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Economic Liberty and Civil Liberty

We had another great time at the second meeting of our Economic Liberty Lecture Series last night. 125 students and non-students came together for an evening of pizza, a movie, socializing, and a great talk by James Bovard, a policy advisor at The Future of Freedom Foundation. What was interesting is that many of ...

The Conservative Malaise

I suspect that the malaise that has afflicted the conservative movement is not simply due to the defeat of John McCain and Sarah Palin. I think that their despondency goes much deeper than an electoral defeat. My hunch is that their depression is much more owing to a sense of serious discomfort arising from ...

Is the Chinese New Deal “Free Enterprise” Too?

The Chinese government is placing many American statists in a very interesting position. It has unveiled a “stimulus plan” involving a massive expenditure of $586 billion dollars of government money. Sounds familiar, uh? As the Washington Post pointed out yesterday in a front-page article, economists are comparing the Chinese plan to the New Deal, which was ...

Crossing the Rubicon, Revisited

In July 2003, I wrote an article entitled “Crossing the Rubicon,” which addressed what the federal government was doing to a man named Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a citizen of Qatar who was residing in the United States. Two years later, in March 2005, I published a follow-up article on the al-Marri case: “Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri: ...

Conservative Soul-Searching

The debate over the future of the GOP is beginning. Already, there is a spate of articles written by conservatives calling for a return of the Republican Party to its traditional mantra of “free enterprise and limited government.” These conservatives are arguing that the reason that Republicans were so soundly defeated in the recent ...

How About Some Real Change in Foreign Policy?

The worldwide outpouring of support for Barack Obama brings to mind the worldwide outpouring of support for the American people after 9/11. That post-9/11 support didn’t last for long. It disappeared with George W. Bush’s war on terrorism, invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, torture and sex abuse of detainees, kidnappings and renditions, attacks on ...

Libertarian Possibilities under Obama

Not surprisingly, conservatives are depressed and despondent over the election of Barack Obama to the presidency. But as I wrote yesterday, the Republicans deserved to lose. For the last 7 years, they have plunged our country into darkness, oppression, injustice, and tyranny, seizing on the 9/11 attacks to centralize federal power, suspend the civil ...

They Deserve to Lose

If the Democrats win the presidency, it will not be because they deserve to win but because the Republicans deserve to lose. When it comes to domestic policy, there really isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Barack Obama and John McCain. As a liberal and as a conservative, they share a common commitment to ...

Pre-Election Angst for the Serfs

It’s kinda fun watching Republicans and Democrats suffering so much angst over whether John McCain or Barack Obama will be elected president. Part of people’s anxiety, I suspect, is rooted in the realization that the candidate from the other party will have access to the trillions of dollars in tax loot to dispense to his ...

Hornberger’s Blog, November 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Guns and Ammo Deter Tyranny by Jacob G. Hornberger You may have noticed the many articles detailing the big run-up in the sale of guns and ammunition since the November elections. Apparently gun owners are concerned that President-elect Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress will enact bans on semi-automatic weapons and ammo. Of course, that begs the question: ...

Drug-War Violence Is Spreading to Texas

According to the Associated Press, South Texans might soon be experiencing the same type of drug-war violence that people on the Mexican side of the border have been experiencing. As most everyone knows, the drug war has produced unbelievable violence in Mexico, especially along the border. Murder, kidnapping, beheading, and torture have become routine. ...

No Habeas Corpus in Iraq

The U.S. government’s incarceration of 17,000 Iraqis without charges confirms why the Framers included the guarantee of habeas corpus within the Constitution. While the Framers used the Constitution to call the federal government into existence, they recognized an important fact — that the greatest threat to the rights and freedoms of the American people was ...
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