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Indefinite Detention: A Hallmark of Tyranny

Khaled al-Qazzaz wants to know why U.S. officials were silent during the time he was incarcerated by the military dictatorship that rules Egypt. An engineer and educator, he had joined the government of democratically elected Mohamed Morsi as foreign relations secretary. According to an article in the New York Times, he was one of nine Morsi advisers who ...

The Troops Are Destroying Our Country

The mindset that is common to U.S. troops serving overseas is that they are all doing it for America, for us, for our rights and  freedoms, for our safety and security. They’ll all tell you that they are doing it because they love their country. There’s one big problem with that mindset, however. The truth is that the troops, through ...

Why Should the Government Deliver Mail?

In a country where people extol the virtues of free enterprise, why is the U.S. government involved in the delivery of mail? After all, it would be difficult to find a better example of a violation of the principles of free enterprise than the U.S. Postal Service. Making the situation worse is the fact that the Postal Service is a ...

American Sniper

Last evening I went to see the new movie American Sniper because I wanted to see how they portrayed American soldiers killing people in Iraq, especially Chris Kyle, the man whose life the movie revolved around. As Nazi official Herman Goering pointed out, it is easy for any regime to get people to back a war. All that it has ...

Paris, Iraq, and Abu Ghraib

Consider the following lead paragraph from a front-page article in yesterday’s New York Times entitled “From Amateur to Ruthless Jihadist in France”: In the year after the United States’ invasion of Iraq, a 22-year-old pizza delivery man here couldn’t take it anymore. Sickened by images of American soldiers humiliating Muslims at the Abu Ghraib prison, he made plans to ...

Behaving Like the North Koreans

The controversy over North Korea’s supposed hacking of Sony in retaliation for The Interview actually goes a long way in showing the brilliance of our American ancestors who demanded the enactment of the Bill of Rights after the federal government was called into existence with the Constitution. Why did our ancestors insist on passage of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and ...

Déjà vu in France

I’m getting a big déjà vu feeling in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings in France. The French government is declaring war on terrorism. It’s militarizing French society. It’s proposing a Patriot Act. It’s supporting a mass surveillance scheme. It’s advocating killing more people in the Middle East. There is even talk of using military tribunals to try terrorism ...

Free Speech in America? What About Lynne Stewart?

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in France on Charlie Hebdo, U.S. officials are telling the world how committed they are to the principles of freedom of speech. Really? How about Lynne Stewart, the New York lawyer who was convicted and sentenced to serve time in a federal penitentiary for doing nothing more than speaking the following words to the ...

How the Cuban Embargo Got Imposed

I wonder how many Americans know how the U.S. embargo against Cuba got imposed. The story provides one more example of how the post-World War II national-security state apparatus that was grafted onto America’s governmental structure warped and perverted the values and principles of the American people in the name of the anti-communist crusade. From 1953-1959, Fidel Castro’s forces were ...

Nationalizations in Cuba and the United States

Proponents for continuing the Cold War-era U.S. embargo against Cuba, many of whom are Latin Americans, say that as a condition for lifting the embargo, the U.S. government should require the Cuban government to compensate, either with damages or restoration, U.S. companies and even Cuban citizens for the Castro regime’s nationalization of their properties more than 50 years ago. Really? Pray ...

Additional Conservative Hypocrisy on the Cuban Embargo

In my blog post of January 6, 2015, entitled “Conservative Hypocrisy on the Cuban Embargo,” I listed five ways in which conservative hypocrisy was manifesting itself in the context of the debate over whether the 54-year-old U.S. embargo against Cuba should be lifted. Later, I realized that the list should have enumerated one other way: mass surveillance over the ...

The Communists Won the Cuban Missile Crisis

For decades the official story here in the United States, one that is inculcated into every student in every public school in the land, is that in the showdown between President Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963, Kennedy inflicted a humiliating defeat on Khrushchev by forcing him to back down and remove ...
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