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The Free Market as Redistributor of Wealth

Liberals and conservatives argue that the income-tax, welfare-state way of life is necessary to redistribute wealth so that people will be more “equal.” The free market, they have long suggested, results in enormous concentrations of power in which the rich get richer and poor get poorer. They might want to ask Stan O’Neal, who “retired” as ...

A Roll of the Dice Against Iran

As most everyone knows, President Bush has now placed that dreadful label — “Terrorist!” — on the government of Iran — well, actually on a piece of the government. That’s the magic word that enables the U.S. government to attack, kill, torture, incarcerate, or destroy the recipient of the label. Unfortunately, it’s also the word ...

The Fraud of the War on Terror

Immediately after he denounced Fidel Castro for being a dictator, President Bush unilaterally decreed new sanctions against Iran, moving the United States closer to war against Iran. Would someone please tell me how it is that Bush exercises such omnipotent power, without even a peep from both Congress and the mainstream press? How is ...

Havana and Guantanamo Bay

Give President Bush credit for chutzpah. Yesterday, he delivered a speech decrying tyranny and economic oppression by Fidel Castro while continuing his gulag at Guantanamo Bay and his brutal embargo against the Cuban people. First of all, let’s not forget why Bush and the Pentagon established their prison camp in Cuba — because they didn’t want ...

The Arrogance and Hypocrisy of Empire

Every day brings more proof as to why the American people need to reject the federal government’s pro-empire, pro-interventionist foreign policy in favor of a pro-freedom, limited-government republic envisioned by the Founding Fathers. U.S. Empire officials are warning the Iraqi government to take action to stop Kurdish attacks on Turkish troops operating in Turkey, which ...

Trial by Jury Wins in Dallas

The value of the right of trial by jury once again became apparent yesterday. A jury in Dallas, Texas, acquitted defendants of most charges in a war-on-terrorism federal criminal prosecution and deadlocked on a few remaining charges. The feds were prosecuting the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development along with several people involved in the ...

Mukasey’s Support of Tyranny

Conservatives are all aglow over President Bush’s selection of Michael B. Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzalez as U.S. attorney general. The conservative love-fest for Mukasey comes as no surprise, especially given his positions: 1. Mukasey says he’s against torture. Yawn. So is President Bush. So are the CIA and the Pentagon. That’s not the point. The ...

Sanctions and Embargoes Are Immoral and Counterproductive

In an unusual moment of candor, President Bush revealed why so many people around the world hate and resent the U.S. government for its foreign policy. In his news conference this week, Bush pointed out how he is hoping that the U.S. sanctions against Iran encourage the Iranian people to oust their rulers from power. ...

Revving Up the Engine for Iran

Since President Bush seems to be revving up his military engine and preparing Americans for another war of aggression, this time against Iran, it might be wise to revisit this famous quote by German Herman Goering: “Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That ...

Gen. Sanchez Still Doesn’t Get It

The former commander of coalition forces in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, has joined the growing list of generals and admirals who are coming out against the Iraq occupation. You’ll recall that he was the U.S. general in charge of Iraq when the torture and sex abuse at Abu Ghraib prison took place. Lt. Sanchez ...

Turkey, Iraq, and Imperial Gall

U.S. Empire gall is manifesting itself once again in Iraq. President Bush is telling Turkish officials to “show restraint.” Turkey is threatening to send troops into northern Iraq to suppress cross-border raids that Iraqi Kurds have been inflicting on Turkey. “Show restraint?” These people are something else. Exactly how much restraint did the U.S. Empire exercise ...

Shenandoah, Liberty, and the State

I was watching the 1965 movie Shenandoah last night and it reminded me of how differently 19th-century Americans viewed the concept of liberty and the role of the state, compared to today’s Americans. Keep in mind that our American ancestors lived without such things as income taxation and the IRS, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public ...
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