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FFF Articles consists of every article that has ever been published by The Future of Freedom Foundation in reverse chronological order from our inception in 1989 to date. You can also search for FFF articles on the right side of the page under Find Freedom on FFF.

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Why Not Open the Borders?

Thirty years ago, Democrats and Republicans sent 60,000 men from my generation to their deaths in an undeclared war in Southeast Asia. The rationale? To save people from the horrors of communism. Apparently communism is not so horrible anymore. Today, if Cuban citizens flee communist tyranny, the biggest danger they ... [click for more]

The Antitrust Absurdity

The Federal Trade Commission has aimed its antitrust cannon at Intel Corp., maker of the microprocessor used in 90 percent of personal computers. The FTC charges Intel with refusing to provide information about its chips to certain computer makers with which it has legal disputes. At first, it ... [click for more]

The So-Called Right to Strike

In several of the highly publicized strikes in recent years, including the strikes against Caterpillar and the Detroit newspapers, company management continued operations during the strike by hiring permanent replacement workers. Permanent replacements are hired not just for the duration of the strike but to continue on after the strike ... [click for more]

Book Review: Central Banking in Theory and Practice

Central Banking in Theory and Practice by Alan S. Blinder (Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 1998); 92 pages; $20. In one of the most insightful passages in The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith argued: "The statesman, who should attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capital, would not only load himself with a most unnecessary ... [click for more]

Closed Minds on Open Borders, Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 The core principle of libertarianism is a simple one: the noninitiation of force by one person against another. The libertarian philosophy holds that a person should be free to do whatever he wants in life as long as his conduct is peaceful. In other words, as long as a person does not murder, rape, ... [click for more]

To Create Order, Remove the Planner

Which came first, the chicken of economics or the egg of economic action? Did the discipline of economics precede the object of its interest? The obvious answer is no. To say yes would be like saying that astronomy preceded the planets and stars or that before Newton, apples didn't fall from trees. Yet, there are people who speak as though ... [click for more]

Save the Children–from Government

The cynical political exploitation of children continues apace in Washington. The calculated abuse of children in order to accumulate power knows no limits. But since it is the government itself that is guilty of this child abuse, there is no one to stop it. President Clinton reminded us ... [click for more]

Some Free-Enterprise System

The booming U.S. high-tech industry is doing so well it can't find enough well-trained employees to handle all the work. There are too few prospects in the United States to fill the need, so companies have recruited abroad. The problem is that a foreign-born person can't just move to the ... [click for more]

Needed: The Separation of Cable and State

There is growing political manipulation of the information that the average American is allowed to receive. Americans long ridiculed the Soviet-bloc media for presenting absurdly self-serving images of their government. Yet, in this country, thanks to government controls over cable television, most American cable subscribers are forced to bankroll multiple television stations that ... [click for more]

Punishing Success

Let's cut to the chase: It's Microsoft's property. The company should be free to offer it on any terms it wishes. If people don't want to buy Microsoft products, they don't have to. As long as no law keeps other people from offering competing products, no one need ... [click for more]
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