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Scott Horton interviews Jacob Hornberger (Audio)

Scott Horton of Anti-War Radio and Jacob Hornberger discuss "how Washingtons mixed messages on Egypt are exposing the US governments preference for dictatorships over democracies when they suit policy goals; why the US isnt quite ready to join Chile and other countries willing to look back and examine previous government misdeeds; and why abandoning empire doesnt presage military ... [click for more]

The Drug War Is Expanding

There is no question that the war on drugs is a failure. In spite of decades of prohibition laws, threats of fines and/or imprisonments, and massive propaganda campaigns, drugs are available and affordable. The Mental Health Services Administration — a government agency — has reported that marijuana, ecstasy, and methamphetamine use has recently increased. The government’s GAO has even ... [click for more]

Good for the ATF

The recent shooting in Tucson and the continuing allegations that U.S. guns are fueling the increasingly violent Mexican drug wars have once again brought the ATF into the news. It turns out that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has been without a permanent director since Carl Truscott was replaced in 2006 by the first of four ... [click for more]

The Unraveling of U.S. Mideast Policy

The blow to U.S. foreign policy by the popular uprising in Egypt cannot be overstated. The Egyptians’ demand that Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled Egypt with an iron hand and billions of American taxpayer dollars, step down is unquestionably a major setback to the U.S. governing class and its plans for the Middle East. Since the end of World ... [click for more]

Revolution in Egypt and Hypocrisy in the U.S.

For the United States and other Western countries, the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt (which threaten to spread to other countries, including Yemen and Algeria) are something of a nightmare. Just as the authorities in these countries are struggling — and failing — to cope with popular uprisings, so too the United States and other Western countries are ... [click for more]

Ron Paul and Ralph Nader on Corporatism and War

What is American politics coming to? I just watched a joint interview with Ralph Nader and Rep. Ron Paul — and they were mostly on the same side! Nader has spent his life promoting government intervention in the economy. Paul has spent his life promoting the free market and minimal government. For the two of them to discuss making ... [click for more]

The Gambling Question

My state of Florida, like many other states, is facing a budget shortfall. Although our new Republican governor, Rick Scott, maintains that the budget gap is “nothing” compared with other large states, $3.6 billion is still a lot of money. Although some states are turning to tax increases to make up their budget deficits — like Illinois, which just raised ... [click for more]

Obama Has Nothing to Teach China’s Hu

“President Obama ... gently but pointedly prodded China to make progress on human rights,” reports the New York Times. The irony should not escape us. The head of the U.S. empire, which for years has committed a variety of atrocities abroad and widespread surveillance at home, lectured President Hu Jintao of China about human rights. You can’t make this stuff ... [click for more]

The Nanny State and Baby Cribs

The federal government is routinely condemned for being cruel, inept, paternalistic, evil, inefficient, and intrusive — except when it comes to the subject of child safety. Indeed, in the name of child safety the most flagrant violations of civil liberties, private property, and the Constitution are routinely accepted by those who might ordinarily have nothing but condemnation for the ... [click for more]

Pentagon Propaganda on Gitmo Prisoners Releases

For several years now, one organization in the U.S. government has persistently undermined attempts to have a grown-up debate about the perceived dangerousness of prisoners at Guantánamo, and the need to bear security concerns in mind whilst also trying to empty the prison and to bring to an end this particularly malign icon of the Bush administration's ill-conceived response ... [click for more]
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