The Religious Right

Sixty years ago, there occurred one of the most monumental revolutions in history. It was a revolution that shook the very foundations of American society. For 150 years, the American people subscribed to a fundamental moral principle with respect to the role of government in their lives: Government shall never be ... [click for more]

The Crisis in Conservatism

The end of the Cold War has brought a deep crisis to the conservative movement in America. For over four decades, the communist threat was the glue that bound conservatives together. However, now that communism no longer poses a direct threat to the United States, deep cracks have appeared in the conservative movement. Why? The reason is that conservatives have ... [click for more]

Freedom’s Greatest Challenge

At the end of January, President Bush delivered his State of the Union address before the Congress. Two leading themes ran through his speech: the demise of communism and the bright future for America in the post-communist world. The President spoke forcefully of the desire for freedom that had never died in the hearts and minds of the people in ... [click for more]
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