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Immigrants, Terrorists, and Omnipotent Government

Among the various justifications that border-control advocates use to justify their support of regulated or sealed borders is that border control, they say, is necessary to protect us from terrorists. The problem with this position is twofold. One, it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Two, the solution it proposes inexorably reinforces the ...

The Cause of Poverty

Liberals are saying that President Obama isn’t really a socialist because he doesn’t favor complete government ownership and control of everything, which is the strict definition of socialism. Since he “only” favors massive government involvement in some things, such as education, healthcare, mail delivery, transportation, retirement, employment, airports, money, bailouts, subsidies, grants, banks, ...

The Drug War: An Old Mission for the Pentagon

As the Berlin Wall came crashing down, the Pentagon was desperately in search of a mission. Given the demise of the Soviet Union, which had been the excuse for an ever-growing military-industrial complex for decades, the talk of a “peace dividend” was in the air. “What do we need all that military spending for ...

Barack Obama, Fake Change Agent

If Barack Obama’s handling of the Ali al-Marri case was supposed to show his credentials as a major change-agent as president, he has flunked the test. Except for some procedural differences, his handling of the al-Marri case is really no different, in principle, than how Bush handled the Jose Padilla case. First of all, recall ...

Obama the Socialist

Amidst all the devastation from the latest economic crisis, there have been some really funny moments. Among the most humorous has got to be what happened this past week with President Obama and the New York Times. Recall that last week I referenced an article by Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson in which he expressed shock that people ...

What about the Yamashita Doctrine?

In the wake of President Obama’s decision to not seek criminal prosecutions of U.S. officials who violated criminal statutes against torture, maybe this would be a good time to revisit the case of Tomoyuki Yamashita. He was a World War II Japanese army general in charge of troops in the Pacific. After the war, ...

Immigration Socialism

Advocates of the U.S. government’s war on immigrants are no doubt celebrating the 23-month sentence in a federal penitentiary that Martin de La Rosa-Loera received this week. His “crime”? As supervisor of a meat-packing plant in Postville, Iowa, he was convicted of “aiding and abetting the harboring of 389 illegal aliens.” Translation: He was ...

Damn the Children

Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson is agog that people are calling Barack Obama a socialist. Socialism, he says, is when the government owns everything. Apparently, such things as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, stimulus packages, bailouts, massive federal spending, and perhaps even nationalization of banks should simply be considered as free-market reforms ...

Another War-on-Terrorism Success Story in Afghanistan

Another war-on-terrorism success story comes out of Afghanistan, where U.S. troops have been battling The Terrorists for some 7 years (and, if things go according to plan, will be battling Them for at least another 7 years). Heavily armed U.S. troops entered a village in Logar Province in the dead of night, raided a “compound,” and shot dead two ...

Hornberger’s Blog, March 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Neo-Cons and Moral Degeneracy by Jacob G. Hornberger The presidential advisor for press affairs to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has an interesting op-ed in the Los Angeles Times today. Pointing out that Barack Obama’s offer to talk to the Iranian regime is nice, Ali Akbar Javanfekr pointed out that words alone are insufficient, especially if the ...

Legalize Drugs Instead of Banning Guns

In an editorial this morning sarcastically entitled “The Drug Cartel’s Right to Bear Arms,” the New York Times is climbing aboard the drug-war/gun-control bandwagon. Here’s how the reasoning goes: The Mexican drug-war cartels are killing people with assault rifles. The weapons are purchased in gun shops in the United States and illegally smuggled ...
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