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Imperialism and Oil

In March 2003, after months of propaganda about phony threats posed by Saddam Hussein's nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, as well as absurd suggestions by the White House that his regime was in league with al-Qaeda, U.S. forces invaded Iraq in an act of aggression that was every bit as brazen and illegal as Nazi Germany's blitzkrieg of Poland ... [click for more]

Framing the “Great Debate” on World War II

From September 1939 to December 1941, Americans debated the role the United States should play in World War II, which was then ravaging Europe. Should America actively support the Allies, especially Britain, by providing direct financial and indirect military aid? Or should America maintain its traditional role of nonintervention? (World War I had been the sole exception.) In 1941, the ... [click for more]

We Need Your Support

Video Message 2 - Economic Liberty Lecture Series A Message from Jacob Hornberger - Video 2 from The Future of Freedom Foundation on Vimeo. The Future of Freedom Foundation is one of the most important organizations in the liberty movement. FFF does great work educating the public in the principles of free-market economics, individual liberty, and ... [click for more]

Obama’s War Record Should Appall Progressives

Why are liberals so desperately unhappy with the Obama presidency? asks New York Magazines Jonathan Chait, a self-proclaimed Obama apologist. He answers his own question: Liberals are dissatisfied with Obama because liberals, on the whole, are incapable of feeling satisfied with a Democratic president. See? It isn't Obama's fault. Its something in the so-called liberal, or progressive, psyche. (Liberalism originally ... [click for more]

Economic Liberty and Its Abandonment, Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 With federal spending continuing to soar out of control, the obvious question arises: How do we get our nation back on the right track — toward economic prosperity and economic liberty? To answer that question, it’s helpful to examine basic principles, including the founding principles of our nation and how our country turned away ... [click for more]

Price Discrimination Is Fair and Just

While on a recent cross-country flight, I looked around at the 200 or so other passengers on the plane and thought, not about the snacks we would be served (pretzels), the movie we would be shown (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), or whether the babies on the flight would cry the whole way (they did), but about ... [click for more]

Darwinian Stupidity

One has to question the mindset of the current administration in Washington. The country is $15 trillion in debt due to the ever-increasing welfare-warfare state. The warfare side of the equation is imperialistic to the point of crippling stupidity. Not only do we already have as many as 900 military bases, and military personnel in an estimated 130 different countries, ... [click for more]

As Judges Kill Off Habeas Corpus for the Guantánamo Prisoners, Will the Supreme Court Act?

When it comes to Guantánamo, the prisoners held in the Bush administrations experimental prison have mostly been abandoned by those who should have acted on their behalf in all three branches of government the executive branch, Congress, and the judiciary. In June 2004, for a brief moment, George W. Bush's excesses were checked by the Supreme Court, which took the ... [click for more]

Central Planning at the Federal Reserve

While it is understandable that inflation hawks keep a close watch on the Federal Reserve’s money-creation activities, an equally worrisome Fed activity is taking place right under their noses. Whether or not the Fed is expanding the money supply, it has undoubtedly moved into a new activity under cover of addressing the financial crisis and recession: central planner of ... [click for more]

Criminalizing Your Internet Profile?

The New American (15/11) states, The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is backing a controversial component of an existing computer fraud law that makes it a crime to use a fake name on Facebook or embellish your weight on an online dating profile such as eHarmony. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), a 25-year-old law that mainly addresses ... [click for more]

War with Iran Would Be Madness

President Obama's refusal to rule out military action against Iran and GOP contender Mitt Romney's recent threat of war against Iran should appall anyone who believes, with the free-market liberal Ludwig von Mises, that not war, but peace, is the father of all things. If the U.S. government or its client state Israel were to attack Iran, all hell ... [click for more]
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