Health Care

National Health Insurance and the Welfare State, Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 After the experiences of the totalitarian states in the 20th century, logic suggests that the world would have learned the lesson that every growth in state power-every extension of government control in social and economic affairs-threatens the liberty of the people. The alternative is always and ultimately a choice between ... [click for more]

The Case against Medical Licensing

For the first 120 years of our history, America had, essentially, a free-market health-care system. There were few licensing laws or other barriers to entry into the healing arts. A variety of practitioners offered services, including herbalists, nature-care therapists, hydrotherapists, osteopaths, allopaths and homeopaths. There was a variety of healing schools and clinics. During this time, America was among ... [click for more]

A Freedom Daily Classic Reprint: Medical Licensure

The medical profession is one in which practice of the profession has for a long time been restricted to people with licenses. Offhand, the question, "Ought we to let incompetent physicians practice?" seems to admit of only a negative answer. But I want to urge that second thought may give pause. In the first place, licensure is the key to ... [click for more]

A Free Market for Health Care

Concerned about rising costs the number of Americans without medical insurance, nearly everyone is these days about a day goes by without a presidential or a magazine calling for something drastic to be done. Each advocate maintains that his plan will bring skyrocketing costs under control, make health care accessible to low-income people, and bring health insurance within the ... [click for more]

Free … But the Patient Doesn’t Get Well

If government ever does to health care what it has done to the Postal Service, we will be well down the road to contracting the national illness known as "socialized medicine." With so many regulations already, it's arguable that we're halfway there now. We'll know we've reached the end of the road when doctors become federal employees and medical ... [click for more]
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