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U.S. Judge Rules against Military Detention of U.S. Terror Suspects — But What About the Foreigners in Guantánamo?

Last week in New York, U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest took a stand against a contentious provision inserted into the current National Defense Authorization Act (PDF). She ruled (PDF) that it was unconstitutional for lawmakers to demand that, in future, those accused of involvement with terrorism — including U.S. citizens and residents — be subjected ... [click for more]

Romney and Bain Capital

Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is essentially playing one card in his quest for Barack Obama’s job: his business experience taught him how economies work. But Romney’s own pitch raises doubts about this. The Obama campaign charges Romney with destroying jobs when he ran Bain Capital, undercutting Romney’s claim he was a job creator. Obama argues that Bain created only ... [click for more]

No More Entangling Alliances

Would the United States go to war over marine life illegally harvested in the South China Sea? The very thought of such a thing sounds ludicrous. But under the U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty with the Philippines, it is a possibility. For the past month, China and the Philippines have traded threats over a disputed area in the South China Sea ... [click for more]

The Police State Is Here

“There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.” Those are the words of Garet Garrett, the 20th-century journalist and writer, who lamented ... [click for more]

Why No Trials for Abu Zubaydah and Seven Other “High-Value Detainees” in Guantánamo?

Two weeks ago, when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other “high-value detainees” were arraigned at Guantánamo in preparation for their forthcoming trial by military commission, they brought to eight the number of “high-value detainees” tried, put forward for trials, or having agreed to a plea deal to avoid a trial and secure a reduced sentence. In total, [click for more]

The War on Drugs: Cui Bono?

Cui bono, a maxim of Cassius quoted by Cicero meaning “who benefits?” or “to whose advantage?” is a useful principle when investigating political assassinations, conspiracy theories, mysterious deaths — and the war on drugs. The war on drugs, which actually began in the United States before World War I with the passage of a series of federal anti-narcotics laws, was ... [click for more]

JPMorgan Lesson: End Government Bank Guarantees

It’s widely believed that JPMorgan Chase’s recent $2 billion–plus loss proves we need the comprehensive banking regulation called for by the 2010 Dodd-Frank law. That belief is wrong. In thinking about the loss, remember that the future is always uncertain. It’s easy to look back on a bad decision — especially someone else’s bad decision — and claim the mistake was ... [click for more]

Scott Horton Interviews Jacob Hornberger (Audio)

Scott Horton interviews Jacob Hornberger about his article, “It’s Again Time to Dismantle the Cold War Military Machine,” how Americans are kept in a perpetual state of fear so massive military budgets seem like a necessity; the Pentagon’s latest make-work project, fighting the War on Drugs in Honduras; how ending drug prohibition would decrease problems with gangs, violence, and public ... [click for more]

When Will Obama Evolve on the Drug War?

Much is made of how President Obama’s position on same-sex marriage has “evolved” to an endorsement of legalization. One hopes his position on the atrocity called the “war on drugs” is evolving. It’s not really a war on drugs. It’s a war on people, most of whom have committed no violence or other aggression against person or property. Those who ... [click for more]

Federal Labor Law and Mob Tyranny

Since Barack Obama took office, the National Labor Relations Board has become a hotbed of controversy. Republicans charge that the NLRB is brazenly favoring unions and thwarting corporations on one bogus pretext after another. Unfortunately, those controversies are simply the latest chapter in a long history of federal subversion of freedom of contract. Prior to the 1930s, courts and legislatures ... [click for more]
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