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FFF Articles consists of every article that has ever been published by The Future of Freedom Foundation in reverse chronological order from our inception in 1989 to date. You can also search for FFF articles on the right side of the page under Find Freedom on FFF.

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The Payoff Society

Last November, The Washington Times published an editorial by Marilyn Quayle entitled "Americans are Demanding Relief from Overzealous Regulators." Ms. Quayle pointed out: "To comply with federal regulations alone costs between $300 and $500 billion a year, or $4,000 to $6,000 for every working man and woman in America. ... [click for more]

The Right to Self-Treatment

Over the last year or so, much has been said about the right to health care. The advocates of government management of the health-care system believe that everyone should be able to obtain the services of doctors and related practitioners regardless of ability to pay. That is what has fueled the push by the ... [click for more]

Individualism and the Free Society, Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 It was the United States of America, with its system of limited, constitutional government, that implemented the principle of capitalism-a free trade on a free market-to the greatest extent. In America, during the nineteenth century people's productive activities were for the most part left free of governmental regulations, controls, and restrictions; most thinkers ... [click for more]

Book Review: Race and Culture

Race and Culture: A World View by Thomas Sowell (New York: Basic Books, 1994); 331 pages; $25.00. Through most of history, since before the time of Aristotle, slavery has been considered a natural institution in human society. Indeed, Aristotle believed that some men were born to be slaves, just as others were ... [click for more]

The Religious Right

Sixty years ago, there occurred one of the most monumental revolutions in history. It was a revolution that shook the very foundations of American society. For 150 years, the American people subscribed to a fundamental moral principle with respect to the role of government in their lives: Government shall never be ... [click for more]

The New, New Left

The anticapitalist Left has devised a new intellectual attack on the market economy. The straw in the wind was a blistering article in The New York Times that appeared on May 8, 1994. The article, written by Peter Passell, was headlined "Life's Hard? Blame the Market." Like other attacks on market fundamentals, it complains about unequal income distribution. ... [click for more]

A Catholic Refuses Government Funds

From 1984 to 1993, I was director of Catholic Charities for San Juan County, New Mexico. A situation existed which has caused me to do some soul-searching and to reach a conclusion that was not popular. I was criticized — with varying degrees of contempt — for my refusal to accept government funding (FEMA funds, for example) for the agency ... [click for more]


Like many who consider themselves libertarians, I have concluded that taxation, in any form for any purpose, is theft. I agree with the nineteenth-century economist Frederic Bastiat, who called it legal plunder. It ought to be abolished. When I state my position on this matter to others not versed in libertarianism, they invariably jump to the conclusion that I am ... [click for more]

Christian Charity versus Government Welfare

The idea that government-sponsored welfare programs to assist the needy are compatible with, and justified by, Christian philosophy is probably the most widespread erroneous belief that permeates American society, and is hastening the destruction of freedom in the United States. This tragic flaw in the thinking of both well-educated and uneducated Christians has already brought misery to millions, and ... [click for more]

Book Review: Red in Tooth and Claw

Red in Tooth and Claw: Twenty-Six Years in Communist Chinese Prisons by Pu Ning (New York: Grove Press, 1994) 228 pages; $21. The essential details of the Soviet house of horror are now fairly well known. The story of the Soviet Gulag has been told not only in the great work by Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago , but in ... [click for more]
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