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Morsi’s Democratic Dictatorship

Recent actions by Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi expose how ludicrous U.S. foreign policy is, both with respect to its purported goal to spread democracy around the world and its ardent support of brutal dictatorships. Morsi has announced that he intends to ignore adverse rulings by the Egyptian ...

The Ongoing Kennedy Casket Mystery

On the 49th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, among the glaring issues that cry out for explanation is the multiple delivery of Kennedy’s body to the Bethesda morgue on the evening of the assassination. After almost half-a-century, the government agencies and government officials who were involved still refuse to provide an explanation into that highly ...

Severe Economic Nonsense

A good example of how liberals view federal spending and the role of the federal government in American society comes in the form of an article by Robert Reich, former secretary of labor in the Clinton administration. Reich says that we just need to stop obsessing about the budget deficit. The problem isn’t out-of-control federal spending, he says. He says ...

Petraeus the Hero?

I still don’t get why Gen. David Petraeus is portrayed as a hero by public officials and the mainstream press for his leadership in the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. Even with the passage of time the discomforting facts about the Iraq War have not disappeared. There was never a declaration of war issued against Iraq by the U.S. Congress, ...

Fiscal Cliffs and Chicken Littles

For those who are pacing the floors and taking anti-anxiety pills owing to scare hype about the “fiscal cliff” that public officials  and their unofficial spokesmen in the mainstream press have been issuing, I am about to put your minds at ease. This is the biggest tripe since, well, the most recent debt-ceiling debate, when the government and its ...

Killing Iranian Children

It was inevitable. Today the Guardian reported the first death of an Iranian child from the U.S. Empire’s sanctions on Iran. The death of 15-year-old Iranian Manoucherhr Esmaili-Liousi brings to mind the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children from the 11 years of sanctions that the Empire enforced against Iraq during the 1990s. According to the article, the ...

Socialist Correa and American Statists

In my blog post yesterday, I pointed out how Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, provides a good insight into the mindsets of liberals and conservatives here in the United States. Correa, of course, is an ardent socialist. Everyone agrees on that. Correa is in a clique consisting of such self-avowed Latin American socialist rulers as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Evo ...

Beltway Economic Nonsense

Leave it to 495ExpressLanes.com to bring a bit of humor and misguided economic analysis to the Washington, D.C., environs in the form of an advertisement in the Washington Post. The ad promotes the new beltway express lanes that are set to open this month and states that the project: Supported more than 16,000 jobs in Virginia Contributed nearly $3.5 billion ...

Statist Claptrap on the Gas Lines

For an excellent example of the economic ignorance that pervades the mainstream press, take a look at these two articles: “Behind New York Gas Lines, Warnings and Crossed Fingers” by David W. Chen, Winnie Hu, and Clifford Krauss and “Around Odd-Even License Plate Rules, a History of Impatience” by James Barron. The articles address the long ...

The Power of Indoctrination

Yesterday, I saw a political yard sign that said “Keep Us Free. Elect Romney.” It exemplifies perfectly one of the major problems we face in this country: the fact that so many Americans honestly believe they live in a free society. During our recent College Civil Liberties Tour, the issue of public schooling came up during the question ...

The Military and the Economy

I wish to follow up on my blog post of yesterday, where I wrote about how the vast U.S. military establishment is a major contributing cause of America’s economic problems. Let’s consider North Korea, a nation in which the military plays a dominant role in society and the economy, just as the military does here in the United States. Like ...

A Poor Economy and Foreign Policy Go Hand in Hand

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer made an interesting and revealing observation last night while discussing exit polls that CNN had conducted. Blitzer’s observation provides good insight into how mainstream political commentators and pundits think when it comes to such issues as the economy and foreign policy. Voters were given a list of issues and asked which one was most important to them. ...
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