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The Downward Spiral Continues

The United States is in a downward spiral, and it just keeps getting worse and worse, both on the welfare-state side of things and, of course, the warfare-state side of things. If you want to see what the dole society does to people, look at Greece. After decades of out-of-control spending and debt, the government is bankrupt. It can’t pay ...

Our College Civil Liberties Tour

Our College Civil Liberties Tour went absolutely fantastic. We are all still flying high from the experience. We kicked off the program at Columbia University in New York City on Monday evening. The next day we flew to Indianapolis for a combined Indiana University/Purdue University program. On Wednesday we were in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, for a program at Middle Tennessee State ...

Born-Again Anti-Dictatorship in Syria

When did the U.S. government get religion with respect to Syria’s dictatorship? Sure, right now they’re protesting the Syrian dictatorship’s brutal suppression of a rebellion within the country. They’re issuing all sorts of demands to Syria’s dictator to cease his violence and leave office. Just this past week, they sought to secure some sort of anti-Syrian resolution within the ...

Our College Civil Liberties Lecture Tour Kicks Off Monday

Next week we kick off our College Civil Liberties tour! We start Monday at Columbia University in New York City, then Indiana and Purdue universities on Tuesday, then Middle Tennessee State University on Wednesday, and wrapping up at Ohio State University on Thursday. The theme of the programs is: “The War on Terrorism, the Constitution, and Civil Liberties.”

What Do Food Stamps Have to Do With Compassion for the Poor?

One of the things that fascinate me about progressives is how government welfare programs make them feel about themselves. The fact that progressives support such programs makes them feel like they are good, caring people. What’s also fascinating is that when a libertarian or anyone else opposes the existence of such programs, progressives automatically conclude that that person must ...

Open Borders Doesn’t Mean No Borders

Whenever libertarians bring up the idea of open borders, some people in the controlled-borders crowd immediately go ballistic, exclaiming, “But borders are essential to preserve our national sovereignty. If we abolish borders, our nation will cease to exist.” But open borders does not mean that borders are eliminated, erased, or abolished. An open border simply means that people are free ...

Hornberger’s Blog, February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Libertarians versus Liberals on the Poor Wouldn’t it be great to have a national debate between liberals and libertarians over whose philosophy and policies help the poor? For decades liberals have claimed that the welfare-state/regulated-economy way of life helps the poor. That has been the major rationale for the statist way of life under which we have all ...

Just Ditch Medicare and Medicaid

I just don’t get conservatives. They say they support individual freedom, economic liberty, free markets, limited government, and the Constitution. They also say they oppose socialism, interventionism, collectivism, and paternalism. They point out that such isms just don’t work. Okay, fine. Then why don’t conservatives call for the immediate repeal of Medicare and Medicaid? Why do they focus their entire attention on ...

Pre-Election Euphoria

The year before a presidential election is a period of great euphoria for the American people, for this is the period of time when presidential candidates are extremely nice to the American people. And why not? They’re seeking votes. They’re seeking to be elected or reelected. They have to be nice. This is the time when presidential candidates promise tax cuts ...

Conning the Poor

The biggest con in history — bigger even than Social Security — might well be the one in which statists have conned the poor into believing that the welfare state helps them. If those at the bottom of the economic ladder were ever to realize how badly they’ve been conned, that could spell the end of the welfare-state way ...

Thou Shalt Not Covet

President Obama says that people are poor because others are rich. What a crock that is. It’s nothing more than a refusal to accept personal responsibility for the failure of the welfare-warfare way of life and the managed-economy way of life that that statists have foisted upon our nation. What’s even a bigger crock is Obama’s solution for making the ...

Bert Sacks: A Hero in Our Time

It’s fascinating to see the GOP presidential candidates supporting the principles of economic liberty while, at the same time (except Ron Paul), ardently supporting Obama’s imposition of sanctions against Iran. Not only are sanctions an attack on the people of the foreign country on which they are imposed, they are also an attack on the economic liberty of the ...
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