The Religious Right

Sixty years ago, there occurred one of the most monumental revolutions in history. It was a revolution that shook the very foundations of American society. For 150 years, the American people subscribed to a fundamental moral principle with respect to the role of government in their lives: Government shall never be ... [click for more]

The Crisis in Conservatism

The end of the Cold War has brought a deep crisis to the conservative movement in America. For over four decades, the communist threat was the glue that bound conservatives together. However, now that communism no longer poses a direct threat to the United States, deep cracks have appeared in the conservative movement. Why? The reason is that conservatives have ... [click for more]

Freedom’s Greatest Challenge

At the end of January, President Bush delivered his State of the Union address before the Congress. Two leading themes ran through his speech: the demise of communism and the bright future for America in the post-communist world. The President spoke forcefully of the desire for freedom that had never died in the hearts and minds of the people in ... [click for more]

An Open Letter to Russell Kirk

Friends of mine recently shared with me your two articles, "Libertarians: The Chirping Sectaries" and "A Dispassionate Assessment of Libertarians." In these articles, you claimed that an unbridgeable gulf separated the moral and philosophical positions of conservatives and libertarians. You concluded, therefore, that there was little hope for ... [click for more]
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