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FFF Articles consists of every article that has ever been published by The Future of Freedom Foundation in reverse chronological order from our inception in 1989 to date. You can also search for FFF articles on the right side of the page under Find Freedom on FFF.

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Fighting to Win: A Message from Jacob Hornberger

Imagine how despondent statists must have been in the late 1800s. The vast majority of Americans were continuing to embrace the fundamental principle proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence: that everyone has been endowed with inherent, natural, God-given rights which no government can legitimately infringe. Our American ancestors were living in a society that was, indeed, unique and exceptional in ... [click for more]

TGIF: The Moral Case for Freedom Is the Practical Case for Freedom

If I say that a government activity — “public” schooling, perhaps, or the war on selected drug merchants and users — helps turn the inner cities into hellholes and otherwise makes people’s lives miserable, is that a moral objection or a practical (utilitarian or generally consequentialist) objection? Some libertarians are inclined to say it’s a utilitarian objection, but I’ve long ... [click for more]

Congress Must Not Cede Its War Power to Israel

The American people should know that pending right now in Congress is a bipartisan bill that would virtually commit the United States to go to war against Iran if Israel attacks the Islamic Republic. “The bill outsources any decision about resort to military action to the government of Israel,” Columbia University Iran expert Gary Sick wrote ... [click for more]

One Hundred Years of the Federal Reserve

Two days before Christmas 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, creating America’s latest and current central bank, the Federal Reserve System. It’s a sobering thought that in the 100 years since the Fed’s creation, the dollar has lost 95 percent of its value. Had the Fed never been created, America would be dotted with Nickel Stores ... [click for more]

Conspiracies Are Inherent to the National-Security State

I’m always fascinated — and somewhat amused — by articles that pooh-pooh the possibility of a national-security state conspiracy in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The authors of such articles say that national-security state conspiracies just don’t happen. They say that the reason that assassination researchers point to a conspiracy involving the CIA and the military in ... [click for more]

TGIF: The Pope Dabbles in Economics

Pope Francis wrote in his recent apostolic exhortation, “Just as the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say ‘thou shalt not’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality.” He’s right — but not in the way he intends. Before I elaborate, ... [click for more]

Pornography and the First Amendment

Would the freedom of speech exist without the First Amendment? How about the freedom of the press? What about the right of the people to peaceably assemble or petition the government for a redress of grievances? Is it the First Amendment alone that prevents the federal government from making laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free ... [click for more]

Does Obama Want an Agreement with Iran or Not?

What are President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry up to with Iran? First they boasted of a historic interim agreement with Iran regarding its civilian nuclear program — an agreement which demonstrates that the Islamic Republic won’t be making nuclear weapons — something it has shown no inclination to do anyway. Then they prevailed on the ... [click for more]
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