For Starters, What Is Government?

Soon! Soon! Welcome contemplation of the voting booth will silence political shouting. Most of us will have had a bellyful of charge and countercharge, of shrill bombast, of candidates almost questioning each other's parentage. How refreshing it would be to hear one reply as did the Virginian in the novel of that name: "When ... [click for more]

Minimum-Wage Law as Political Racketeering

President Clinton and many congressmen are hankering to raise the federal minimum wage from $4.25 to $5.15 an hour. The minimum wage epitomizes government pseudo-paternalism, and Clinton's proposal should receive harsh condemnations from anyone who has looked at the history of minimum-wage policies. Early in the century, after a ... [click for more]

What’s So Great about Democracy?

In this election season, it might be good to ask, What's so great about democracy? There is almost a religious fervor in some people when they talk about the democratic process. I don't get it. I do see an advantage in voting over violence in the selection of officeholders. When succession is determined violently, innocent people get caught in the crossfire. ... [click for more]

Good Intentions are Not Enough

In his new book The Choice , Bob Woodward reports on a meeting among President Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, and several self-help gurus. During the meeting, Clinton was asked to list his best qualities. "I have a good heart," replied the president. "I really do." We don't know whether Hillary Rodham ... [click for more]

Fending Off Government

President Clinton's State of the Union address had two basic messages: 1) the era of big government is over, and 2) we can't go back to the time when "people fended for themselves." He doesn't really mean the era of big government is over. He's up for reelection. His wife (I assume this is not merely guilt by conjugal association) ... [click for more]

Washington Gibberish

If English is ever declared the official language of the United States, the biggest upheaval will be in Washington, D.C. That's because they don't speak English in Washington. They speak gibberish. You may not realize that, because gibberish has the same-sounding words and grammatical structure as English. When you hear gibberish, you think you're hearing English. But you're not. ... [click for more]
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