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Interventionism Destroys Freedom

In his book The Crisis of Interventionism, Ludwig von Mises pointed out that one government intervention will inevitably lead to more interventions. Why? The initial intervention will inevitably produce a crisis that public officials will say needs to be addressed with new interventions. Ultimately, the continuous series of interventions leads to a totally ...

Real Change and Libertarianism

I find it fascinating that so many people devote so much of their time and energy to getting McCain or Obama elected to office. If there were differences in philosophy between McCain or Obama, it might make some sense. But given that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them, I just can’t ...

Isn’t It Time to Listen to Libertarians?

Amidst massive financial losses being suffered by the American people in the current financial crisis, at least they can take solace in one comforting point — that the U.S. government is rebuilding Iraq. While people are seeing their savings frittered away, having trouble making ends meet, and finding it difficult to pay their children’s education, shouldn’t they at least ...

Tortured by the Federal Savior

Americans who have suffered harm during the current financial crisis should be counting their lucky stars. At least U.S. officials haven’t taken them into custody as enemy combatants and tortured them, as U.S. officials have done to two American citizens, Yaser Hamdi and Jose Padilla. They, along with a foreigner named Ali al Marri, ...

Pete Boettke Kicks Off Economic Liberty Lecture Series

The inaugural session of the Economic Liberty Lecture Series, which FFF and the George Mason University Econ Society, a student-run group, hosted was a great success. The event took place on Monday evening and attracted about 70 people, most of whom were students and some of whom were FFF supporters from the area. After a ...

What about Savings?

One of the things the mainstream pundits have failed to understand in the current financial crisis is the important role that savings play in a society. They keep talking incessantly about the “credit squeeze” but hardly ever mention the “savings squeeze.” One of the keys to rising standards of living is an increase in productive ...

The Heartland Immigration Debate

Last Thursday I debated Peter Brimelow at the Heartland Institute’s annual dinner in a beautiful ballroom at the Hilton Hotel in Chicago. What a fantastic evening! Since Heartland has been such an enormously positive force for liberty, especially at the state level, it was a tremendous honor for me to be included in its ...

Conservative, Liberal, and Libertarian Calls for Open Borders

’m on my way to Chicago to debate Peter Brimelow at the Heartland Institute’s annual dinner. Heartland is one of the nation’s finest free-market think tanks that address state public-policy issues. Peter is the author of Alien Nation. The theme of the debate is “Immigration Policy for a Free Society.” Or “Open Borders vs. ...

Hornberger’s Blog, October 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008 Drug-War Violence Is Spreading to Texas by Jacob G. Hornberger According to the Associated Press, South Texans might soon be experiencing the same type of drug-war violence that people on the Mexican side of the border have been experiencing. As most everyone knows, the drug war has produced unbelievable violence in Mexico, especially along the border. Murder, kidnapping, ...

Never Trade Liberty for Safety

Generally speaking, people can be divided into 3 groups: (1) Those who thirst for power; (2) Those who thirst for freedom; and (3) Those who are fairly indifferent to both power and liberty. The real battle that is taking place with respect to the future of direction of our nation is between Groups 1 and ...

Restore a Free Market to America

The congressional rejection of President Bush’s bailout bill came as a shocker to me. As I was writing my blog yesterday about how one can always count on conservatives to cave in and abandon any semblance of a commitment to free-market principles, they went and surprised me by voting against Bush’s financial socialism. Sure, ...

Libertarians vs. Statists

It’s not surprising that many conservative House Republicans, after railing against socialism and interventionism, are caving in and embracing the $700,000 billion (probably more like $1.5 trillion after all is said and done) bailout of their Wall Street friends and cronies who fund their campaigns and political party. Isn’t this what conservatives have done ever since the New Deal? ...
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