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The Debt Ceiling: A Primer

Just as I have predicted several times since the debt ceiling was last lifted in 2013, statists are saying that a catastrophe will ensue if the debt ceiling isn’t lifted again. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is leading the charge, exclaiming in a USA Today piece that “by waiting to the last minute to act on the debt limit, Congress ...

JFK Saved Us from a Nuclear Holocaust

JFK Saved Us from a Nuclear Holocaust By Jacob G. Hornberger At the end of last night’s segment of Future of Freedom, the new Internet show that I am doing with Scott Horton over at Liberty.me, Scott asked me about the Cuban Missile Crisis. His question was inspired by an article by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com entitled “Lessons of ...

The Libertarian Angle and Future of Freedom

Tonight is the 8th week of Future of Freedom, the new Internet show that I’m co-hosting with Scott Horton on Thursday nights at 8 pm ET over at Liberty.me. It’s a weekly half-hour show in which Scott asks me to comment on various issues of the day, with him providing his own commentary as part of the interview process. Scott ...

Remember When U.S. Officials Loved Assad?

President Obama and his mouthpieces in the mainstream press are outraged that Russian President Vladimir Putin is partnering with Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad in the global war on terrorism. “Doesn’t Putin realize that Assad is a dictator?” they exclaim. “Why doesn’t Putin instead work with the U.S. to oust Assad from power? they ask. Putin’s position is that Assad is ...

NYT Doubles Down on Ben Carson and Nazi Germany

Apparently not satisfied with publishing an article by University of Vermont professor Alan E. Steinweis criticizing GOP candidate Ben Carson for suggesting that widespread gun ownership among Jews in Nazi Germany could have saved lives — an article that I termed one of the most ludicrous I’ve ever read — the New York Times has decided to double ...

Is Pinochet’s Assassination of Letelier Still a Conspiracy Theory?

In a story by John Dinges, Newsweek is reporting that the U.S. State Department has released long-secret documents “showing convincing evidence from as early as 1978 that [Chilean dictator Augusto) Pinochet gave the order to commit an act of terrorism in Washington, D.C., and murder Orlando Letelier and an American woman.” The article points out that “five U.S. ...

How Can Anyone Still Be an Interventionist?

Given the ongoing disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and the rest of the Middle East, how can anyone in his right mind still be an interventionist? Look at Iraq. The U.S. invasion and multi-year occupation of that country was supposed to bring a paradise of peace, prosperity, and harmony to the country. That’s what killing all those Iraqis ...

An Awesome Conference on U.S. Foreign Policy

I just returned from Texas where I had the good fortune of participating in one of the most awesome conferences I’ve ever participated in. As I told the audience at the beginning of my talk, when I initially received the invitation to speak, I almost said no because I knew nothing about the group that was inviting me—the Texas ...

Texas Conference on Saturday

I'm headed to Texas today to speak at a conference tomorrow (Saturday, October 10) on U.S. foreign policy at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth. The conference is sponsored by the Texas Millennial Institute, a group of young Texas libertarians. The conference runs all day -- from 10 ...

Never-Ending U.S. Hypocrisy on Cuba

In a visit to Cuba to improve relations, U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker dutifully lectured Cuban officials on what they need to do to improve conditions in Cuba. According to an article on ABCNews.com, Prizker said, We urge President Castro and his government to make it easier for Cuban citizens to trade and travel more freely, to enjoy the fruits ...
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