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FFF Articles consists of every article that has ever been published by The Future of Freedom Foundation in reverse chronological order from our inception in 1989 to date. You can also search for FFF articles on the right side of the page under Find Freedom on FFF.

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Who Are the Real Immigration Lawbreakers?

Who are the real immigration lawbreakers - foreign citizens who cross illegally into the United States in search of work or U.S. officials who arrest and incarcerate them? The Declaration of Independence emphasized that all men (not just Americans) are endowed by their Creator with certain fundamental and inherent ... [click for more]

Scamming the Poor

One of the biggest scams in American politics is the bromide that government officials use to justify America's paternalistic welfare state and the federal income tax: "We love the poor, the needy, and the disadvantaged." The primary victims of the scam are the poor themselves. Let's look at a few examples. The minimum-wage ... [click for more]

Tax-Cut Deceptions

The Republican collapse on taxes is about as surprising as an elephant's fleeing a mouse, which, come to think of it, may be exactly what happened. It looked as though the congressional Republicans were going to make a 10 percent across-the-board unconditional tax-rate cut the centerpiece of their agenda. It was supposed to contrast with the Clinton administration's insistence that ... [click for more]

Order by Agreements or by Iron Fists

In his 1651 classic, Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes warned: "To obey the King who is God's lieutenant, is the same as to obey God. We shall have no peace till we have absolute obedience." Many contemporary statists share Hobbes's assumption that near-total control is the only way to avoid near-certain destruction ... [click for more]

In Whose Interest Is This War?

It has been fascinating to watch the Clinton administration defend its war against Yugoslavia. Those folks really can't make up their minds, can they? The confusion and ambivalence reveals much about their own ethical philosophy. The need to go to war against Yugoslavia was at first presented as a selfless matter. President Clinton told the American ... [click for more]

Book Review: The Future and Its Enemies

The Future and Its Enemies by Virginia Postrel (New York: Free Press, 1998); 265 pages; $25. May 8, 1999, marks the hundredth birthday of Austrian economist Friedrich A. Hayek. One of Hayek's most important and lasting contributions to human understanding has been his development of a theory of spontaneous order. Hayek argued (echoing the 18th-century Scottish moral philosopher Adam Ferguson) that ... [click for more]

There’s No Third Way

If a gunman approaches you on a dark street and demands your money, you naturally prefer not to give it to him. Apparently our political leaders would consider this an unreasonable clash of extremes. The gunman wants your property. You want to keep it. Surely there's a compromise, ... [click for more]

Don’t Support the Troops: Bring Them Home

Let me be blunt: I don't support the troops. I don't support them so much that I think they should be brought home to safety at once. I say this because everyone who vociferously supports the troops also wants to send them into war against Serbia, where a good number of them will be killed. So I ... [click for more]

It’s an Economy, Stupid

America's central bank has spooked the stock and bond markets again. The Dow dropped almost 150 points and the bond market slipped last week on indications that the Fed may raise interest rates if the economy doesn't "slow down." Concerned officials there have been expecting a slowdown, but it hasn't ... [click for more]

War-Welfare in Yugoslavia

More than eighty years ago, the United States entered World War I with the express purposes of making the world safe for democracy and making that war the one that would end all future European wars. The intervention was a radical departure from the foreign policy that George Washington had enunciated ... [click for more]
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