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Are Liberals Seeing the Light on the Minimum Wage?

The idea behind the minimum wage is a simple one: Mandate by law that employers must pay a certain governmentally set minimum wage to their employees. The minimum wage is supposed to ensure that those at the bottom of the economic ladder will be paid at least a subsistence wage and not be exploited by their employers. The assumption, of ...

Two Questions for the GOP Debate

I wish the mainstream press would ask the following two questions to the GOP presidential candidates in Thursday’s debate: Given more than 40 years of death, destruction, and failure in the war on drugs, as president will you seek a repeal of all drug laws and will you immediately pardon all federal drug offenders? As president, will you reject any attempt ...

Welfare-State Parasitism

If Americans want to see where our country is headed, all they have to do is look at Greece, the country whose government spent and borrowed the nation into bankruptcy. But now we have another welfare-state “success” story much closer to home — Puerto Rico, whose government, which is deeply in debt, has just defaulted on its bond payments. Just ...

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and My Lai Were War Crimes

On the 70th anniversary of the U.S. government’s nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there are still people coming out in favor of the bombings. They’re saying that since the bombings shortened the war by bringing a quick surrender of Japan in World War II, the targeting of those two cities was morally and legally justified, especially since it ...

Medicare Is a Cancer on the Body Politic

Not surprisingly, liberals are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Medicare, the socialistic healthcare program that was established under the political regime of President Lyndon Johnson. A good example is New York Times liberal columnist Paul Krugman, who wrote a piece a few days ago entitled “Zombies Against Medicare,” in which he extolled this governmental program. Krugman writes: Before the program ...

Immigration Socialism or the Free Market?

If it’s presidential campaign season, then it’s time for the periodic furor over immigration. Many Americans are once again pacing the floors at night over the invasion by the illegals that is threatening to destroy America. I sometimes wonder how many people have gotten gray hair because of the immigration “crisis.” Among my favorite political bromides is, “The immigration system ...

Dealing with the Cops

Everyone has to do some serious soul-searching when it comes to dealing with the cops. This is especially true for African-Americans, given that police departments seem to have attracted a disproportionate share of racial bigots to that line of work. But it’s also true for everyone else, given that the police have effectively been given a license to kill ...

How to Deal with China

The New York Times recently carried a story detailing China’s increasing economic clout around the world, brought about by billions of dollars in cash and grandiose socialist projects in targeted countries. Focusing on Ecuador, a country whose government several years ago forced the U.S. government to close its foreign military base there, the article points out how China ...

Was Donald Trump Right About John McCain?

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump set off a firestorm within the conservative community by suggesting that former Republican presidential candidate U.S. Senator John McCain shouldn’t be considered a war hero just for being captured during the Vietnam War. Apparently Trump has survived the firestorm because he’s still topping the Republican polls. In creating the controversy, however, Trump missed the ...

Donald Trump Visits My Hometown!

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump just visited my hometown of Laredo, Texas! Not surprisingly, Trump entered Laredo filled with fear. I say “not surprisingly” because Republicans live their lives filled with fear. Communists! Terrorists! Muslims! Illegal aliens! Drug dealers! Bin Laden! Saddam! Ho Chi Minh! Republicans are convinced that they’re all coming to get us. Knees are always a’knockin’ ...

Don’t Some Libertarians Favor Immigration Controls?

I recently received a good question about libertarianism and open borders: Aren’t there some libertarians who favor immigration controls? If so, doesn’t that preclude anyone from saying that libertarians favor open borders? The answer to the first question is yes, and the answer to the second question is no. The fact that some libertarians favor immigration controls is irrelevant in determining ...

Much To Do About Nothing Over El Chapo

Not surprisingly, U.S. officials are hopping mad over the prison escape in Mexico of notorious drug lord Joaquin Guzman, also known as El Chapo. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is especially upset since it had high hopes of having El Chapo extradited to the United States to serve out a long jail sentence for drug-law violations. DEA Deputy Administrator ...
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