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Stop Obama from Managing the Economy

As the presidential campaign season gets into full swing, be prepared to hear the standard arguments as to which candidate and which party is better at managing the economy. The debate surfaces every four years. Republicans will cry, “President Obama and the Democrats have made a mess of the economy. Elect us because we’re able to do a better job ...

Leave the Hurricane Price-Gougers Alone

Well, if it’s hurricane season, it must be anti-price-gouging season. It’s bad enough for people to be hit by a hurricane. You’d think that statists would show some mercy and spare people some economic idiocy during difficult times. Alas, it is not to be. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper announced that he would prosecute anybody engaging in price-gouging during ...

Doubling Down in the Drug War

Why can’t the U.S. government ever learn lessons from any of its failed programs? The biggest lesson it fails to learn is the importance of ending programs that are obvious failures, especially ones that are inherently incapable of succeeding. Instead, in its usually bullheaded, headstrong fashion, the government maintains the program and, even worse, actually expands it. There is no ...

Shades of FDR! Socialist Chavez Nationalizes Gold

Venezuelan President Hugh Chavez has announced that he’s nationalizing the country’s gold industry. He also announced that he’s bringing Venezuelan gold reserves held in the American and European banks to Venezuela. There’s no doubt as to why Chavez is bringing the gold reserves to Venezuela: He fears that the U.S. government will do to Venezuela what it’s been doing to ...

Military Welfare for Libya

Needless to say, U.S. officials will claim that but for the U.S. intervention in Libya, the revolution would never have succeeded. It’s just part of a long tradition of demeaning treatment that comes with welfare. And make no mistake about it — such interventions are welfare. Although military welfare comes in the form of cash, bombs, bullets, invasions, occupations, and ...

Which Dictatorships Are We Supposed to Like?

Don’t you sometimes wish that someone in authority in the U.S. government would explain how they determine which dictators we’re supposed to like and which ones we’re supposed to dislike? Consider, for example, Syria. Right now, Syria is our enemy because it’s a brutal dictatorship, one that is oppressing its own people. President Obama is demanding that Syrian dictator Bashar ...

Libertarians and Austrians in the Washington Post

Amazingly, two separate articles in Sunday’s Washington Post mentioned such libertarian luminaries as Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Ayn Rand, Walter Williams, and John T. Flynn. For names such as these to be mentioned in the mainstream press — and some twice in one day — reflects the tremendous strides that libertarianism has made in the past 20 years. The first article, ...

Ron Paul’s Exchange with Santorum Says It All

The exchange over Iran between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in the recent Republican presidential debate goes a long way in explaining why the mainstream statists, including those in the Republican Party and the mainstream media, wish that libertarians would just go away. Santorum pointed to 1979, the year of the Iranian revolution, when the Iranian people took U.S. diplomats ...

What Is Unseen about FDR’s New Deal

It’s funny to see liberals harkening back to Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal as a model for how the federal government should deal with the nation’s current economic woes. Liberals just don’t get it: It’s because of the socialist revolution wrought by FDR’s New Deal that America is suffering its current economic distress. A recent example of New Deal nostalgia is ...

Statist Fear over Ron Paul

What’s amazing is that the mainstream media doesn’t even appear embarrassed at the way they’ve been treating Ron Paul. I suppose they think that since they’ve treated libertarians with such disdain for so long, no one will notice that they’re doing it some more to Ron Paul. Not this time, MSM! As you no doubt know, people are noticing, especially ...

The Gold Window and the Federal Spending Spree

Given the 40th anniversary of President’s Nixon’s “closing of the gold window,” we shouldn’t forget the role that such action had in enabling the federal spending spree that has been going on for decades. Let’s go back, first of all, to the first 140 years or so of American history, when the official money of the American people consisted of ...

Liberal Solutions for the Economy Are Statist Nonsense

It is so funny watching liberals coming up with all sorts of weird solutions to America’s economic woes. Every one of the solutions involves more of the same things that have caused the woes, but liberals just won’t let themselves see that. In their minds, the possibility that America’s economic woes are a direct consequence of the welfare state ...
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