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No One Has a Right to Health Care

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says that everyone has a right to health care. Unfortunately, none of his presidential opponents, Democrat or Republican, is going to challenge him on the point. They’re too scared that they’d lose votes by challenging a standard socialist shibboleth in America. Sanders’ assertion only goes to show how American socialists (i.e., progressives) have warped and ...

We Are All Socialists (Except for Most Libertarians)

Socialism is in the news, especially since Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a self-described socialist. That obviously is okay with Iowa voters because he ended up in a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses. A Des Moines Register poll leading up to the Iowa caucuses revealed that 43 percent of Iowa Democrats describe themselves as socialists ...

Misplaced Anger with Trump

The common perception is that people are gravitating toward Donald Trump because they’re angry. They’re angry with President Obama. They’re angry with Congress. They’re angry with the Supreme Court. They’re angry that Washington, D.C., is “broken.” They want it fixed and they figure that someone who comes across as anti-establishment is going to fix it. In Trump’s case, there ...

American Progressives Inspired Hitler (and Vice Versa)

In case you’ve ever wondered where German leader Adolf Hitler got his ideas on how to purify German society, especially through medical experimentation on people, the answer is: American progressives and, specifically, their eugenics program. There is lots of information on the Internet on this subject. Just Google “eugenics progressives” and you’ll come up with an extensive list of online ...

An Inane Defense of the Drug War

I just finished reading what might well be the most inane defense of the drug war I have ever encountered. If this is the best the drug warriors have to offer in defense of their decades-long war, its days are clearly numbered. The title of the article is an attention-grabber, at least for those of us who know better: “

Why Do American Christians Support Coerced Charity?

For the life of me, I simply cannot understand why American Christians support the welfare state. Every single welfare-state program is based on forced or coerced charity. How can forced or coerced charity possibly be reconciled with God’s gift of free will to people? It can’t be. So then why do American Christians (or any Christians) support it? Surprisingly, even ...
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