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A Great Conference!

We had an absolutely great time at the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum this past weekend. Lots of great speakers, hundreds of attendees, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and perfect weather. Bart Frazier and Scott McPherson were manning the FFF exhibit booth and I gave the ...

Your Papers, Please

A few days ago, Pete Eyre (who serves as outreach consultant to FFF) had an encounter with two police officers in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which Pete videotaped while openly carrying a weapon, which is legal under New Mexico law. After some conversation, the two officers asked Pete to produce ...

Who Needs Trials?

The Washington Post has just published an op-ed that pretty much sums up where we’ve arrived as a country, post-9/11, thanks to both conservatives and liberals. The op-ed is entitled “KSM’s Dispensable Trial” and is co-authored by Jack Goldsmith, who served as an assistant attorney general in the Bush ...

Starbucks, Guns, and Property Rights

The controversy over guns and Starbucks provides us with an opportunity to understand the relationship between gun rights and property rights. The gun-control crowd is upset with Starbucks because the chain is permitting people to openly carry firearms into its stores. They say that this is carrying the right to ...

Hitler’s National Security Court

Let’s make no bones about it. Adolf Hitler, who served as chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, could easily be the inspiration for those here in the United States now calling for the creation of a special national security court for trying terrorists. After all, it was Hitler who first established a national security court, and he did ...

Conservatives Hate Trial by Jury

One of the things the mainstream media never mentions in discussing conservatives’ embrace of the Pentagon’s military-tribunal system in Cuba for prosecuting accused terrorists is the disdain that conservatives have for trial by jury, the right that our American ancestors enshrined in the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution. After all, ...

Socialist Education Battle in Texas

A battle in Texas provides a good example of the socialist central planning that takes place in public (that is, government) schools. All sorts of people are lobbying feverishly before a 15-member state board to try to get their favorite historical, political, and economic perspectives included in the social ...

The Census and the Welfare State

The letter that Ralph Groves, director of the U.S. Census Bureau, recently sent to the American people reflects what America has become under the welfare state. Here is what the letter states in part: “Your response is important. Results from the 2010 Census will be used to help each community get ...

Blame It on Freedom

One of the distinguishing characteristics of statists is their inability to take responsibility for their failures. The fault always lies elsewhere. Two of the best examples of this phenomenon are the welfare state and the warfare state. For more than a century after the founding of the Republic, Americans had ...

Conservatives Love Castro’s Judicial System

Last December a 60-year-old American citizen was taken into custody in Havana by Cuban authorities. The man, Alan Phillip Gross, who resides in Potomac, Maryland, is suspected of being a spy for the CIA. While U.S. officials are denying that Gross is a spy, circumstances surrounding the ...

U.S. Government Confirms Sanctions Don’t Work

Even while employing sanctions against Iran, the U.S. government is confirming that sanctions do not work. The Chinese government has threatened to impose sanctions on the United States if the U.S. government persists in its decision to sell weapons, including F-16s, to Taiwan. According to the New York Times, the threat was issued by a top Chinese military ...

Will the Looted Just Shrug?

The statist reaction to Republican Sen. Jim Bunning’s temporary block of a welfare bill shows what the welfare state has done to the American people. Everyone knows that federal spending is out of control. The feds are spending $1.4 trillion more than what they’re collecting in taxes. And that’s just for this ...
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