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What’s Exceptional about America?

Two articles on the front page of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal belie the quaint conservative notion that the United States is an “exceptional” nation. One article was entitled “China’s Economy on Bubble Watch” and the other was entitled “Europe Faces Pension Pinch.” The article about China, which has long been governed by a communist regime, states that Chinese officials are emphasizing ...

Neocon Frenzy Over Trump

Donald Trump is certainly no libertarian but it is absolutely fantastic the way he has thrown the neocon movement into sheer panic and desperation. The neocons, as most everyone knows by now, are known for the death and destruction that they want the U.S. government to continue wreaking on foreigners around the world, especially in the Middle East. Recall what happened ...

No Limited Government Under a National Security State

Conservatives have long professed to be advocates of “limited government.” They often employ the phrase in their favorite mantra, “free enterprise, private property, and limited government.” As I pointed out in my blog post yesterday, “Conservatives and the Free Market,” conservatives also profess to be advocates of free enterprise but then endorse practically every statist program that comes down the ...

Conservatives and the Free Market

One of things that conservatives love to tell people is how devoted to the free market they are. A recent example involved GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who criticized Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for being socialists while Rubio, as a conservative, was supposedly devoted to free enterprise. What a joke. Conservatives are no more devoted to the free market ...

The Rule of Men vs. the Rule of Law

There is a common misconception regarding the term “the rule of law.” Lots of people, including U.S. officials, believe that it means that people should obey the law. But that’s not what it means. What it means is a society in which people have to answer only to the law and not to the edicts or orders issued by ...

Good for Sanders! And Shame on Him!

At a town hall forum in South Carolina a couple of days ago, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was asked by CNN whether he stood by recently surfaced comments he made about the CIA back in 1974, which I wrote about in my blog post yesterday. Back then, Sanders pointed out that the CIA was a dangerous institution ...
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