The Bill of Rights

Today most Americans seem to have forgotten the ancient evils which forced their ancestors to flee to this new country and to form a government stripped of old powers used to oppress them. But the Americans who supported the Revolution and the adoption of our Constitution knew firsthand the dangers of tyrannical governments. They were familiar with the long ... [click for more]

Give Me Liberty

... In 1922, as a foreign correspondent in Budapest, I accompanied . . . a police raid.... We set out at ten o'clock at night, leading sixty policemen who moved with the beautiful precision of soldiers. They surrounded a section of the workingmen's quarter of the city and closed in, while the Chief explained that this was ordinary routine; the ... [click for more]

Principles and the Constitution

Several weeks ago, the United States Supreme Court held that certain procedural safeguards in the U.S. Constitution did not extend to foreign citizens under certain circumstances. The case was noteworthy not just for its holding but, more important, for what it connotes with respect to the Constitution and the desire by U.S. public officials to violate its principles. You will ... [click for more]

Forget the Alamo (and the Flag)!

The American flag is one of this nation's most treasured symbols of freedom. Therefore, when the United States Supreme Court held that the burning of the flag was an act protected under the First Amendment, many Americans were outraged. Reflecting passionate devotion to this highly valued symbol of freedom, they called for new laws, and even a Constitutional amendment ... [click for more]
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