely generous welfare state, just ...

The Fable of the Chickens

by Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a flock of chickens. They were the happiest chickens in the whole world. There was always plenty to eat and the chickens were free to range wherever they wanted. Eggs were plentiful and the happy flock was always growing. One day, however, those happy chickens met with disaster. A group of very mean raccoons attacked, ...

U.S. Soldiers Died for Empire and Hegemony

by On Memorial Day, Americans honor the soldiers who have died in the defense of our country. There is one big problem though: Those soldiers didn’t die in the defense of our country. Instead, they died in the defense of empire and hegemony. For obvious reasons, U.S. officials, as well as many of the family members of the deceased, can’t bring themselves to admit that and ...

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