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Should Public Schools Teach the Bible or the Koran?

A recent article about the First Amendment in the Christian Science Monitorreflects how differently libertarians think about religious and educational liberty compared to non-libertarians. The article is entitled “What If Public Schools Were Mandated to Teach Islamic Creation in Science Class?” by David Sessions, a 2008 graduate of Patrick Henry College and the editor of Patrol, a culture ...

Debt-Ceiling Fraud

The federal government has now reached its $14.3 trillion debt limit, even though Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is buying the government a couple of more weeks through some clever financial finagling. That means that the federal government cannot legally add any more debt to that $14.3 trillion. That’s the maximum. That’s what they said would be the maximum the ...

America’s Post-9/11 Turn toward Dictatorship

Among the most potent weapons employed by the Syrian dictatorship have been the arbitrary arrest, confinement, and torture of people without trial. Syrian police and military are simply arresting people without cause, jailing them indefinitely without trial, and torturing them. No formal charges are necessary. No trial is necessary. The victim simply sits in jail and is tortured until the ...

Big Money Fast

The drug war will never be won no matter how fiercely it is waged. Why? Because there will always be people who will be attracted to making big money fast. The drug war provides people with the opportunity to do that. In fact, the harsher they crack down in the war on drugs, the more money there is to ...

Endless Immigration Reform

The title of today’s Los Angeles Times editorial says it all: “Get moving on immigration reform.” The operative word is “reform.” Here we go again. More calls for immigration reform after decades of immigration reform. I thought that Berlin Wall type of fence they were constructing down on the Southern border was supposed to be their final reform. I thought they said ...

Michael Gerson’s Attack on Ron Paul

Michael Gerson’s attack on Ron Paul in Tuesday’s Washington Post confirms, once again, that the real battle facing our nation is between statists and libertarians. Gerson is your standard conservative. He worked at the Heritage Foundation and then as a speechwriter for President George W. Bush. Not surprisingly, Gerson is a proponent of the 40-year-old war on drugs. It’s not surprising because most ...

The Coming Fiscal Train Wreck

A New York Times editorial today provides a perfect example of the statist thinking that has produced the out-of-control federal spending and massive debt that now threaten the United States with bankruptcy. The editorial points out that several state governors refused the U.S. government’s offer of billions of dollars to fund mass transit programs. Among them was Florida Governor Rick Scott, ...

It’s All about Empire

Just as I suggested last Monday, the killing of Osama bin Laden isn’t going to change a thing. The war on terrorism will continue, along with the invasions, bombings, occupations, sanctions, embargoes, kangaroo tribunals, torture and abuse, assassinations, indefinite detention, foreign aid, support of dictatorships, and, of course, the out-of-control federal spending and ever-growing infringements on the freedom ...

Will Mexicans Lead Us to Drug Legalization?

There is good news coming out of Mexico. CNN is reporting that hundreds of protestors have begun a 3-day march to Mexico City seeking an end to the drug war. It’s seems that the group might be calling for some kind of truce between the government and the drug gangs, rather than legalization, but it’s nonetheless a clear sign ...

Bin Laden and Yousef: Dead and Alive

The operation in Pakistan that ended in bin Laden’s death brings to mind the case of Ramzi Yousef. He was one of the terrorists who committed the bombing of the World Trade Center some 8 years before the 9/11 attacks on the WTC. Yousef’s 1993 attack on the WTC was handled differently from that of the 2001 attack. After Yousef ...

Mired in the Socialist Muck

A controversy over food stamps in New York City shows what happens when people plunge into the muck of socialism. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to prohibit food-stamp recipients from using their food stamps to purchase sugar-sweetened beverages. The mayor’s rationale? You guessed it! Paternalism, the ism that goes perfectly with socialism. The mayor says that sugar is bad ...

Is This the Wrong Time to Question Foreign Policy? Part 2

My hunch is that once the jubilation over the killing of Osama bin Laden dissipates, everything will return to normal. The war on terrorism will continue indefinitely into the future. New official enemies will appear to take bin Laden’s place. The periodic terror alerts will remain. The president’s emergency powers that came into existence after 9/11 will stay. The ...
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