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The Future of Freedom Foundation was founded in 1989 by FFF president Jacob Hornberger with the aim of establishing an educational foundation that would advance an uncompromising case for libertarianism in the context of both foreign and domestic policy. The mission of The Future of Freedom Foundation is to advance freedom by providing an uncompromising moral and economic case for individual liberty, free markets, private property, and limited government.

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Imperial Overreach and the National Security State (video)

"Imperial Overreach and the National Security State" with Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick, and Jeremy Scahill. This panel was sponsored by The Future of Freedom Foundation February 15, 2014 at the 2014 International Students for Liberty ...

Military Socialism in Afghanistan

Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman once pointed out that with the possible exception of the war on drugs, the U.S. military is the biggest socialist enterprise in the United States. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise us that when the military embarks ...

The Libertarian Angle: Gun Control

Jacob Hornberger and Sheldon Richman discuss the recent shooting a Maryland mall and the ensuing calls for gun control. The Libertarian Angle airs weekly.
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