Foreign Policy & War

Obama World Tour 2008

Ten-year-old girls at a Hannah Montana concert had nothing on our news media as they took in Barack Obama’s July trip to benighted foreign lands. Obama World Tour 2008 T-shirts were, figuratively speaking, on the backs of practically everyone in his press entourage. This tour proved, we are led to ... [click for more]

Do Presidents Have the Right to Kill?

Should the president of the United States be exempt from both American and international law? Few people would instinctively say yes. But, in actual practice, presidents of the United States have been legally untouchable for most of the past century for the foreign killings they ordered. Even when their orders resulted in the killing of vast numbers of innocent people, ... [click for more]

Just What We Need: New Reasons to Go to War

A few days before Gen. David Petraeus confirmed for Congress how overworked the military is in Iraq, President Bush was in Croatia talking about the significance of inviting that country and Albania to join NATO. “Henceforth, should any danger threaten your people, America and the NATO alliance will stand with you, and no one will be able to take your ... [click for more]

Barack Obama: The Peace Candidate?

Why would anyone think that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is the peace candidate? True, before President Bush sent an invasion force to Iraq and before Obama was in the Senate, he made a speech saying intervention would be a mistake. But after the invasion, in 2004, he said he wasnt sure how he would have voted when the ... [click for more]

Obama and McCain Are Both Wrong

Barack Obama’s call for talks with “our enemies” is shaping up as a major bone of contention between him and John McCain in the presidential campaign. As usual, both the Democrat and the Republican get it wrong. Obama says he would sit down with so-called adversaries such as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ... [click for more]

The Folly of Interventionism

Foreign Follies: America’s New Global Empire by Doug Bandow (Xulon Press, 2006); 383 pages, $19.99. George Washington unfortunately sided with the big-government federalists when it came to domestic policy, but his famous Farewell Address contained some sage advice for America when it came to foreign policy — not to get ... [click for more]
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