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Good for the ACLU and Jose Padilla!

Good for the ACLU! It is taking Jose Padilla’s civil suit to the U.S. Supreme Court for what will hopefully be an adjudication by the highest court in the land as to the power of the U.S. military and the CIA in modern-day American life. Of course, the chances that Padilla will prevail are extremely slim, but it is great ...

Loving Sweatshops

“I love sweatshops.” That was how economics professor Benjamin Powell, our Economic Liberty Lecture Series speaker last night, wrapped up his excellent talk on the benefits of sweatshops. An overflow crowd, mostly composed of George Mason University students, was treated to an eloquent exposition of why and how sweatshops help the poor. This is one of the things that liberals, who ...

Americans Should Watch Egypt

Egypt is developing into a fascinating situation, one that involves the United States. It’s worth paying attention to in the coming months. Egypt has been ruled by a brutal military dictatorship for the past 30 years. The regime has been operating under a “state of emergency” during that entire time, one that has enabled the regime to wield and exercise ...

Ten Rules of the “War on Terrorism”

I confess that I have trouble sometimes figuring out the nature and logic of the so-called war on terrorism. The following are what seem to be the principles of this “war”: 1. Since the “war on terrorism,” according to U.S. officials, is a real war, the president has all the powers of a military commander in a real war, and ...

Drug War Interventionism

Ludwig von Mises pointed out that one government intervention into economic activity inevitably leads to more interventions. The reason? Each intervention brings with it more crises and more chaos, which then cause public officials to enact new interventions to address the new crises and chaos. As each new intervention is enacted, the government moves inexorably toward more government control ...

Don’t Attack Argentina

Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, had better watch her back. She could conceivably be the target of a regime-change operation, compliments of the CIA. Given all the other things the CIA is currently engaged in, why would it target Argentina for one of its regime-change operations? Argentina’s government, under Kirchner’s direction, has just seized majority control in YPF, the nation’s largest ...

What Tarek Mehanna Might Have Told the Judge

Both Glenn Greenwald and Chris Hedges have excellent analyses of the federal terrorism conviction of American citizen named Tarek Mehanna. At his sentencing hearing last week in federal court, Mehanna delivered a scathing condemnation of U.S. foreign policy, a statement that Greenwald incorporates in full in his blog. U.S. District Judge George A. O’Toole stated, “I am ...

Obama’s “Free-Trade Pact” Is the Opposite of Free Trade

President Obama’s “free-trade pact” with Colombia at the recent Summit of the Americas demonstrates the statist mindset of liberals and, well, for that matter, conservatives — and shows how different their mindset is from that of libertarians. According to the Los Angeles Times, “When the pact takes effects May 15, most industrial and manufactured products exported from the U.S. and ...

Ending the Drug War in Latin America

The Internet is abuzz with talk about how Latin American leaders are increasingly considering the idea of drug legalization. Latin America should not hesitate to end the war on drugs — and the sooner, the better. Latin American countries are paying the biggest price for the drug war. Murders, assassinations, kidnappings, robberies, thefts, muggings, gang wars, infringements on ...

Antitrust Attacks on Economic Liberty

The Justice Department has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five of the biggest book publishers. The action alleges that Apple and the publishers secretly got together and colluded to fix prices of e-books. If they did, so what? Isn’t it their property? What is private ownership of property if it doesn’t include the right to sell what you ...

Baseball, Socialism, and Assassination

Ozzie Guillen, the manager of the Miami Marlins baseball team, is in hot water over words of praise that he spoke about Cuban president Fidel Castro. Team owners have suspended him for 5 days and he’s issued a profuse apology for what he said. The controversy raises interesting issues regarding freedom of speech, socialism, and long-term policies of the U.S. ...

The Gold Clause Cases

Last night we wrapped up our discussion of the Gold Clause Cases in the informal law and economics seminar I’ve been conducting for economics students at George Mason University. The seminar is hosted by the GMU Econ Society, a great student-run libertarian group dedicated largely to Austrian economics. What were the gold clauses? They were provisions in long-term bonds in ...
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