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The Government Is Watching You

Most Americans seem detached from the U.S. government’s military actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and elsewhere. U.S. forces not only engage in wanton killing and harsh treatment of prisoners, but also surveillance and other intelligence activities that might appall the American people if they were used at home. Well, guess what: “Technologies and techniques honed for use on ... [click for more]

Blasphemy and the State

On April 16 in Richmond, Virginia, Jesus of Nazareth was spared the death penalty but sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for the crime of blasphemy. Or, rather, a mock courtroom reenacted the sentencing phase of his original blasphemy case, which had resulted in a sentence of crucifixion. Since the mock Jesus had already been ... [click for more]

Is There a Right to Live Where You Choose?

In addition to certain days being designated as holidays, the federal government and various organizations have also singled out certain days, weeks, and months as times to emphasize a particular issue or commemorate a group or event. Some of these are well known, like Earth Day (April 22) and Black History Month (February); others are fairly obscure, like National Cancer ... [click for more]

France Forgets Voltaire

“France’s burqa ban: Has Europe forgotten the gas chambers?” The Christian Science Monitor (April 14) headline is followed by the text, “As we’ve seen with France’s burqa ban that went into effect this week, global religious tolerance — especially in Europe — is under threat.” France is arresting women who wear a burqa or niqab in public ... ... [click for more]

Baseball, Steroids, and a Free Society

Even non-baseball fans like me couldn’t help but notice that right in the middle of Barry Bonds’ perjury trial Manny Ramirez abruptly retired rather than face a 100-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s drug policy — for the second time. Former Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants outfielder and fourteen-time All-Star Bonds was charged with three counts of making ... [click for more]

More Judicial Interference on Guantánamo

Last week, in my article, “How the Supreme Court Gave Up on Guantánamo,” I explained how, given the option of addressing complaints made by prisoners in Guantánamo regarding the basis of their ongoing detention, the Supreme Court chose not to, leaving the final decisions regarding the prisoners not in the hands of the District Court in Washington, D.C., ... [click for more]

Give Me Your Money and Your Conscience

Planned Parenthood almost closed down the U.S. government last week. A stalemate over the tax-funding of the abortion-provider almost prevented a budget deal needed to keep federal doors open. Ultimately, the Republicans tabled their demand to defund Planned Parenthood; only then did the stopgap budget move forward. That is how powerful the issue of abortion and taxes ... [click for more]

Is GE Paying Its Fair Share?

Chances are you have used a GE appliance, turned on a GE light bulb, flown on a plane powered by a GE aircraft engine, seen a GE locomotive or wind turbine, taken out a loan from GE Capital (its lending division), or watched a program on NBC (partly owned by GE). General Electric Company (GE) is a multinational conglomerate corporation ... [click for more]

The Absurdity of Trusting Foreign-Policy Makers

The United States is attacking Libya on the basis of vague hopes that peace will triumph after the Allied bombing ceases. There are plenty of reasons to doubt whether a few hundred cruise missiles will beget harmony in the Libyan desert. But one of the biggest mistakes would be to assume that U.S. government policymakers understand what they are ... [click for more]

How the Supreme Court Gave Up on Guantánamo

Last Monday, on the very same day that the Obama administration gave up on Guantánamo, so too did the Supreme Court. For opponents of the unconstitutional aberration that is Guantánamo, Monday, April 4, 2011, will go down in the history books as the day that they were obliged to watch impotently as federal court trials for terrorist suspects ... [click for more]
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