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Where Did Iraq Get Its Weapons of Mass Destruction, Part 2

In April 2003, when U.S. officials were still celebrating their invasion and occupation of Iraq as a fantastic success, I wrote an article entitled, “Where Did Iraq Get Its Weapons of Mass Destruction?” Actually though, it wasn’t actually an article but rather a list of articles, with links to the listed articles. One purpose of compiling that list of ...

FFF’s Libertarian Angle Now on Ron Paul’s Voices of Liberty

I am pleased to announce that The Libertarian Angle, FFF’s weekly Internet show featuring Sheldon Richman and me, is now being posted at Voices of Liberty, the exciting Internet venture powered by Ron Paul to spread ideas on liberty. Voices of Liberty features insightful news coverage, perspectives by Ron Paul, and viewpoints from many other proponents of liberty. When a representative ...

With “Victories” Like WWII, Who Needs Losses?

Even the most ardent of interventionists will concede that World War I was a deadly and destructive debacle. That is certainly how the American people felt after the war was over. They realized that the tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers who were sacrificed in that war died for nothing. The war did not end all wars or make ...

FDR Should Have Been Impeached for Pearl Harbor

Ever since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, people have surmised that President Franklin Roosevelt knew that the attack was coming and intentionally let it happen. After all, it is undisputed that U.S. officials had, at the very least, broken Japan’s diplomatic code and were reading the instructions that Japanese officials were sending to their diplomats in Washington in ...

Military Base Dependency

One of the most disastrous effects of America’s post-World War II embrace of a permanent warfare-state apparatus has been the extreme dependency on domestic military bases that dot towns and cities across America. The situation is akin to a drug addict who lies permanently in bed hooked up to an IV that is feeding heroin into his veins. The ...

The Virtues of Free Trade

I find it absolutely amazing that there are still people around who look with disfavor on free trade. A recent example occurred in the New York Times just last Sunday in an op-ed entitled “Our Misplaced Faith in Free Trade” by Jeff Madrick. According to Madrick, “free trade creates winners and losers — and American workers have been ...

Notice that ISIS Isn’t Beheading Swiss Citizens

When President Obama and his army began their bombing campaign against Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria, they cited as their justification the Islamic State’s (aka ISIS) beheading of a private American citizen. The beheading, U.S. officials, said demonstrated what a dangerous threat the Islamic State was to the United States. But there was one big problem with that ...

Three Parasitic Apparatuses on the Body Politic

The reason for the many woes currently afflicting the American people lies with three separate apparatuses that have been attached to our original federal governmental structure. Those three apparatuses are the welfare state, the regulatory or interventionist state, and the warfare state. The key to restoring a normal society to our land — one of freedom, peace, prosperity, and ...

One of the Best Lectures I’ve Ever Seen

Yesterday, I was treated to one of the best lectures I’ve ever seen. It was delivered by Israel Kirzner, an Austrian economist who is emeritus professor of economics at New York University, where he taught for many years. Kirzner’s lecture was entitled “Hayek, the Nobel Prize, and the Modern Austrian School of Economics.” The talk was sponsored by the Mercatus ...

Imagine Life Without the First Amendment

One of the most pervasive myths within the United States is that our rights come from the U.S. Constitution. Even the U.S. Supreme Court subscribes to this myth whenever it searches the Constitution to determine whether people have a certain right or not. Actually, as Thomas Jefferson observed in the Declaration of Independence, people’s rights are inherent to human beings. ...

The Danger We Face Is From Within

As most everyone knows, ISIS, not al-Qaeda, is the newest official enemy facing the United States. The truth, however, is that it’s not ISIS that poses the biggest threat to the American people. Instead, the biggest threat to the freedom and well-being of the American people is the moral rot that lies at the center of America’s welfare-warfare state. Under ...

The Futility of Reform

Why can’t statists see that their system is inherently defective and that any reforms that are enacted to fix it only makes things worse? Look at Iraq. Twelve years ago, statists were celebrating “Mission Accomplished” over the fact that the most powerful military force in history had just smashed a small, weak Third World regime. Statists were ecstatic over the U.S. ...
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