Drug War

The Compromise of Silence

Accompanying this article is the April issue of Freedom Daily. All of the articles in this issue are devoted to the immorality and destructiveness of the government's war on drugs. People have recently said to me, "Why don't you people at FFF take it slow? Why are you immediately tackling such tough freedom issues ... [click for more]

The Economics of the Drug War

Does America have a drug problem? Yes. Is the drug problem undermining a part of the country's social and economic fabric? Yes. Are there steps that can be taken to help overcome America's drug problem? Yes. Should government be given more power and greater financial wherewithal to halt and reverse the drug crisis? No! For ... [click for more]

The Morality of Drug Controls

We Americans regard freedom of speech and religion as fundamental rights. Until 1914, we also regarded the freedom of choosing our diets and drugs as fundamental rights. Obviously, this is no longer true today. What is behind this fateful moral and political transformation, which has resulted in the rejection, by the overwhelming majority of ... [click for more]

An Open Letter to Bill Bennett

In Oliver Cromwell's eloquent words, "I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken" about the course you and President Bush urge us to adopt to fight drugs. The path you propose of more police, more jails, use of the military in foreign countries, harsh penalties for drug ... [click for more]

The U.S. Government Guilty As Charged!

Drug laws have been one of the most destructive forms of government intervention in 20th century America. Not only have they been the indirect cause of thousands of murders, thefts, robberies, burglaries, and other crimes against innocent people and their property, they also have served as the excuse for some of the most monumental governmental assaults on individual freedom ... [click for more]
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