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Have Americans Lost Their Consciences?

The U.S. government is now deliberating on whether to militarily intervene in Libya out of “shock” over the brutal behavior of 40-year Libyan dictator Muommar Gaddafi. Here we go again. If the U.S. government isn’t supporting dictatorships with money and armaments, it’s invading countries to oust them. Recall Saddam Hussein, one of the U.S. Empire’s favorite dictators during the 1980s ...

Hornberger’s Blog, March 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011 American Dictatorship Would someone please tell me what limits constrain President Obama in foreign affairs? A dictator is a government ruler with omnipotent powers, one who has no constitutional or legislative constraints on his powers. Operating through his military, paramilitary, intelligence, and police forces, he can do whatever he chooses to do. He can use his forces, which ...

Jury Nullification Prosecutorial Abuse

While the U.S. government was expressing outrage over attacks on freedom of speech at the hands of U.S.-supported dictators in the Middle East, the U.S. Justice Department was securing a federal grand jury indictment against a man named Julian Heicklen. The charge? The feds are charging Heicklen for handing out jury-nullification pamphlets to people who are entering ...

Padilla and Mubarak

A federal judge in South Carolina has dismissed a civil suit brought by convicted terrorist Jose Padilla against Defense Secretary Robert Gates, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and other U.S. officials. The judge held that Padilla had no right to recover for constitutional violations arising out of three years of military detention and torture. Why should this matter to the ...

Democratic Tyranny

No doubt many American statists celebrated the ouster of Hosni Mubarak as dictator of Egypt in the belief that freedom had arrived for the Egyptian people, given that the country was now experiencing the “order and stability” provided by military rule. But the truth is that military dictatorship isn’t freedom at all; it’s as much tyranny as what the ...

Drug-War Idiocy in Oklahoma

More proof that licensing of lawyers doesn’t guarantee that judges won’t engage in judicial idiocy comes out of the state of Oklahoma. Three days before Christmas, a state judge named Susie Pritchett, whose retirement would become effective on December 31, sentenced a 25-year-old mother of four named Patricia Marilyn Spottedcrow to ten years in the state penitentiary. Spottedcrow’s crime? She and ...

Standing Armies, Gun Control, and Middle East Tyranny

America’s Founding Fathers would not be surprised by what is happening in places like Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, and Iran. They understood that the real value of a standing army, from the standpoint of dictatorial regimes, is that the military can usually be relied upon to do its duty and protect the regime by killing protestors or rounding ...

A Solution for Wisconsin

The controversy with public schoolteachers in Wisconsin proves, once again, that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference in principle between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. This time, the big battle between the statists is whether state schoolteachers should be allowed to collectively bargain. The conservatives say no. The liberals say yes. Yawn. Regardless of which way the issue ...

The U.S. Military Empire Meets Dictatorship in Bahrain

The U.S. Empire includes 750-1,000 military bases in more than 130 countries. The reality of that extensive military empire has come to the forefront in Bahrain, where the authoritarian government in that country is cracking down on protestors with round-ups, jail, torture, and even extra-judicial execution. Of course, it’s a familiar story, one that is confronting Americans every day. People ...

Time to End All Foreign Aid Entirely

Preliminary Note: Just in case you’ve missed them in this week’s FFF Email Updates, here are links to recent FFF videos: Campaign for Liberty Panel at CPAC with Ivan Eland, Jim Bovard, and Jacob Hornberger. Jacob Hornberger Show at CPAC featuring Jim Bovard, on “Why Do Conservatives Support Statism?” FFF Economic Liberty Lecture Series: “Rehabilitating Lochner: Defending Individual Rights ...

Where’s the American Outrage against U.S. Support of Dictatorships?

Once it became clear that Egypt’s dictator Hosni Mubarak was on the way out, U.S. officials quickly shifted gears and took the side of the demonstrators, the people who had suffered for 30 years under the brutal Mubarak dictatorship. U.S. officials even offered their guidance for moving Egypt toward a democratic political system. Of course, all this pro-democracy hoopla was ...

YAF’s Attack on Ron Paul

I have long pointed out that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between conservatives and liberals in that they are both statist to the core. Sure, it’s true that conservatives love to employ libertarian-type mantras, such as “free enterprise, private property, and limited government,” but when it comes to supporting statist programs, conservatives join forces with liberals. Examples: Social ...
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