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Blame It on Freedom

One of the distinguishing characteristics of statists is their inability to take responsibility for their failures. The fault always lies elsewhere. Two of the best examples of this phenomenon are the welfare state and the warfare state. For more than a century after the founding of the Republic, Americans had ...

Conservatives Love Castro’s Judicial System

Last December a 60-year-old American citizen was taken into custody in Havana by Cuban authorities. The man, Alan Phillip Gross, who resides in Potomac, Maryland, is suspected of being a spy for the CIA. While U.S. officials are denying that Gross is a spy, circumstances surrounding the ...

U.S. Government Confirms Sanctions Don’t Work

Even while employing sanctions against Iran, the U.S. government is confirming that sanctions do not work. The Chinese government has threatened to impose sanctions on the United States if the U.S. government persists in its decision to sell weapons, including F-16s, to Taiwan. According to the New York Times, the threat was issued by a top Chinese military ...

Will the Looted Just Shrug?

The statist reaction to Republican Sen. Jim Bunning’s temporary block of a welfare bill shows what the welfare state has done to the American people. Everyone knows that federal spending is out of control. The feds are spending $1.4 trillion more than what they’re collecting in taxes. And that’s just for this ...

Sheldon Richman’s Economic Liberty Lecture

We had a great time on Monday evening at FFF’s Economic Liberty Lecture Series, which we sponsor in conjunction with the George Mason University Econ Society, a student-run group whose members are mostly libertarians and advocates of Austrian economics. Sheldon delivered a great, informative, and provocative talk to about 75 attendees, mostly students, entitled “Capitalism vs. the Free Market.” In ...

Panic Time for Liberals

Liberals seem to be getting bent out of shape over the fact that increasing numbers of people are challenging their statist paradigm. They’re suggesting that anyone who questions their beloved welfare-state socialism must be crazy, insane, irrational, greedy, selfish, and evil. What’s starting to frustrate them is that they’re realizing ...

Hornberger’s Blog, March 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 Why Do Conservatives Still Love the Drug War? by Jacob G. Hornberger An article by a conservative named Cliff Kincaid, who serves as editor of the Accuracy in Media (AIM) Report, provides a perfect example of how different libertarians are from conservatives and, well, for that matter, how there ain’t a dime’s worth of difference, when it comes ...

The Caliphate Position Is Fringe Nonsense

Yesterday’s New York Times had an interesting news story about a young Pakistani man named Umar Khundi, who was recently killed in a shootout with police. He had been attending medical school but he ended up becoming a militant who participated in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. The element in American society ...

Ron Paul vs. Big Government Conservatives

An op-ed entitled “Conservatives’ Isolationist Dalliance” in the Washington Times today by Jeffrey T. Kuhner, president of the conservative Edmund Burke Institute, is an excellent example of the difficult task that Ron Paul has in convincing conservatives to abandon their devotion to Big Government in foreign affairs. Praising Paul for his limited-government domestic policy, Kuhner then proceeds to ...

Neocons Attack CPAC War on Terror Panel

The rabidly pro-war, pro-intervention folks over at Frontpagemagazine.com are shocked and dismayed about our recent CPAC panel “You’ve Been Lied To: Why Real Conservatives Should Reject the War on Terror,” in which I had the good fortune of participating as a panelist. The panel was co-sponsored by the Campaign for Liberty, the Ladies of Liberty Alliance, and The Future ...

More Terrorist Blowback from U.S. Foreign Policy

Immediately after 9/11, Bush administration officials declared the motivation of the terrorists: that the terrorists hated America for its “freedom and values.” In other words, the 9/11 attacks, according to President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, and other U.S. officials, had absolutely nothing to do with the boiling rage in the Middle East over U.S. foreign policy. Sure, the U.S. government had supported ...

Why Neocons Hate Muslims

While there has been much discussion over why Muslims hate Americans, much less attention has been given to why neocons hate Muslims. While it might be true that some neocons hate Muslims for their religious and cultural values, I think there is a better explanation for their hatred. I think the real reason that neocons want to kill Muslims ...
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