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Three Parasitic Apparatuses on the Body Politic

The reason for the many woes currently afflicting the American people lies with three separate apparatuses that have been attached to our original federal governmental structure. Those three apparatuses are the welfare state, the regulatory or interventionist state, and the warfare state. The key to restoring a normal society to our land — one of freedom, peace, prosperity, and ...

One of the Best Lectures I’ve Ever Seen

Yesterday, I was treated to one of the best lectures I’ve ever seen. It was delivered by Israel Kirzner, an Austrian economist who is emeritus professor of economics at New York University, where he taught for many years. Kirzner’s lecture was entitled “Hayek, the Nobel Prize, and the Modern Austrian School of Economics.” The talk was sponsored by the Mercatus ...

Imagine Life Without the First Amendment

One of the most pervasive myths within the United States is that our rights come from the U.S. Constitution. Even the U.S. Supreme Court subscribes to this myth whenever it searches the Constitution to determine whether people have a certain right or not. Actually, as Thomas Jefferson observed in the Declaration of Independence, people’s rights are inherent to human beings. ...

The Danger We Face Is From Within

As most everyone knows, ISIS, not al-Qaeda, is the newest official enemy facing the United States. The truth, however, is that it’s not ISIS that poses the biggest threat to the American people. Instead, the biggest threat to the freedom and well-being of the American people is the moral rot that lies at the center of America’s welfare-warfare state. Under ...

The Futility of Reform

Why can’t statists see that their system is inherently defective and that any reforms that are enacted to fix it only makes things worse? Look at Iraq. Twelve years ago, statists were celebrating “Mission Accomplished” over the fact that the most powerful military force in history had just smashed a small, weak Third World regime. Statists were ecstatic over the U.S. ...

My Trip to Yuma

I just returned from an awesome trip to Yuma, Arizona, where I participated in programs hosted by The Freedom Library, a fantastic educational foundation run by long-time libertarian Howard Blitz. For many years, the Freedom Library has been running free-market, libertarian educational programs that are oriented to people of all ages, but with a special emphasis on young ...

Why Was the ARRB Prohibited from Investigating the Kennedy Assassination?

One of the interesting aspects of the John F. Kennedy assassination was the establishment of the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990s. That was the board whose mission was to secure the release and disclosure of long-secret documents and records relating to the Kennedy assassination. The national-security establishment — i.e., the U.S. military and the CIA — could not ...

National Security, Patriotism, and Treason

Ever since the post-World War II grafting of the national-security apparatus onto America's governmental structure, the assumption of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA has been that Americans who oppose national-security state policies and practices are “subversives” or even traitors. We experienced this phenomenon throughout the Cold War. U.S. officials were spying on Americans who believed in communism or ...

End Immigration Socialism

I had an interesting debate against a conservative named Mark Krikorean on the Stossel show on the Fox Business Network on the subject of immigration. Krikorean heads up an organization called the Center for Immigration Studies, which calls for immigration controls. As I have long pointed out, I find conservatives to be fascinating people. One reason for my fascination is ...

The Importance of the JFK Autopsy

We experienced some technical glitches with the posting of the first two parts of our JFK video project and so today we are doing a complete re-launch of the project. In case you missed my article introducing this project and explaining its importance and relevance, here is the link to it: “Altered History: The FFF Video Project on ...

Jose Padilla’s Constitutional Upheaval

Convicted terrorist Jose Padilla, an American citizen, is back in the news. Unhappy with the 17-year sentence that federal Judge Marcia Cooke originally meted out to Padilla, the Justice Department appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Agreeing that the sentence was too short, the Court of Appeals remanded the case to the District Court with instructions to ...

ISIS, Fear, and Anti-American Terrorism

In yesterday’s blog post, “Perpetual Fear under Empire,” I pointed out that fear is the coin of the realm when living under an empire. As the Roman citizens learned when living under their empire, imperial escapades in overseas lands always produce endless crises. Then, Roman officials would use the crises as the way to get Roman citizens all ...
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