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Nicolas Maduro: A New Hero for American Conservatives

Venezuela’s dictator Nicolas Maduro, who American conservatives have long reviled for his socialism and economic fascism, has suddenly become a new hero to them. How did such a remarkable transformation take place? Maduro has instituted a reign of terror against illegal immigrants in Venezuela, specifically those from Columbia. And that’s enough to make Maduro a new hero to American conservatives, who ...

Should Libertarians Support Socialism and Tyranny?

With laws come enforcement. Whenever one supports a law, he necessarily supports the enforcement of the law. After all, it wouldn’t make any sense to support a law and oppose its enforcement. That would be like supporting lightning and opposing thunder. This point is an important one for libertarians in the context of the immigration debate. There are obviously lots of ...

The Cure for Widespread Murder in American Society

Not surprisingly, yesterday’s shootings in Virginia have brought out the gun-control crowd. Thus, the publication of FFF’s new ebook Freedom and Security: The Second Amendment and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms by Scott McPherson could not be more timely. The implicit assumption of the gun-grabbing segment of American society is that widespread gun ownership equals widespread murders ...

Hitler, Mussolini, Khrushchev, and Trump

Things are getting mighty ugly. This week two Boston men beat up a homeless Hispanic immigrant. They used a metal pole to break his nose and batter his chest and arms. They also left him soaked in urine. According to the New York Times, one of them told police that he was inspired by the anti-immigrant message of GOP presidential ...

There Is Only One Libertarian Position on Immigration

There is a common perception that there are two alternative libertarian positions on immigration: government-controlled borders and open borders. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is only one libertarian position on immigration, and that position is open immigration or open borders. After all, government-controlled borders and open borders are opposite positions. How could opposite positions on immigration both be ...

FFF’s Fantastic New EBook on Gun Rights

As part of our new ebook project, The Future of Freedom Foundation has just published a new ebook entitled Freedom and Security: The Second Amendment and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms by longtime FFF author Scott McPherson. It is one of the best books — if not the best book — I have ever read on ...

Today (Friday, August 14)! Last Day to Receive FFF’s FREE Ebook

Today, Friday, August 14, everyone can still get a FREE copy of my ebook Regime Change: The JFK Assassination. The free promotion ends at midnight tonight. Yesterday, the inordinately large number of free downloads vaulted Regime Change to the #1 position on Amazon’s list of free ebooks on 20th-century American history and #360 on Amazon’s overall list of ...

Afghan Wedding Parties and Hiroshima and Nagasaki

One of the things that has fascinated me about the U.S. government’s war on Afghanistan has been the multiple attacks on wedding parties — eight wedding parties to be exact, at least as of 2013. What’s with Afghan wedding parties that they seem to attract U.S. bombs? Of course, the official position of the Pentagon is that all these bombings ...

Jeb’s Bush’s Confused Mindset Over Iraq

Poor Jeb Bush. He just can’t get his mind straight on Iraq. Perhaps that’s because he’s reluctant to criticize his brother George W. Perhaps it’s because he wants desperately to be president and is willing to take any position on Iraq that will garner him votes. Whatever the reason is, when it comes to Iraq Bush just keeps digging himself ...

Our “Serfdom USA” Music Video

Have you seen our new music video — “Serfdom USA”? I think you’ll like it! The purpose of the video is to induce people to explore Austrian economics and libertarianism. We use Friedrich Hayek’s landmark book The Road to Serfdom to serve as an introduction. People who are familiar with Austrian economics will understand the various concepts expressed in ...

The Death of the CIA’s Man in Chile

Last Friday, former Chilean spy chief Manuel Contreras passed away while serving 526 years of prison terms for crimes that he orchestrated against innocent people during the brutal Chilean military dictatorship of Army Gen. Augusto Pinochet. According to an obituary in the New York Times, After the announcement of his death, dozens of people gathered outside the hospital to ...

Where Were the Immigration Reforms in the GOP Debate?

The funniest part of the Republican presidential debate last night, for me, was the part about immigration. Every one of the candidates emphasized and reemphasized that illegal immigration is extremely important to the American people and, therefore, that it’s imperative that the candidates present a solution. So, what solution did they propose? Not one! They just kept repeating what an ...
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