July 1990

  • The Forgotten Importance of Civil Liberties

    by Jacob G. Hornberger

    One of the real tragedies in the struggle for freedom in the United States in the latter part of the 20th century has been the forgotten importance of civil liberties. While economic liberty provides the focal point of most ... Read More

  • The Heritage of Economic Liberty

    by Richard M. Ebeling

    For the Founding Fathers, economic liberty was inseparable from the case for political freedom. Many of the grievances enumerated in the Declaration of Independence concern British infringements on the free movement of goods and men between the thirteen colonies a... Read More

  • The Bill of Rights

    by Hugo L. Black

    Today most Americans seem to have forgotten the ancient evils which forced their ancestors to flee to this new country and to form a government stripped of old powers used to oppress them. But the Americans who supported the Revoluti... Read More

  • Give Me Liberty

    by Rose Wilder Lane

    … In 1922, as a foreign correspondent in Budapest, I accompanied . . . a police raid…. We set out at ten o’clock at night, leading sixty policemen who moved with the beautiful precision of soldiers. They surrounded a secti... Read More

  • Book Review: South Africa’s War Against Capitalism

    by Richard M. Ebeling

    Apartheid is ending in South Africa. The economic barriers and social restrictions that have stood in the way of greater black-African participation in South African society are being dismantled. The release of Nelson Mandela earlier this year symbolized this mo... Read More