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Liberal Snake Oil

If you’ve ever wondered what snake oil tastes like, just swallow a bit of what the liberals are prescribing for America’s economic ills. Too bad the FDA doesn’t make them put warning labels on that junk. Liberals are saying that the key to restoring economic health to America lies in (1) increasing federal spending, (2) stimulating the economy with newly ...

No Faith in Freedom

Why are so many people opposed to ending the welfare-state programs that have come into existence since the 1930s, especially when they see that they’re contributing to the downfall of our nation? One reason is because after years of paying taxes, they feel like they’re entitled to receive a dole from the government. But they often forget that government is just ...

Kissing Your IRAs and 401ks Goodbye

Americans might be wise to prepare themselves for what might happen if the feds are permitted to continue spending and borrowing to their heart’s content, which of course they will be able to do if the debt ceiling is raised. At some point, the level of debt gets so high that no one is willing to lend the government ...

Debt-Ceiling Charade

Since the debt-ceiling deadline is now only a month away, I thought I should repeat the prediction I made several months ago: The Republicans are going to cave. They will vote to lift the debt ceiling once again, confirming what a fraud the debt-ceiling is. If it’s continually lifted, then it really isn’t a ceiling. Federal spending will continue ...

Why No Military Tribunal for Casey Anthony?

In the wake of the jury’s verdict of acquittal in the Casey Anthony murder trial, the obvious question arises: How about letting the states employ the U.S. military’s tribunal system in murder cases, well at least in those cases in which the state is not sure it can secure a guilty verdict from a jury? Wouldn’t that make us safer? After ...

North Korea’s Socialist Famines

People living in the socialist paradise of North Korea are suffering another big bout of famine and starvation, so severe in fact that the European Union is sending $14.6 million in emergency food aid for more than 650,000 starving North Koreans. Here’s what the New York Times says are the causes of North Korea’s chronic food crises: “The food shortages have been ...

Opposite Forms of Freedom on the Fourth

I’d like to share two points about the Fourth of July that I believe are important: First, the people who signed the Declaration of Independence were not American citizens, as is commonly believed. The people who took up arms against the British government were not fighting a foreign power. The revolutionaries were British citizens. They took up arms against their ...

Hornberger’s Blog, July 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011 Sharing Ideas on Liberty at Ron Paul’s Congressional Luncheon Group I had an interesting lunch yesterday. Congressman Ron Paul invited me to share libertarian perspectives on the warfare-welfare state and the debt ceiling with his private luncheon group, which consists of several of Ron’s fellow congressmen. About 8 other congressmen joined us for the luncheon meeting in ...

Immigration Controls and a Police State

Yesterday I commented on conservative Pat Buchanan’s recent anti-immigration rant. Today, I wish to comment on an aspect of immigration controls that both conservatives and liberals rarely confront — the federal government’s police-state powers that come with enforcing immigration controls. I’d venture to say that most Americans who are upset with the abusive tactics of the TSA at airports have ...

Buchanans Anti-Immigration Rant

Conservative Pat Buchanan went off on one of his periodic anti-immigration rants in an article yesterday entitled Say Goodbye to Los Angeles. In the article, Buchanan laments the fact that thousands of people in the Rose Bowl were cheering for Mexico in a soccer match against the United States. Today there are more than a million Americans living ...

Paternalism and the Drug War

The U.S. Supreme Court has declared a California law banning the sale of violent videos unconstitutional. That’s fine, but how about going further and declaring laws banning the possession and distribution of illicit drugs by adults to be unconstitutional too? After all, if we’re going to treat minors like adults, what would be wrong with treating adults as adults ...

A Liberal Attack on Jim Bovard

One of the enjoyable things about being a libertarian is being attacked by both the right and the left. Whenever a libertarian attacks some form of statism, you can be confident that either conservatives or liberals or both are going to be offended. A recent example from the left is an attack on James Bovard (who serves as a senior ...
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