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Libertarianism and the Tea Party

Will Tea Party wins in congressional elections make any difference at all? Nope. Federal spending and debt will continue to soar, and the prospect of inflation and even federal bankruptcy will continue to loom on the horizon. While Tea Party members are genuinely concerned about out-of-control federal spending and debt, they are still a long way from recognizing that the only ...

Debating a Socialist

I just returned from Tampa, Florida, where I engaged in a debate sponsored by the Tampa branch of the Young President’s Organization. The topic was “Libertarianism or Socialism?”. My opponent was a gentleman named Brian Moore, who is a self-avowed socialist. The debate was cordial but hard-hitting. Moore is an affable guy, but it amazes me that there are actually ...

Libertarianism, Statism, and NPR

The controversy over NPR’s firing of Juan Williams brings two predictable consequences: liberals decrying a violation of freedom of speech and conservatives making their periodic call for the termination of federal funding for NPR. Actually, there is no free-speech violation at all. The First Amendment operates as a restriction on the federal government, not private organizations. NPR is a private ...

Torture, Death, and Destruction in Iraq

The Wikileaks revelations confirm that ever since the U.S. government invaded Iraq seven years ago, U.S. officials were willing to accept any amount of death, destruction, and brutality among the Iraqi people to achieve that goal. Recall what U.S. officials said after those infamous WMDs failed to materialize. Did they admit their error? Did they apologize? Did they order U.S. ...

Liberals, Conservatives, and Cuban Socialism

Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, 1992  Preamble: We, Cuban citizens … guided by … the political and social ideas of Marx, Engels, and Lenin. Principles of the State:Article 1. Cuba is an independent and sovereign socialist state…. Article 9: The state … directs in a planned way the national economy… assures the educational, scientific, technical and cultural progress of ...

More Illegal Alien Nonsense in California

The latest illegal-alien controversy in California’s gubernatorial race reflects the vicious and hypocritical assault on fundamental rights and economic liberty that liberals and conservatives have waged for decades. In 2000 Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for governor, employed a Hispanic housekeeper, Nicky Diaz Santillan. Unbeknownst to Whitman, Diaz was an illegal alien who furnished false documentation establishing that she was ...

Stuck in the Statist Box

The latest political controversy in the Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons race shows how conservatives, liberals, and, yes, Tea Party types, still operate within the box of statism. The controversy involves whether public schools should be teaching creationism or evolution. Coons says that they should be teaching evolution because it is a scientific fact and should not be teaching creationism because ...

Conservatives and Health-Care Socialism

For a good example of what a disaster conservatives are — and why they are just as responsible as liberals for America’s healthcare (and economic) woes — just look at an article that was published this week in the Washington Times by Thomas R. Saving and John C. Goodman. Saving is director of the Private Enterprise Research Center and Goodman is ...

The Freedom Oasis

We have exciting news here at The Future of Freedom Foundation. Beginning on Saturday, November 6, from 7-8 pm ET, I will have my very own weekly Internet radio program, entitled “The Freedom Oasis.” You can listen to (and watch!) the program live on the Internet by accessing the following website: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-future-of-freedom-foundation And it will be available later by podcast. This ...

Interventionist Blind Spots

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius is saying that interventionism just isn’t getting the credit that it’s due. He’s pointing to the “successful” government bailouts of the automobile and banking industries. Thanks to the bailouts, he says, the banks and the auto companies are getting back on their feet and might even repay most of the taxpayer money that was provided ...

Time to Admit It: It Was Wrong to Invade Afghanistan

As the killing and destruction in Afghanistan have mounted over the past 10 years, and as they have expanded into Pakistan during the Obama administration, interventionists have tried to justify the massive death and destruction by claiming that the reason the U.S. government went to war against the Taliban was because the Taliban had supposedly been complicit in the ...

The Pentagon’s Judicial System is Like Castro’s

The case of a Maryland man named Alan Gross shows how much the U.S. military has altered the course of U.S. criminal and constitutional law since 9/11, and not in a good way. Gross is a technology expert who was arrested by Cuban officials and charged with spying after being caught distributing cell phones to groups in Cuba. He was ...
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