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Veterans Day and Foreign Interventionism

Commemorating Veterans Day, people honored Americans who have served in the U.S. military, especially those who have fought and died in America’s foreign wars. In doing so, however, it’s easy to forget the fact that what the soldiers fought for and died for in those foreign wars wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Consider World War I. American ...

Why Won’t the CIA Release Its Joannides Files?

At JFKfacts.org, which is the best website for keeping up with matters relating to the Kennedy assassination, the website’s editor, Jefferson Morley, who used to be a reporter for the Washington Post, had two related postings. One posting asked people to post requests at the National Archives’ blog site to release the 1,100 records that the CIA continues to ...

The Lawyer Protection Racket

Forty-one-year-old Stephen Glass wants to practice law but the California Bar Association won’t let him. In California, like every other state, people are prohibited from practicing law without official governmental permission, which is manifested through the issuance of a state license to practice law. What’s the California Bar Association’s beef with Glass? In the late 1990s, as a writer for the ...

The Cause of Our Violent and Drug-Ridden Society

We Americans live in a violent society, one in which there are lots of homicides, family abuse, mass murders of people, and other acts of violence. We also live in a drug-ridden society. The war on drugs has been an absolute failure when it comes to dissuading Americans from using drugs. The number of people taking illicit drugs has to ...

The Right Medicine for America’s Healthcare Sickness

When it comes to the welfare state, hope springs eternal for liberals. No matter that every single welfare-state program has been an absolute disaster for the last 80 years. Liberals remain hopeful that one will finally succeed. The latest example of this wishful thinking is Obamacare. In the run-up to Obamacare, liberals were keeping their fingers crossed, hoping against ...

Libertarian Angle on the Road, Day 5

We had a great wrap-up to our five-city college tour last Friday evening at North Carolina State in Raleigh. Once again, we had a lively session, especially during the discussion session. During the first 30 minutes, I got the conversation going with Sheldon by pointing out that libertarians are different from conservatives and liberals because we reject the welfare-warfare state ...

Libertarian Angle on the Road, Day 4

Our Libertarian Angle program last evening at the University of South Carolina was another great time, especially in terms of audience discussion about libertarian principles. I began my conversation with Sheldon by pointing out that conservatives and liberals are perpetually involved in a game of reform, one in which they are always trying to come up with ways to fix ...

Libertarian Angle on the Road, Day 3

Day 3 of our Libertarian Angle college tour was another great one, especially in terms of audience discussion. That was a lively one! The venue was the University of Georgia, and it was organized and hosted by the Young Americans for Liberty chapter on campus. Once again, we had a nice mixture of students and non-students, some of whom ...

Libertarian Angle on the Road, Day 2

Last night, our Libertarian Angle college tour took us to Georgia Tech. After a 5-hour car trip from Jacksonville to Atlanta, during which Sheldon and I discussed every libertarian issue under the sun, we were geared up to do our program. It was another great evening of libertarian conversation. The formula is working great—no organized lecture but instead a one-half ...

Our Libertarian Angle Tour, Day 1

The first stop on our Libertarian Angle college tour was a great way to start our five-city college tour this week. It was at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. Sheldon and I arrived about an hour early and ran into a Jacksonville physician who was there to attend the program, enabling us to have a nice conversation ...

Libertarian Angle on the Road

Today is the first leg of our five-city Southeast college tour, featuring FFF’s vice-president, Sheldon Richman, and me. The first stop is this evening — Monday, November 4 —at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. Tomorrow will be Georgia Tech in Atlanta. The complete schedule is on FFF’s website: http://fff.org/events. The events are being coordinated with local ...

Let’s Raise Our Vision to a Higher Level

Imagine having been born and raised in a society in which the federal government has controlled religious activity since the founding of the United States. All churches are owned and operated by the federal government. Everyone is required by law to attend church at least once a week and to take his children to church. Churches, ministers, and religious ...
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