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Intellectual Privilege: Copyright, Common Law, and the Common Good by Tom W. Bell (Mercatus Center 2014), 238 pages. Permissionless Innovation: The Continuing Case ...

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How About Closed Borders Between the States?

by Here is an idea to consider, based on the protectionist and anti-immigration positions held by leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and many of his fellow conservatives: Let’s end the system of open borders between the respective states of the Union and impose the same type of controlled system of trade and immigration that Trump favors for America’s international borders. Now, I know how some ...

Vicente Maduro: A New Hero for American Conservatives

by Venezuela’s dictator Vicente Maduro, who American conservatives have long reviled for his socialism and economic fascism, has suddenly become a new hero to them. How did such a remarkable transformation take place? Maduro has instituted a reign of terror against illegal immigrants in Venezuela, specifically those from Columbia. And that’s enough to make Maduro a new hero to American conservatives, who wish that President Obama (or ...

Should Libertarians Support Socialism and Tyranny?

by With laws come enforcement. Whenever one supports a law, he necessarily supports the enforcement of the law. After all, it wouldn’t make any sense to support a law and oppose its enforcement. That would be like supporting lightning and opposing thunder. This point is an important one for libertarians in the context of the immigration debate. There are obviously lots of people, including some libertarians, who ...

The Cure for Widespread Murder in American Society

by Not surprisingly, yesterday’s shootings in Virginia have brought out the gun-control crowd. Thus, the publication of FFF’s new ebook Freedom and Security: The Second Amendment and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms by Scott McPherson could not be more timely. The implicit assumption of the gun-grabbing segment of American society is that widespread gun ownership equals widespread murders with guns. By making guns ...

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Serfdom USA (video)

Serfdom USA

Serf’s up, comrade! Quit your Stalin, and like the video! A new Austrian Economics music video from ...

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