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Giving Passes in the War on Terrorism

There is still no trial date set in the federal case of Luis Posada Carriles, the foreigner whom Venezuela accuses of having planned the terrorist downing of a Cuban civilian airliner in 1976 that killed 73 innocent people, including 24 members of Cubas national fencing team. After Carriles entered the United States in 2005, Venezuela ...

Libertarianism and the Tea Party

An interesting discussion has erupted on FFFs Facebook page in response to two items I posted regarding the Tea Party movement: Irony: Daily Kos and Alternet liberals are attacking me & Tea Party types are attacking Bovard, calling him a liberal: http://ow.ly/1D6Yc A Tea Partier seems to be a disgruntled Republican who's upset that the welfare-warfare ...

Arizonas Immigration Law Is Nothing New for Border Residents

What lots of Americans dont realize is that the new Arizona immigration law simply extends to the entire state the requirement that darker-skinned, poorer-looking Americans along the border have had to live with for decades carrying their papers, just like people in totalitarian countries have to do. For decades, any darker-skinned, poorer-looking person who travels entirely within the United States ...

Who Will Bail Out the U.S. Government?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that city governments, who are suffering severe financial strains, are looking to the federal government to bail them out. And the federal government, our nations daddy, is responding favorably. Congressional Democrats are pushing a bill that would give cities and counties $75 billion. Thats on top of all ...

The Napolitano Phenomenon

Last October I wrote an article entitled “Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Libertarian Phenomenon,” in which I stated: “Fox News legal commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Internet program Freedom Watch is one of the most fascinating phenomena in the history of the libertarian movement. There’s never been anything like it and if it were to break out ...

The Drug War Meets the War on Immigrants

It’s a fascinating phenomenon. The U.S. government’s war on drugs and its war immigrants are now meeting each other along the southern border, placing advocates of these two wars in an interesting position. This week the New York Times reported that Mexican citizens are flooding into Fort Hancock, a border town in Texas with ...

Goldman Sachs and Federal Fraud

Commentators are debating whether the Justice Department will be able to prove its civil fraud case against Goldman Sachs. Unfortunately, they’re missing the point. The Justice Department didn’t bring its suit with the aim of proving that the company committed fraud. It brought its suit to get a massive amount of money for the ...

Bill Clinton’s Massacres and Terrorist Blowback

The New York Times published an interesting … and revealing … article by former President Bill Clinton entitled “What We Learned in Oklahoma City,” in which Clinton commemorated the terrorist attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City 15 years ago, which claimed the lives of 168 people. Clinton writes: Finally, ...

My Trip to Purdue

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of traveling to Purdue University on the invitation of several students who are members of the Purdue chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), one of the student groups inspired by Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential race. The Purdue students organized an April 15 Tax Day rally in which I was the keynote speaker. What ...

Open Borders Are Not Controlled Borders

As longtime supporters of The Future of Freedom Foundation know, as libertarians we have long called for open borders. One of the first books we ever published, in fact, is entitled The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration. The arguments for open borders are based on the principles of freedom as well as pragmatic principles. As Jefferson stated ...

Injustice on Both Sides of Cuba

The case of Alan Gross has U.S. officials stymied. He’s the U.S. Agency for International Development subcontractor who the Cubans have jailed for allegedly violating Cuban laws against subversion. Gross was apparently caught giving cell phones to Cubans, in violation of a Cuban law that prohibits receipt of U.S. government aid. Gross has been jailed ...

Kissinger’s Role in Operation Condor

While the Obama administration is now officially confirming its power to assassinate Americans abroad as part of its foreign assassination program, Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet’s foreign assassination program has just reared its ugly head in the form of a new revelation regarding former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. First, a bit of background. In 1970 ...
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