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The Obsequiousness of the Mainstream Press

Glenn Greenwald has done great work detailing how subservient and submissive the mainstream press is with respect to the U.S. government. Here’s his latest article on the subject: http://tinyurl.com/2dypdly. In fact, reporters in the mainstream press might well be described as the classic success story of public (i.e., government) schools: the good, little citizen who never challenges federal authority ...

Hornberger’s Blog, July 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010 An Open Border in My Hometown by Jacob G. Hornberger Igrew up in Laredo, Texas, a border town that no doubt causes no small degree of consternation to those who lament Mexican culture in the United States. Id estimate that when I was growing up, about 95 percent of Laredoans were of Mexican descent. When Laredoans were summoned for ...

The Silence of the Gun-Control Crowd

While the gun-control crowd is going bananas over the fact that state and local governments are not constitutionally permitted to ban private ownership of handguns, they are remaining mute over a killing that took place in an apartment in Forestville, Maryland, on the same day that the Supreme Court issued its ruling in the Chicago gun-ban case. According to the 

A Victory for Gun Rights and Freedom

When it comes to gun rights and gun control, liberals are so predictable. Condemning the Supreme Court’s decision in the Chicago gun case that applied the Second Amendment to the states, the New York Times editorialized, “Mayors and state lawmakers will have to use all of that room and keep adopting the most restrictive possible gun laws — to ...

Another Minimum-Wage Challenge for the Daily Kos and Alternet

In my April 2010 article Why Do Daily Kos and Alternet Support a Racist Program? I pointed out that liberals, including those at Daily Kos and Alternet, support minimum-wage laws notwithstanding the fact that such laws have horribly adverse consequences for the poor, especially black teenagers. As I pointed out in that article, the minimum wage locks out ...

Why Statists Hate Gold

Amidst the increasing calls among statists for increased federal spending, one can practically feel the deep, visceral hatred for gold arising within statists. The reason is that statists know that gold is a communications vehicle that tells people what government officials are doing to their money. That’s the last thing that statists want people to find out. Practically everywhere you ...

Let McChrystal Bring the Troops Home

We really shouldn’t let the furor over President Obama’s firing of Gen. Stanley McChrystal cause us to lose focus on three important points regarding Afghanistan: The U.S. government should never have invaded and occupied the country in the first place, it should have exited the country years ago, and continuing the occupation for any period of time whatsoever is ...

Obama and Chavez, Birds of a Feather

In my June 21 blog post, “Barack Obama, Dictator,” I pointed out that President Obama exercised brute dictatorial powers in dictating to BP to hand over $20 billion of corporate money to federal officials, who plan on distributing the loot to victims of the BP oil spill. Most everyone is familiar with the term “the rule of law.” Many people, ...

Case Closed on Terrorist Motivation

Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, U.S. officials, from President Bush on down, went on the offensive with respect to what, they claimed, had motivated the terrorists to kill Americans. It was all because the terrorists hated America for its “freedom and values.” The mantra was steadfastly adhered to for the 7 remaining years of the Bush administration, after which ...

Barack Obama, Dictator

What better example of dictatorship than President Obama’s dictate to BP to deliver $20 billion to a special fund that will be distributed by some political appointee to victims of the BP oil disaster? Either a nation is ruled by a dictator or it’s governed by the rule of law. Under a dictatorship, the dictator simply dictates to people what they’re ...

Were the Kennedys a Threat to National Security?

If someone had posited the notion that in 1961 the FBI might have monitoring President John Kennedy’s brother Ted on suspicion that the latter could be a threat to national security, statists would undoubtedly have cried, “Conspiracy theory! Conspiracy theory!” One of the things that fascinate me about federal conspiracies is people’s reaction to them when they are confirmed. No ...

Drones in America

Yesterday, I appeared on the Glenn Beck show, which was being guest-hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano, to discuss the possible use of drones here in the United States. The idea is being proposed as just another way to keep Americans safe. Is safety so important that people must accept whatever controls that government is able to place on them? Shouldn’t ...
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