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Coming to Terms with Iraq

It seems that Iraq will continue to haunt the American people for the indefinite future. And it should. Including the Persian Gulf intervention, the 11 years of sanctions, the no-fly zones, the post-9/11 invasion and and occupation, and the post-occupation bombing, the U.S. government has killed, injured, and maimed several hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens. There is also the ...

What’s Wrong with Inequality?

Democratic Party presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have brought the issue of inequality of wealth to the forefront of national debate. That’s a good thing because it enables the American people to confront the issue and, hopefully, to recognize the deeply ugly and immoral aspects of the controversy. What difference does it make that some people are wealthier ...

Bernie Sanders Deserves Our Thanks

For 26 years The Future of Freedom Foundation has been warning Americans about how socialism was leading America to economic impoverishment, national bankruptcy, moral debauchery, and the destruction of liberty. Consider, for example, this excerpt from my article entitled “A Message from FFF’s Founder and President,” that appeared in the very first issue — January 1990 -- of our ...

Imagine Your Daughters Dying for South Korea and Eastern Europe

American parents might well rue the day that they refused to listen to us libertarians about the importance of dismantling the Cold War-era, dinosaur-like national-security establishment, or what President Eisenhower called the “military-industrial complex.” That’s because they might well see their daughters seized by the federal government, taken involuntarily to military boot camp, taught how to unconditionally obey orders ...

Albright and Kissinger Bring Shame to Hillary Clinton

This past week’s campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination reveals that Hillary Clinton not only has good friends on Wall Street who pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches but also some good friends who have served as loyal servants of the U.S. national-security establishment. At a campaign event last Saturday in New Hampshire, Madeleine Albright, who ...

The Washington Post’s Interventionist Mindset

If you have ever yearned for a perfect example of the interventionist mindset that undergirds the mainstream media, the Washington Post provided it last Sunday in an editorial entitled “Failure in Cuba.” The editorial could have easily been written by any member of U.S. national-security establishment, especially those in the Pentagon and CIA who have been obsessing over ...
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