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Let’s Not Forget the Torture Partnership with Syria

Among the many Middle East dictatorships that are rounding up, incarcerating, torturing, and killing protestors and demonstrators is the one in Syria, which has long been recognized as one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes in the region. President Obama has condemned the “abhorrent violence committed against peaceful protesters by the Syrian government today and over the past ...

Cuba, Statists, and Americas Economic Woes

The economic situation in Cuba goes a long way in explaining the economic woes of the American people as well as the response of American statists to such economic woes. After Fidel Castro took power in 1959, his mindset was no different from the average American statist. Castro believed that the reason that most Cubans were poor was because so ...

The Government-Shutdown Joke

What a joke that government-shutdown showdown turned out to be. Didn’t I tell you last week that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats would ever permit the federal government to “shut down” for any length of time? The reason: most Americans would realize how wonderful it is, and that’s the last thing any statist, Republican or Democrat, wants them ...

The Pentagon’s Kangaroo System is Junk

Republicans are cheering while liberals are mute over another important cave-in by President Obama, this time over his flip-flop regarding the trial of accused terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, whom Obama initially intended to prosecute in federal district court in New York City but is now sending down the Pentagon’s kangaroo military-tribunal route. Let’s make no bones about it: There is ...

Shut It Down, Permanently

There is one big reason that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will permit the federal government to remain “shut down” for too long: They’re both too afraid that the American people will discover what a wonderful thing it is that the federal government is “shut down.” Let’s get one thing clear, however: When federal officials refer to a “shut ...

Obama’s Concern for Libyan Civilians Is a Lie

President Obama’s claim that his concern for Libyan civilians motivated him to wage his undeclared war of aggression on Libya has got to be one of the most laughable lies to come out of a president’s mouth since President Bush’s bogus WMD rationale that he used to scare the American people into supporting his undeclared war of aggression on ...

Obama: Our Benevolent Dictator

In my article of yesterday, “The Benefit of Obama’s War on Libya,” I pointed out how President Obama’s new war provides him with the justification to indefinitely maintain war-on-terrorism powers that are akin to those wielded by the U.S.-supported dictators in the Middle East. American statists might respond, “But Jacob, President Obama isn’t like the Middle East dictators that the ...

The Benefit of Obama’s War on Libya

Lost within the “humanitarian” rationale that President Obama and his liberal cohorts have provided for the U.S. Empire’s war on Libya is one of the principal benefits of the Libyan War, at least from the standpoint of U.S. officials: the indefinite continuation of the U.S. government’s anti-terrorist powers that have accompanied its decade-long “war on terrorism.” Such powers include the ...

Hornberger’s Blog, April 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011 Nutrition and the Nanny State Even while bombing and killing people overseas, the federal government hasn’t forgotten its important role of being a daddy for the American people. According to an article in today’s New York Times, the Food and Drug Administration is issuing rules directed to food companies that target children in their advertising. Since child obesity is ...

American Dictatorship

Would someone please tell me what limits constrain President Obama in foreign affairs? A dictator is a government ruler with omnipotent powers, one who has no constitutional or legislative constraints on his powers. Operating through his military, paramilitary, intelligence, and police forces, he can do whatever he chooses to do. He can use his forces, which loyally follow his orders, ...

The Constitution Requires a Congressional Declaration of War against Libya

Given the battlefield success of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s standing army against Libyan rebels, President Obama has now shifted his tune. Instead of simply advocating a no-fly zone over Libya, Obama is now requesting the United Nations Security Council to authorize the United States to bomb Libyan tanks and artillery. Did you catch that? The president of the United States ...

Time to Stop Deferring to Federal Authority

With Saudi Arabia’s military intervention into Bahrain, the dark side of U.S. foreign policy becomes even more exposed. The purpose of the Saudi intervention is to prop up the brutal dictatorship in Bahrain, one of the many dictatorships that the U.S. government has long supported as part of its imperial foreign policy. Of course, it goes without saying that the ...
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