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The Drug War Is Finished

If you want to see a look of stunned silence on the face of a drug-war proponent, ask him the following question: To win the war on drugs, what do you propose be done that hasn’t already been done during the last forty years of drug warfare? He won’t know what to say. Everything that drug-war proponents have proposed has, ...

Mexico Should Just Legalize Drugs

According to a front-page article in today’s New York Times, Mexico’s top presidential contenders are signaling a shift in how Mexico intends to fight the drug war. While the movement is in a positive direction, unfortunately it still doesn’t go far enough. Mexico should just end its entire participation in the drug war. It should legalize drugs. Six ...

Can We Also Investigate the U.S.-Syria Torture Partnership?

I don’t get U.S. officials. They’re so outraged over the brutality of the Syrian regime. They calling for an investigation into atrocities committed by Syrian forces against the Syrian people as part of the regime’s effort to suppress a rebellion against the regime. They are also demanding regime change in the country. So, what is there not to get? I don’t ...

The Pentagon, the Troublemaker

My article this past Tuesday, “Partnering with the Communists,” detailed how the Pentagon is doing its best to partner with the communist regime in Vietnam in order to provoke crises with China. The Pentagon’s troublemaking strategy is already working. According to Reuters, “Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he will boost military cooperation with China, including ...

Reality Is Mugging the Greeks

For statists who were hoping that Greece’s financial crisis had receded into the background for the indefinite future, their hopes have been dashed. This title of an article on the front page of today’s New York Times sums up the problem quite well: “Greece Warns of Going Broke as Tax Proceeds Dry Up.” In the print version ...

Partnering with the Communists

Given the U.S. government’s longtime military and financial support for dictatorships around the world, including Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and its historical support of military dictatorships in Latin America, I suppose it’s not too surprising that the Pentagon is now trying its best to enter into a partnership with a communist regime. What is shocking to me, however, ...

Drug War Congressman Bites the Dust

The times they are a-changin’! A pro-drug war congressman from El Paso, Silvestre Reyes, a Democrat, has just been defeated in his bid for reelection by a man named Beto O’Rourke. And take a wild guess what O’Rourke’s principal issue was: drug legalization. Why, Reyes didn’t even make a run-off since O’Rourke walked away with 50.4 percent of the primary ...

Bloomberg’s Paternalistic Dictatorship

Sometimes I find the paternalistic mindset to be so darned fascinating. What is it that drives a person to initiate force against another human being to protect the latter from making bad choices in life? Why can’t the paternalist just mind his own business? The latest example, one of the craziest that has come out of paternalistic mind in some ...

Drug War Sentencing Injustice

When a former federal prosecutor who is now a federal judge complains about the lack of justice and fairness in drug-war sentencing, you know that something is dreadfully wrong with the drug war, that is, on top of everything else that is wrong with the drug war. According to an article in the New York Times, New York ...

Were Nazi Soldiers Heroes?

Have you ever noticed that Nazi soldiers, especially those who died in World War II, are never celebrated as heroes? Why is that? Didn’t they answer the call of their government in time of war? Didn’t they serve their country by loyally obeying the dictates of their government? Weren’t they patriots for their willingness to fight and die for ...

Romney Is a Disaster on Education

What a disaster conservatives are. They preach their old 1950s mantra “free enterprise, private property, and limited government” while embracing every socialist and interventionist program that comes down the pike. A recent example is Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s plan to fix America’s educational woes. Needless to say, you’d never find a conservative calling for the end of public schooling, ...

Democracy Is Not Freedom

One of the ostensible goals of U.S. foreign policy is to spread democracy. Of course, the reality is the exact opposite. The U.S. Empire is one of the greatest lovers of nonelected dictatorships in the world, as manifested by its ardent support of such dictatorships as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Chile (under Pinochet), Guatemala (after ousting Arbenz), Iran (after ousting ...
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