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The Government Is Not the Country

One of the bromides we hear every Memorial Day is how countless American soldiers have died for their country. That’s nothing but sheer nonsense. Many of them died not for their country but rather for their government. There’s a difference. Unfortunately, many Americans conflate the government and the country. In their minds, they are one ...

Libertarians, Open Borders, and the Welfare State

Nobel Prize winning libertarian economist Milton Friedman once suggested that libertarians could rightfully oppose the concept of open borders as long as the United States had a welfare state. Friedman’s point was that with open borders and a welfare state, the United States would attract foreign citizens who would come here in order to ...

The Relevance of the Civil Rights Controversy

The civil rights controversy that has arisen in the context of Rand Paul’s U.S. Senate bid might seem out of date given that it involves a provision in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Actually, however, the central issue involved in the controversy is as relevant today as it was then and, in fact, highlights the ...

Libertarians versus Liberals and Conservatives

As I stated in yesterday’s blog post, both conservatives and liberals are using the Rand Paul controversy as a springboard to attack libertarianism in general. One almost gets the feeling that during the past several years, as the libertarian movement has been growing by leaps and bounds, a lot of pent-up anti-libertarian emotion has been building up within ...

The Confluence of Left and Right

One of the things that fascinate me about the Rand Paul controversy is how it is exposing the longtime confluence of conservatives and liberals. For 20 years, I’ve been arguing that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between a conservative and a liberal — or, if you will, Depublicans and Remocrats — and the liberal-conservative reaction to the ...

The Evil of Statism

I oftentimes wonder what causes a statist to be a statist. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: Every generation has its share of statists — people who wish to impose their values on other people, not by persuasion but rather by force. Consider, for example, the issue of helping the poor with a donation. Suppose ...

Fascism and the ADA

As part of the controversy over Rand Paul’s comments on the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which I have addressed today in an article entitled “Rand Paul, Civil Rights, and More Liberal Hypocrisy on Race,” some liberals have been raising the Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandated American businesses to modify their operations to accommodate disabled people. The ADA was ...

Free Market Health Care and the Poor

One of the disastrous consequences of having adopted the welfare-state way of life is what it has done to the concept of voluntary charity. Let’s look at Medicare and Medicaid, socialist programs that go to the heart of the economic problems facing our nation. I grew up in Laredo, Texas, in the 1950s, when the ...

Blumenthal’s Lies on Vietnam

Richard Blumenthal, who is Connecticut attorney general and candidate for the Democratic nomination to the U.S. Senate, has been fibbing about his military background. He’s been telling people that he served in the Vietnam War when, in fact, he did no such thing. What he did do is serve in a Marine Reserve unit ...

Paul Krugman’s Welfare-State Fallacies

A recent op-ed entitled “We’re Not Greece” by Paul Krugman in the New York Times encapsulates everything that is wrong with liberals when it comes to economics. The good liberal that he is, Krugman suggests that the welfare state is about “taking care of those in need.” What he misses, however, is the issue of ...

Shahzad and U.S. Foreign Policy

Ever since 9/11, Americans have generally fallen into two camps in explaining why our country now faces the constant threat of terrorist attacks. The first group is composed of people who claim that foreigners, particularly Muslims, hate America for its freedom and values. Things like rock-and-roll, beauty pageants, Lady Gaga, and intellectual and religious freedom ...

An Important Rule of the Empire

It is important that Americans be fully aware of an important rule with respect to U.S. foreign policy that the U.S. government has implemented and is now enforcing. In fact, knowing and understanding the rule is a matter of life and death. As everyone knows, the First Amendment guarantees the fundamental right of freedom of speech ...
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