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The Dark Core of the Empire

Among the major obstacles to both criminal prosecutions and a truth commission regarding the CIA’s torture program is the underlying reluctance of U.S. officials to focus attention on the super-secret operations of the CIA. A criminal prosecution, after all, could get out of control, especially one that is being prosecuted by a genuinely honest, independent prosecutor. Prospective defendants might threaten ...

Let’s Not Forget CIA Victim Charles Horman

While we’re on the subject of criminal prosecutions and congressional investigations for the CIA’s kidnapping, torture, sex abuse, rendition, and disappearance program, is it too late to ask the same for the case of Charles Horman? He was the 31-year-old American journalist who was murdered in 1973 by Chilean military thugs with the support ...

Stealing Children from Illegal Immigrants

Advocates of the war on immigrants often claim as a justification for their war that illegal aliens steal jobs away from Americans. Of course, it’s a spurious claim. No one has a right to any particular job. Employers, as owners of their businesses, have the moral right to offer employment or deny employment to ...

The Pursuit of Passion

A friend of mine who is a piano instructor was telling me that a parent of one of her students told her that her child loves the piano so much that she has trouble pulling him away from it. Apparently, the student, who is 17, practices several hours every day. The reason he’s able to ...

How About Abolishing the CIA Now?

So, let me see if I have this right. The members of the Gestapo would have been let off the hook for the brutality and murders they committed because they were simply following orders. And those who issued the orders would have been let off the hook because compliant and submissive German lawyers had handed ...

The Cancerous Rot at the Center of the Empire

In obvious response to growing calls for the prosecution of Bush administration personnel who tortured people or who authorized the torture of people, former Vice President Dick Cheney has called on the CIA to declassify information showing that that the torture delivered “good” intelligence. Maybe he is referring to the 183 times that the ...

Obama Is Just another Political Hack

While there’s always room for hope, so far it is clear that Barack Obama is just a standard political hack from Chicago who made it to the presidency, primarily through his gift of gab and through voter dissatisfaction with the standard political hacks in the Republican Party. While Obama has disclosed the Bush torture memos, ...

Three Successes in the War on Immigrants

Amidst all the failures and destructiveness of U.S. socialism, interventionism, and imperialism, U.S. officials can claim 3 recent successes in their war on immigrants. Success Story Number 1. The first success story involves a man named Keith Eckel, a 61-year-old farmer in Pennsylvania who is one of the largest tomato growers in the United States. Not this year though. This ...

World Cop and American Daddy

In its self-proclaimed role as world cop, the U.S. military is now assuming the role of protecting U.S.-owned vessels — and maybe even ships owned by foreigners — from Somali pirates. Actually, the U.S. Navy should butt out of the international piracy field and leave ship-owners to their own devices in dealing with the piracy problem. Traveling overseas involves risks. ...

Piracy and the IRS

Of course, it’s just a coincidence but isn’t at least a bit ironic that all the hullabaloo about piracy has occurred near April 15? After all, is the IRS really any different, in principle, from the pirates? Sure, it’s true that the IRS doesn’t attack ships, take crews hostage, and demand a ransom. But doesn’t it attach liens on ships, ...

Freedom by Permission

Through executive decree, President Obama is graciously easing restrictions on travel to Cuba and restrictions on sending money to Cuba. The decree, however, applies only to Cuban-Americans who have family members in Cuba. The rest of the American people will continue to be subject to harsh federal criminal and civil penalties for traveling to ...

In Search of Constitution-Free Zones

To gain a good perspective on how the Pentagon and the CIA view the Constitution, all one has to do is consider what they’ve done with their prison camps in Cuba and Afghanistan. Keep in mind, first of all, what the Constitution is. It is the supreme law of the land that we the people ...
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