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Cancel U.S. Aid to Egypt’s Military Dictatorship

Take a look at these two articles, one from the Washington Times and the other from the Los Angeles Times: Egypt’s Real Ruler: Military Leader Tantawi Will Egypt’s Generals Yield? What’s the significance of those two articles? They describe the true nature of Egypt’s governmental system, notwithstanding the recent election of Islamic leader Mohamed Morsi to the ...

Sportscasters and the Troops

I find it fascinating how American television sportscasters steadfastly hew to the official line regarding the continued occupation of Afghanistan. During virtually every game, the sportscaster will make some reference to U.S. soldiers who have died or lost limbs during the occupation. The sportscaster will remind us that the fallen and wounded have made heroic sacrifices to “defend our ...

For International Friendships, Dismantle the Military Empire

The U.S. government has an un-American way of making friends in foreign affairs, one that the American people should abandon once and for all. It’s a method of friendship based on militarism, extortion, bribery, and military mercantilism. Concerned about the rising tide of friendly relationships that China is establishing with countries in Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere, the U.S. government ...

What We’re Up Against

Okay, I’ve got the perfect summation of everything that is wrong with America, thanks to a letter to the editor written by a guy from Indiana that criticized a recent FFF op-ed by Sheldon Richman. The op-ed, “Bloomberg’s Soda Policy: The End Doesn’t Justify the Means,” criticized New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to ban supersized sodas. The ...

Mexico’s New President

Mexico has a new president, 45-year-old Enrique Pena Nieto, who is a member of the PRI, the political party that once held the Mexican people in a monopolistic iron grip for some seven decades. In 2000, with much hope and change, voters rejected the PRI candidate and elected Vicente Fox, a member of PAN, thereby busting Mexico’s one-party system. Naturally, ...

We’re All Socialists Now, Except for Libertarians

The Sunday edition of the New York Times published an interesting article that is certain to make some Americans who read it uncomfortable. Why is that? Because the article, which is entitled, “What’s a Socialist?” makes a point that many ordinary Americans hate hearing: that by adopting the welfare state, Americans in principle became socialists, just like ...

The Mandate Was Never the Issue

It really doesn’t matter which way the Supreme Court ruled on President Obama’s healthcare mandate. As long as the government is involved in healthcare, there is going to be an endless series of interventions, leading ultimately to a total government takeover of the entire healthcare arena. For months, we have seen conservatives obsessing over the mandate, suggesting that the defeat ...

Obama vs. the Rule of Law

Some people believe that the term “the rule of law” means that people are expected to obey the law. You hear this often from public officials, who say such things as, “People might not agree with the drug laws or immigration laws, but the rule of law dictates that people obey the law so long as it’s the law.” Actually, ...

Continuing to Support Egypt’s Dictatorship

Month after month, the U.S. government continues to disburse $1.3 billion in annual U.S. taxpayer money to Egypt’s military dictatorship. The justification for this is twofold: “national security” and to help Egypt’s “transition to democracy.” The first rationale — national security — is ridiculous. “National security” is nothing more than the old bromide that is trotted out to justify whatever ...

Assassination, Conformity, and Conscience

As most every American knows, we now live in a country in which the ruler possesses the unfettered power to assassinate his citizens. What an extraordinary situation. Who would have ever thought that America would end up with a governmental system in which the ruler possessed such omnipotent power? Equally extraordinary, our ruler just happens to possess a powerful military ...

U.S. Support of Dictatorship Leads to Anti-American Anger in Bahrain

The people of Bahrain are figuring out what libertarians have long been saying about U.S. foreign policy — that the U.S. government is sometimes partly responsible for the tyranny under which people are suffering and have suffered for a very long time, which then produces anger and hatred toward the United States, which then sometimes manifests itself in acts ...

Needed: A National Debate on U.S. Support of Dictatorships

While the U.S. government continues to squawk about the Assad dictatorship’s oppression of the Syrian people, Americans need to constantly keep in mind that the squawking has nothing to do with any principled objection to dictatorship or tyranny. Instead, it has everything to do with the fact that the Assad dictatorship is not a loyal member of the U.S. ...
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