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End Welfare for Colleges and Universities

Last week the New York Times carried an article detailing how small colleges across the country are experiencing severe financial crises. Some are actually struggling to survive. The number of high school graduates is decreasing, and families are questioning whether expensive private schools, which oftentimes leave students in debt, are worth it. Many families are considering state-supported public ...

Trump Voters Slap the Elites in the Face

The funniest part of the Donald Trump phenomenon has been the slap in the face that GOP voters have delivered to the Republican and Democratic establishments as well as to the experts, pundits, editorial boards, and commentators in the mainstream press. Practically every time these people have told voters all the reasons they should not vote for Trump, ever-increasing ...

Remember How We Got Out of Vietnam

Do you remember what U.S. national-security state officials were saying when millions of Americans were demanding that the U.S. government withdraw its troops from Vietnam and bring them home? They were saying that “national security” was at stake — i.e., the very survival of the United States. If the U.S. government withdrew from Vietnam, they said, the dominoes would start ...

Iraq: The Interventionist Hellhole

When Vice President Joseph Biden traveled to Iraq a few days ago, he did it, as always, under a shroud of secrecy. The mainstream press was asked in advance to keep the trip secret and dutifully complied. Biden declined to spend the night in Iraq, staying only 10 hours before whisking away to Italy, where presumably he slept safe ...

Trump and America First

Whatever else might be said of Donald Trump, no one can deny that he has the most remarkable ability to make the GOP and mainstream establishment go ballistic. The most recent example is his use of the term “America First” in a foreign policy speech that he delivered right in the center of U.S. Empire, Washington, D.C. Once again, he ...

The National Security States of Communist China and the United States

Inadvertently, the New York Times has pointed out what is not supposed to be pointed out in America: that both China and the United States have governmental structures that are based on a national-security state establishment. After all, it’s important that Americans carry on with their myths — that the U.S. government is structured the way the Framers intended — ...
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