Foreign Policy & War

Whatever Happened to Uncle Sam Wants You?

If the war in Iraq is worth fighting, then why doesn't George Bush, commander-in-chief of an army stretched so thin by the Iraq catastrophe that Colin Powell has labeled it broken, just look the people in the eye and say Uncle Sam Wants You? Think about it: Those who support global, perpetual war from Dick Cheney to Joe Lieberman ... [click for more]

Casual Talk of War

The opponents of the Bush wars and the accompanying expansion of government power have been disappointed countless times before. Just the other day the Democrats in Congress acquiesced in the Bush administration’s heavy-handed bid for the power to conduct warrantless eavesdropping on American citizens and residents in the name of ... [click for more]

Losing and Restoring the Republic

It is impossible to overstate the fundamental differences between the foreign-policy philosophy of our American ancestors and the foreign-policy mindset that guides our country today. The philosophy of our ancestors was nicely summed up in the Fourth of July address to Congress in 1821 by John Quincy Adams. In essence Adams said, There are lots of bad things all over ... [click for more]

War Is a Government Program

It is always amusing to hear conservatives complain — as they are complaining now and used to complain during the Vietnam War — that if it weren’t for the politicians, the generals could win America’s wars. Those with this mindset believe the politicians are always getting in the way by subordinating military considerations to — ugh! — political considerations. ... [click for more]
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