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Stop Playing Games

It's time for President Clinton to stop playing Saddam Hussein's tiresome game. How many times will the president prime the American people for military strikes on Iraq, only to go on television and call them off after Saddam has agreed to readmit the UN weapons inspectors? It's like a summer re-run! There ... [click for more]

Drug War Dementia

H. L. Mencken observed in 1918: "A politician normally prospers under democracy in proportion . . . as he excels in the invention of imaginary perils and imaginary defenses against them." In recent years, politicians have found few better ways to frighten voters than with the specter of drugs. The government's war on drug users is annually jailing hundreds ... [click for more]

The Big Lie

If the failed and unconstitutional "war on drugs" really needed another nail in its coffin, the 60-page report "Illicit Drugs and Crime" by Bruce L. Benson and David W. Rasmussen, professors of economics at Florida State University, should do the job. After studying crime rates in Florida, which poured vast resources into a beefed-up drug war in the years 1984-89, ... [click for more]

Book Review: The Corrosion of Charity

The Corrosion of Charity by Robert Whelan (London: Institute of Economic Affairs, 1996); 116 pages; £7.00. When the first suggestions were made for "downsizing" federal welfare spending after the 1994 Congressional elections, it was not surprising that various special-interest groups that either receive welfare payments in one form or another or that serve as the administrative or bureaucratic conduits for dispersing ... [click for more]

What’s So Great about Democracy?

In this election season, the time might be right for a heretical question: what's so great about democracy? To be sure, voting is better than violence for picking officeholders. But the real issue is what power those officeholders will have. Who rules is less important than which rules. In ... [click for more]

Zoning: The New Tyranny

Modern zoning laws presume that no citizen has a right to control his own land, but that every citizen has a right to control his neighbor's. While many people think zoning simply prevents sharply conflicting land uses, such as building a munitions plant next to an apartment complex, it has become ... [click for more]

The State Threat to Computer Privacy

The Clinton administration is proceeding apace with a plan to force each of us to give the government a spare key to our houses and offices. Well, that's not literally what they want. They want a spare key to our filing cabinets. That may be cryptic, but in time the reader ... [click for more]

The Cartelization of the American Workforce

Freedom to work is increasingly being taken hostage by government licensing boards. The American economy is degenerating into a guild system, as government doles out privileges to one group of self-proclaimed professionals after another. Government licensing restrictions prohibit millions of Americans from practicing the occupation of their choice. Over eight hundred professions now require a government license to practice — ... [click for more]

Legalized Immorality

It must be remembered that 95 percent of the peace, order, and welfare existing in human society is always produced by the conscientious practice of man-to-man justice and person-to-person charity. When any part of this important domain of personal virtue is transferred to government, that part is automatically released from the restraints of morality and ... [click for more]

The Evils of Economic Sanctions

Americans are undoubtedly sleeping soundly in the knowledge that U.S. Customs agents in the last year tripled the number of Cuban cigars seized before they could be brought into the country. The Customs Service says that it grabbed nearly 90,000 cigars, thwarting 1,285 acts of smuggling. The cigars were valued at more than $1 million, according to USA Today. Why ... [click for more]
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