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The Immorality of Social Security

Social Security is based on the same principle that all other welfare-state programs are based on: the forcible taking of money from people to whom it rightly belongs and giving it to people to whom it does not belong. As I have explained this week in my two previous articles on Social Security (here and here), during their ...

Social Security Is Definitely Welfare

After posting my article yesterday, I received several emails from a FFF supporter, with whom I often engage in very enjoyable exchanges, telling me that I am wrong about Social Security. Attempting to distinguish Social Security from food stamps and other welfare programs, he steadfastly insists that Social Security is not a welfare program or a dole program ...

Social Security Is Welfare, Just Like Food Stamps

The Social Security program is a perfect example of how people can deceive and delude themselves when it comes to socialist programs. Advocates of Social Security have long convinced themselves that Social Security is a savings-retirement program rather than a welfare program. It is a classic case of the life of the lie  —  the life of self-deception. In reality, ...

April 15: A Discomforting Reminder of the Past

April 15, the date by which American citizens scramble to file their federal income tax returns and pay their income taxes, serves as a discomforting reminder of America’s past: the fact that Americans didn't do this type of thing for some 125 years after the enactment of the Constitution. That’s not because income taxes are some sort of new invention ...

Why Libertarians Can Win

I received a very interesting email this week, asking the following question of me: “What keeps you from giving up, abandoning all hope, and despairing when so few people seem to be able to grasp that freedom is better than control?” Those of us living today obviously live in a statist society, consisting primarily of the following major infringements on liberty, ...

Minimum-Wage Smartness in Switzerland

Two years ago, Swiss voters had a national referendum that would have set the nation’s minimum wage at $25 an hour, ten dollars more than what is being proposed in the United States. I’ll bet you’ll never guess how the referendum came out. It went down to defeat, big time. 76.3 percent of voters voted no to the referendum. Why ...

Hypocritical Attacks on Trump

The most interesting aspect of the widespread animus against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is that none of it is substantive. It’s all personal. It has nothing to do with Trump’s political or economic philosophy. That’s because Trump stands for the same philosophy and the same programs that his critics believe in. Consider, for example, this article in yesterday’s ...
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