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Seeking Explanations, Not Causes

So much has been written about the shootings of students by students at schools that you'd think there would be nothing left to say. But there has been surprisingly little comment about the location of the shootings: government schools. Maybe this shouldn't be surprising. Government schools are nearly sacred to most people. They couldn't possibly be a — or ... [click for more]

Blockbuster Victory for the Second Amendment

Last April, federal judge Sam Cummings issued a decision that chilled the hearts of gun grabbers across the nation. Cummings struck down as unconstitutional a provision in a 1994 law that routinely turned husbands and others targeted by domestic restraining orders into felons. The Clinton administration is appealing the ... [click for more]

Drugs and George W. Bush

Oh, I was like that when a lad! A shocking young scamp of a rover, I behaved like a regular cad; But that sort of thing is all over. I'm now a respectable chap And shine with a virtue resplendent And, therefore, I haven't a scrap Of sympathy with the defendant! Those words were penned mor than a century ago by the great satirist W.S. ... [click for more]

It’s Time to End the War on Drugs

Hardly a week goes by without some mention in the media of the war on drugs. Record drug busts, money-laundering schemes, increasing drug abuse, gang warfare, thefts and robberies, political corruption, infringements on bank privacy, searches and seizures, confiscation of assets, arrests, convictions, and incarcerations. If the overall situation - both with drug usage ... [click for more]

Should the State Punish Drug Offenders?

Republican presidential contender George W. Bush's refusal to deny cocaine use raises some fundamental, moral questions: Why should the state be punishing adults for drug offenses? Why shouldn't people be free to engage in self-destructive behavior as long as their conduct is peaceful? Why should anyone be put in jail, fined, or have his ... [click for more]

Tax Cuts Are Free

President Clinton insists that a tax cut is as irresponsible for the country as a pricey vacation would be for a family that can't pay its mortgage and meet other important expenses. Speaking to a women's group last week, the president said, "One of my bright staff members said, it's kind ... [click for more]

Socializing the Children

An unlikely conspiracy is afoot to foist socialized medicine on the American people. It's a conspiracy between the Clinton administration, the Republican-controlled Congress, and the Republican governors, so many of whom would have us believe that being "conservative" signifies a preference for limited government. While President Clinton failed to ... [click for more]

Surplus Balderdash

The projected budget surpluses are useful in revealing the political philosophies of Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats hold that lowering taxes in light of the surpluses constitutes a form of government spending and should be judged against other ways government could spend the money. That approach implies that government ... [click for more]

Watering Down the Separation of Powers

Maryland Governor Parris N. Glendening is exercising political power that would be the envy of dictators all over the world. Declaring an emergency due to the current drought, Glendening has issued orders criminalizing the usage of water in Maryland. The governor's decrees prohibited watering lawns; topping swimming pools; washing ... [click for more]

Bad Verdicts

People who care about justice should be concerned by the recent spate of jury verdicts holding manufacturers responsible for the harmful consequences of their products. In recent months a jury returned a civil verdict against the firearms industry after someone used a gun to commit a crime. Four ... [click for more]

NATO’s Balkans Disaster and Wilsonian Warmongering, Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 The Founders vested the power to declare war in Congress because they feared presidents would do precisely what they are doing today — regularly taking the nation into overseas conflicts. It is all too easy to loose the dogs of war; it is impossible to control where they go afterwards. The administration launched an unprovoked ... [click for more]

Book Review: The Passing of an Illusion

The Passing of an Illusion: The Idea of Communism in the Twentieth Century by François Furet (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999); 596 pages; $35. Even now, though it is less than 10 years since the end of the Soviet Union, it is hard to imagine that in the 20th century, millions of people believed in and dedicated their lives ... [click for more]
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