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Who are the Patriots on the Fourth?

On the Fourth of July, American statists will be praising the troops, glorifying their exploits in foreign countries, thanking them for defending our rights and freedoms, and expressing thanks to federal officials for taking care of them with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education grants, farm subsidies, drug laws, and the myriad other programs that come with America’s welfare-warfare state. That’s ...

The Key to Prosperity in Greece

Libertarians, of course, do not profess to have answers to the many woes produced by statism. That certainly includes the many economic problems produced by Greece's welfare-state, regulated-economy way of life. But there are solid libertarian principles that the Greeks could adopt if they wish to build the foundation of a dynamic and prosperous society. Here are those principles: Leave people ...

The Corrosive and Destructive Power of the Dole

Imagine you’re on the Titanic and the ship captain says, “If everyone throws his luggage overboard, the ship will be saved” and everyone responds, “No way. I’ve got a right to my luggage. Everyone else can throw his luggage overboard if he wants, but not me.” That pretty much describes the situation in Greece. The government is bankrupt and the ...

The Bankruptcy of Greece’s Welfare State

Make no mistake about it: The economic and financial crisis in Greece is rooted in the welfare state, a way of life in which a nation’s government is charged with the responsibility of taking money from people and giving it to other people. It is this way of life — the welfare-state way of life — that has taken ...

Porcfest Was Awesome!

It was FFF’s first time at Porcfest, and we’re already talking about next year. FFF’s program director Bart Frazier, FFF policy advisor Scott McPherson, and I participated. And what an awesome time we all had! It was unlike any libertarian conference I’ve ever attended. Porcfest is sponsored by the Free State Project in New Hampshire. There were about 2,000 ...

The National-Security’s State’s Crisis Racket

Imagine that Russia announced that it was reconstituting the Warsaw Pact and that Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Grenada, and Bolivia had signed on as members. Imagine also that Russia fomented a regime-change operation in Mexico that succeeded in ousting the democratically elected president of the country and installing a pro-Russia ruler in his stead. Imagine that Russia then embarked on ...

Is the Hallmark Channel Libertarian?

Okay, yes, I am a big fan of the Hallmark Channel. After watching one of its Christmas movies a couple of days ago, which I recorded back in December, an important question has to be asked: Is the Hallmark Channel libertarian? The movie is entitled “’Come Dance with Me,” starring Andrew McCarthy and a Canadian actress named Michelle Nolden. Since ...

Clinton or Bush? Liberal or Conservative? What’s the Difference?

Last Sunday,longtime Washington Post journalist Dan Balz raised my hopes and then quickly dashed them. In an article in last Sunday’s Post comparing Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, Balz immediately got my attention with the following sentence near the beginning of his article: “Though of different parties and different philosophies, Clinton and Bush share one thing in common: ...

Deep Hypocrisy on Cuba and Egypt

In an editorial last Saturday calling for the lifting of the U.S. government’s ban on travel to Cuba, the New York Times pointed out two things that reflect the warped thinking and deep hypocrisy that have long characterized U.S. foreign policy. First, the editorial pointed out that the U.S. travel ban against Cuba was part of “a strategy to ...

Charleston and the National-Security State

Commenting on the massacre in Charleston, Rand Paul told a group of conservatives that a “sickness” in the country is at the root of the killings and that the problem “isn’t going to be fixed by your government.” Paul’s point is well taken but I don’t think he gets to root of the problem, which is the perpetual, ongoing culture ...

Repeat after Me: Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Here we go again. What will it take for gun-control proponents to finally get it? Gun control doesn’t work. Let me put that another way: Gun-control laws do not prevent murderers from using guns to murder people. Yesterday, nine people were murdered at a well-known black church in Charleston, South Carolina. Upon hearing that news, a proponent of gun control would ...

The Most Important Question of Our Time

The question that U.S. presidential candidates should be discussing and debating is this one: What should be the role of government in a free society? In fact, that’s the question that every American should also be discussing and debating. Should government have the power to: 1. Force people to submit to religious indoctrination? 2. Determine what people should read and watch? 3. Decide ...
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