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The Fatal Flaw

The presidential primary season is in full swing. Current and former Democratic and Republican candidates alike have put forward various tax-reform proposals. Some of ...

Anti-war Is Pro-American

Thomas Jefferson declared the American way of interacting with the world to be "peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances ...

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Missing the Lessons on Vietnam

by In light of President Obama’s current trip to Vietnam, Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Sen. John McCain, and former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerry had a joint op-ed in the New York Times yesterday entitled “Moving On in Vietnam, but Remembering Its Lessons.” Unfortunately, however, the three Vietnam veterans have failed to draw the real lessons to be learned from that misbegotten war. Here ...

A Praising Attack on My Immigration Article

by In response to my article “Open Borders Is the Only Libertarian Immigration Position,” I received a praising attack in an article entitled, “Hornberger, Right But Still Wrong,” written by a person who writes under a pseudonym -- “Black Flag” — owing to potential repercussions at his place of work as a result to his political beliefs. (FYI, last Friday I wrote a supplemental ...

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Claudia Williamson

The Trouble with Aid

Claudia R. Williamson is a post-doctoral fellow at the Development Research Institute of New York University. Her ...

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