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Iraq Sanctions and the NYC Imam

The controversy over the mosque/cultural center in New York City is performing at least one valuable function, one that no one could have ever predicted: causing Americans to confront the wrongdoing of their own government and reflect on how such wrongdoing has contributed to the terrorist woes that now besiege our nation. The issue involves the brutal sanctions that the ...

Rotten Eggs and the Regulated Economy

How come there’s an egg recall due to salmonella poisoning? Don’t we have government regulations and regulators for this sort of thing? Don’t we have government inspectors? Don’t we have a regulated economy so that the government will keep us safe from rotten eggs entering the marketplace? Well, what’s the point of a regulated economy if it’s not going to ...

The Bush-Obama Lies on Iraq

President Obama’s announcement that all combat troops have exited Iraq, while 50,000 combat troops remain in Iraq, is fitting. Since the war began with a lie, the “end” of the war might as well be based on a lie as well. Interventionists continue to maintain the sweet delusion that Iraq is better off as a result of the U.S. invasion. ...

Economic Ignorance on Deficits

Last week, the New York Times displayed customary economic ignorance about two deficits — the trade deficit and the budget deficit. In a lead editorial entitled “Return of the Killer Trade Deficit,” the Times lamented the fact that the United States had a trade deficit through June of almost $50 billion. Concerned over the size of that number, which the Times called “staggering,” ...

Catholofascist Terrorists

President Obama and the Pentagon make the following joint announcement: Our fellow Americans, now that we have brought democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq with our military invasions and occupations, third on our list is Vatican City, a country that has never permitted full democracy to the citizens of that country. We are today implementing Operation Vatican Freedom, whose goal will ...

We Are Not the Government

A common mistake by many Americans is when they use the pronoun “we” to conflate the U.S. government and the American people (i.e., the private sector). The error is most often manifested when it comes to foreign policy. “We stand for freedom and free markets around the world” or “We’ve done more to help the world than anyone else.” Actually, ...

Cuba and American Sheeplings

Those Americans who love being sheeplings must be ecstatic over President Obama’s rumored plans to ease travel restrictions to Cuba by permitting more students, educators, and researchers to visit Cuba, but only with an official government-issued license, of course. Let’s get straight some principles about rights and freedom. Like all other human begins, Americans have been endowed by nature and God ...

Why the U.S. Empire Will Never Conquer Afghanistan

From the Sunday Washington Post: “In squads of roaring dirt bikes and armed to the teeth, Taliban fighters are spreading like brush fire into remote and defenseless villages across northern Afghanistan. The fighters swarm into town, assemble the villagers and announce Taliban control, often at night and without any resistance.” More important, however, is what they do to anyone who is suspected ...

The Military, Bankruptcy, and Tyranny

In order to get our nation back on track, it’s important to return to fundamental principles, the principles on which our nation was founded. Let’s review how the Founding Fathers viewed the military and foreign policy in the context of where the United States is today. Today, Americans view a military empire as their friend and protector. The projection of ...

Interventionism and the Arizona Immigration Crisis

Amidst all the furor over the Arizona immigration crisis, let’s not forget the cause of it: interventionism. Do you recall that big fence they built in California several years ago? It was part of what the feds called “Operation Gatekeeper.” It was designed to solve the immigration crisis in Southern California. The interventionists said that the fence would prevent illegal ...

The Unforeseen Power of Ideas on Liberty

In 1989 I founded The Future of Freedom Foundation from my apartment in Denver, Colorado. The early days of FFF were extremely difficult, with little money and few donations. When subscriptions to Freedom Daily were in the hundreds, I would stuff the envelopes myself, label and stamp them, and mail them out. However, when we went past 1000 subscribers, it became too burdensome ...

A Gift to Your Grandchildren

The response among Virginia’s public officials to Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ call for closing the Joint Forces Command in Virginia reflects the depth of the financial problems our country is facing. Most everyone knows that the road the federal government is on leads in but one direction: bankruptcy. It simply cannot continue spending more than what it’s bringing in without ...
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