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The CIA Is the Law

Whenever people raise evidence of CIA wrongdoing, deception, and cover-ups, mainstream statists immediately respond with, “Conspiracy theory! Conspiracy theory”! The statist mindset is one that is best reflected by the word “Inconceivable!” To mainstream statists, it is simply inconceivable that the CIA would engage in wrongdoing, lying, and cover-ups. In their minds, the agency is “exceptional” in that it ...

No Right to Health Care, Education, or a Job

Statists love to say that people have a right to such things as health care, education, or a job. That’s just plain statist nonsense. People do not have a right to health care, education, or a job. People have a right to seek health care, education, or a job but they don’t have a right to them. What’s the difference? Let’s ...

Balancing the Budget Isn’t Enough

One of the things that distinguish libertarians from conservatives is with respect to moral principles, a phenomenon that is reflected in the current debate over federal spending. Notice that conservatives focus exclusively on the fact that the federal government is spending more than what it’s bringing in. They rail against the deficit spending, the borrowing, and the ever-growing national debt, ...

Liberals, Conservatives, and Libertarians: What’s the Difference?

People sometimes ask what the differences are between liberals, conservatives, and libertarians. The primary differences are moral and philosophical. Libertarians believe that people should be free to live their lives any way they choose, so long as their conduct is peaceful. Liberals and conservatives believe that people should be free to live their lives any way they choose, so long as ...

Don’t Save Social Security

There’s a website entitled Save Our Social Security. It issues the following scary, sinister, and ominous warning: “Powerful forces are gathering. They have prestige and wealth but they want more, and they want to take it from you. Their plan is to trick you into believing that Social Security is going broke. They say that the only cure is ...

Another Triumph for Statism

Some mainstream media types are reporting that voters effectively rejected President Obama in the elections yesterday. The problem is that they’re not looking at the big picture. With the Republican takeover of the House, Obama is assured of full support of his interventionist foreign policy and his continued infringements on civil liberties, including the continued occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, ...

More on Libertarianism and the Tea Party

In response to my blog post of yesterday, entitled “Libertarianism and the Tea Party,” some Tea Party supporters posted comments on my Facebook page indicating that my “attack” on the Tea Party was unfounded. My article, however, wasn’t an attack on the Tea Party. It was simply an observation about the Tea Party. The fact is while the ...

Hornberger’s Blog, November 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Willie Nelson and the Drug War One of the benefits of the war on terrorism, from the standpoint of the statists, is that it has served to distract attention from the violations of civil liberties and privacy arising from that other famous federal war — the war on drugs. Last week’s arrest of Willie Nelson on pot ...

Libertarianism and the Tea Party

Will Tea Party wins in congressional elections make any difference at all? Nope. Federal spending and debt will continue to soar, and the prospect of inflation and even federal bankruptcy will continue to loom on the horizon. While Tea Party members are genuinely concerned about out-of-control federal spending and debt, they are still a long way from recognizing that the only ...

Debating a Socialist

I just returned from Tampa, Florida, where I engaged in a debate sponsored by the Tampa branch of the Young President’s Organization. The topic was “Libertarianism or Socialism?”. My opponent was a gentleman named Brian Moore, who is a self-avowed socialist. The debate was cordial but hard-hitting. Moore is an affable guy, but it amazes me that there are actually ...

Libertarianism, Statism, and NPR

The controversy over NPR’s firing of Juan Williams brings two predictable consequences: liberals decrying a violation of freedom of speech and conservatives making their periodic call for the termination of federal funding for NPR. Actually, there is no free-speech violation at all. The First Amendment operates as a restriction on the federal government, not private organizations. NPR is a private ...

Torture, Death, and Destruction in Iraq

The Wikileaks revelations confirm that ever since the U.S. government invaded Iraq seven years ago, U.S. officials were willing to accept any amount of death, destruction, and brutality among the Iraqi people to achieve that goal. Recall what U.S. officials said after those infamous WMDs failed to materialize. Did they admit their error? Did they apologize? Did they order U.S. ...
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