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On Naming Names in My Oliver Stone Article

An interesting discussion broke out yesterday on Facebook over my article “Conservative Hypocrisy on Oliver Stone.” One of the discussants asked why I hadn’t identified the people I was critiquing. Ordinarily, when dealing with conservatives, I have no reservations in identifying the people I am critiquing. For example, as the Guardian reported, the conservative Wall Street Journal published ...

Why Protect the Rich from Competition?

One of the things that drive statists batty is the fact that some people have more wealth than other people. They think that life’s just unfair in that sense. They feel that everyone should have the same amount of wealth. They let the sins of envy and covetousness get the best of them. And so the statists have the federal ...

Why Did Our Ancestors Approve the Constitution?

Suppose our American ancestors in 1787 had been told that the proposed Constitution, which they were being asked to approve, was going to bring into existence a federal government that would have the following powers: The power to tax people’s incomes in any amount government officials deemed appropriate. The power to regulate people’s economic activities. The power to incarcerate and fine people ...

ISIS Fears

ISIS madness is what I call it. ISIS has become the newest fear that has taken over the lives of the American people. People are convinced that ISIS proses a grave threat to “national security.” Unless it is stopped, the American people might have to start learning how to speak Arabic or terrorist. The phenomenon is really no different from ...

The Disastrous Marriage of Public Schooling and the National-Security State

Among the biggest disasters in U.S history has been the adoption of public (i.e., government) schooling and the national-security state and the subsequent marriage of these two governmental apparatuses. Public schooling has inculcated a mindset of conformity, regimentation, and deference to authority within the American people. That was its purpose. That’s why governments throughout the world, including those in communist ...

FDR’s Smashing of America’s Monetary System

Among President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s notable “achievements” was his smashing of America’s monetary system into oblivion. It is impossible to overstate the significance of what Roosevelt did and the fact that he did it without even the semblance of a constitutional amendment. The Framers established the most revolutionary monetary system in history. It was a monetary system in which the ...

Who’s the War Hero?

Yesterday, a Chilean court ruled that a U.S. Navy captain, Ray E. Davis, participated in the murder of two Americans, Charles Horman and Frank Teruggi, in Chile in 1973. The murders were committed as part of a regime-change operation in which the U.S. national-security state and the Chilean national-security state were working together to oust democratically elected President Salvador ...

Aggression and the American Sniper

FFF Vice President Sheldon Richman stirred up quite a bit of controversy over his article last week entitled “The American Sniper Was No Hero.” Defenders of Chris Kyle, the U.S. military sniper around which the movie American Sniper revolved, took Sheldon to task for daring to criticize the members of the U.S. military who killed people in Iraq, ...

The National Security Establishment vs. Defense

I have a simple proposal: Why not bring all the troops home from Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere in the Middle East. I mean all of them. Bring them all home and let them defend the United States. After all, it’s called the Department of Defense, right? Well, what would be wrong with applying the principle of defense to ...

Indefinite Detention: A Hallmark of Tyranny

Khaled al-Qazzaz wants to know why U.S. officials were silent during the time he was incarcerated by the military dictatorship that rules Egypt. An engineer and educator, he had joined the government of democratically elected Mohamed Morsi as foreign relations secretary. According to an article in the New York Times, he was one of nine Morsi advisers who ...
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