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The Moral Principle in the Socialist Debate

Most everyone who is not a libertarian misses the central point in the health care debate. It’s the same point, by the way, in the Social Security debate. The point is the one that involves a basic moral principle: It’s wrong to take what doesn’t belong to you, whether you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, ...

The Love of Liberty vs. the Love of Government

The real battle taking place in America is between the lovers of liberty and the lovers of government. That’s what the healthcare debate is all about. The lovers of government want the federal government to operate a healthcare program. The lovers of liberty prefer a free market in healthcare, that is, a market free ...

The U.S. Government Is Not the USA

I recently received a note from a former supporter of FFF telling me that the reason that she had stopped donating after 9/11 was because we had blamed “the USA” for the 9/11 attacks. She had supported our work from our inception in 1990 until 2001. Eight years after the 9/11 attacks, I continue to ...

Hornberger’s Blog, August 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009 Torture Works. Just Ask U.S. POWs from the Korean War by Jacob G. Hornberger An August 29 Washington Post article entitled “How a Detainee Became an Asset” details how the CIA’s “harsh interrogation techniques” caused Khalid Sheik Mohammed to become a CIA “asset,” meaning that he sung like a canary, confessed his crimes, disclosed everything he ...

The New York Time’s Failure of Understanding

In a July 29 editorial entitled “The Military Is Not the Police,” the New York Times stated, “It was disturbing to learn the other day just how close the last administration came to violating laws barring the military from engaging in law enforcement when President George W. Bush considered sending troops into a ...

The North Carolinian Jihadist

Neighbors of Daniel Boyd, a son of a Marine, are befuddled over his federal indictment on terrorism-related charges. Boyd, who attended a public high school here in Northern Virginia and who now lives in North Carolina, runs a dry-wall business in Raleigh. The feds are alleging that on the side, Boyd is a terrorist. Charles Casale, a neighbor ...

“Evil Eating Evil Eating Evil”

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times carried a fascinating article that detailed the pride that a particular torturer took in doing his job well. The man expressed “pride in the efficiency” with which he did his job. As he put it, “In my entire life, if I do something, I’ll ...

What about Racism in the Drug War?

Amidst all the hubbub regarding racism and the cops arising out of the arrest of Harvard University scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., we should at least mention the biggest outlet for cops who happen to be racists: the war on drugs. As any black living in the poorer part of any community in America will ...

Waging the War on Terrorism on American Soil

A logical consequence of having permitted the Bush administration to treat terrorism as either an act of war or a criminal offense, came to the forefront last week when the New York Times revealed that top administration officials were considering deploying troops here in the United States to take suspected terrorists into custody as ...

The Pledge of Allegiance to Socialism and Imperialism

Since everyone is discussing the socialism of the Obama administration, it seems to me that this would be a good time to discuss the Pledge of Allegiance. Why the Pledge? Well, because the pledge was written by a socialist named Francis Bellamy. He was the cousin of Edward Bellamy, the author of the 1888 novel Looking Backward, which was a ...

Protecting the Statist Party

While we’re on the subject of a one-party political system in places like Iran and China, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind periodically remind ourselves that for all practical purposes, the political situation isn’t much different here in the United States. Sure, we’re taught to believe that America is a two-party system — ...

Private Bergdahl and the Silence of the Pro-Torture Crowd

The pro-torture crowd sure seems quiet about the plight of 23-year-old private Bowe R. Bergdahl, the American soldier being held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Why the silence? For eight years the pro-torture crowd has been defending the propriety of subjecting prisoners and detainees to such things as waterboarding, repeated waterboarding, walling, beatings, forced ...
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