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FFF Articles consists of every article that has ever been published by The Future of Freedom Foundation in reverse chronological order from our inception in 1989 to date. You can also search for FFF articles on the right side of the page under Find Freedom on FFF.

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The Conservative Commitment to Educational Socialism

It would be difficult to find a better model of socialistic central planning than public (government) schooling. Public schooling entails a central board of elected or appointed government planners, either at a national, state, or local level. Attendance is mandated by compulsory-attendance laws. Government-approved schoolteachers, using government-approved textbooks, ... [click for more]

Why Not Simply Repeal Social Security?

As the November congressional elections approach, Social Security is certain to become a topic of political conversation. With a budget surplus in mind, Republicans are seeking an $80 billion tax cut for the American people. President Clinton is threatening a veto. He says that taxes can't be cut because ... [click for more]

Throw D.C.’s Government Out of School

Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that D.C. public schools have opened on time this year. Perhaps we shouldn't be so hasty. Are the children of the district really better off being herded back into the public school system? Despite decades of mandatory-attendance laws and the expenditure of tens of millions ... [click for more]

Eliminate, Don’t Reform, the IRS

Yet again, a taxpayer "bill of rights" has been enacted into law. And so, after all the recent revelations of Internal Revenue Service abuse of peaceful citizens, we can all now be confident that the tax collector will respect the rights and dignity of every American. Right. And pigs have started ... [click for more]

Home Runs and the Capricious Tax Man

Everyone was appalled when a spokesman at the Internal Revenue Service said that a big tax bill lay in store for the fan who retrieved Mark McGwire's record-breaking 62nd home-run baseball and returned it to the slugger. Then everyone breathed a sigh of relief when IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti said, in ... [click for more]

The Legalization of Prostitution

Prostitution has long been illegal in the vast majority of the United States. Unfortunately, laws against prostitution often bring out the worst among the nation's law-enforcement agencies — and pose a growing threat to public health. As fear of the spread of AIDS rises, the legalization of prostitution offers ... [click for more]

In Praise of Working People

A prominent difference between the 19th-century libertarian movement and the contemporary one lies in their attitudes toward working people. These are people who are not primarily interested in reading economic or political theory but who focus their energies instead on making a decent living or raising a healthy family. These are intelligent people who understand the impact of laws ... [click for more]

Book Review: Free-Market Feminism

Free-Market Feminism by David Conway (London: Institute of Economic Affairs, 1998); 96 pages; £7.00. The Soviet Union may be gone, but the Marxian mindset still dominates the intellectual climate of the world. Many of the fashionable fads of our time are merely variations on Marx's conception of class conflict. The residues of socialism also still dominate the general understanding ... [click for more]

Clinton’s Job Performance Puzzle

The pundits are bewildered over the public's apparently contradictory response to President Clinton during his recent troubles. Most people have a low opinion of his character. Yet at least 60 percent of those polled think he's doing a terrific job and should not resign. How can this be? Assuming the polling results are accurate, it ... [click for more]

Protectionism: Rearing Its Ugly Head Again

One of the principal tenets of libertarianism is the right of people to freely trade their goods and services with others. The reasoning is based on moral principles underlying private property and individual freedom. Each of us has the right to sustain his life by utilizing the talents and abilities with which we have been endowed by the Creator. ... [click for more]
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