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Spreading the Word

To: Friends and Supporters of The Future of Freedom Foundation From: Bart Frazier, program director Date: May 28, 2004 Subject: FFF Op-Ed Program Most of you associate FFF with our Email Update. Every day you get the best news culled from the internet addressing issues ... [click for more]

Lessons about Our Constitution from Abu Ghraib

Those who think that the U.S. Constitution is an antiquated document with no relevance to modern times might want to consider how federal officials would operate in the absence of constitutional restraints. The best evidence for such a thought experiment exists in Iraq, where U.S. officials have had ... [click for more]

The Bright Side of War

In case you didn’t realize it, there’s a bright side to the death, destruction, and prisoner abuse going on in Iraq and Afghanistan: they’re good for the American economy. War creates jobs. At least that’s what lots of people think. The Washington Post recently helped to spread that impression ... [click for more]

Separating School & State – W(h)ither Public Schools?

The following is the first chapter from The Future of Freedom Foundation’s most popular book, Separating School & State by Sheldon Richman. Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, Separating School & State has become one of the most popular books in home-schooling and libertarian circles. Purchase this book. Chapter 1 - ... [click for more]

A Visit to the National Constitution Center

A colleague of mine — the chairman of Rider University’s American Studies Department — brought his wife and two young boys down from Manhattan to Philly for the weekend. And so I finally got around to visiting the year-old, multi-million-dollar, multi-media National Constitution Center. This sprawling museum of ... [click for more]

The Bush Administration’s Appalling Ineptness

The ineptness of the Bush administration in the so-called war on terror is something to behold. One would not have expected the seasoned politicians and bureaucrats around President Bush to be so bumbling and tone-deaf. That they are both offers a valuable lesson: so-called experts are often worth less than any nonexpert with common sense. The ... [click for more]

It Was About “Regime Change” from the Get-Go

Spain has now completed the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq. Other countries that are following suit include the Dominican Republic and Honduras; El Salvador and Poland are contemplating doing the same. Unlike the United States, which is determined to continue its indefinite occupation of Iraq, it is ... [click for more]

No Draft — Ever!

Iraq has become a bottomless pit for American blood and treasure. (To the Bush administration, Iraqi casualties seem unworthy of counting.) Congress will provide the treasure, compliments of the taxpayers. But who will provide the blood? At the moment, there are not enough men and women under arms. ... [click for more]

Marry and Let Marry

President George W. Bush has amply demonstrated that he is a stranger to the U.S. Constitution. He’s meddled in education, about which the Constitution has not one word. He aspires to give taxpayers’ money to religious groups doing social work, despite the First Amendment’s barrier to state entanglement with ... [click for more]

Imperial Shame for America at Abu Ghraib

The sex-abuse, rape, and torture scandal at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq might explain why U.S. officials have steadfastly opposed joining other nations in the formation of an international war-crimes tribunal. When government officials are actively involved in war crimes, the last thing they want ... [click for more]

Rebuilding America: Foreign Policy

Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of the Soviet empire, it has been an article of faith among many Americans that an extensive overseas military empire and a massive domestic military-industrial complex are vitally important and greatly beneficial to our country. Being the world’s “sole remaining superpower,” it has been widely believed, enables the ... [click for more]
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