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I Love Magna Carta

In the debate between those who consider Magna Carta to be a tremendous step in the advancement of liberty and those who don’t, count me among those who do. For me, two things stand out most about Magna Carta. First, it was the first time in history that government (i.e. the king) acknowledged that its powers over people are limited in ...

The Libertarian Case Against Vouchers

During FFF’s first year of existence — 1990, one of our major donors requested me to write an op-ed favoring school vouchers, which he planned to send to newspapers in his home state. I explained to him that neither I nor FFF could ever publish such an article. He said that if I refused to write the article, he ...

Federal Judicial Deference to the National-Security State

If you’d like a good example of the power that the national-security branch of the federal government has acquired within our federal governmental structure, all you have to do is consider the judicial system that the Pentagon has established and runs at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for terrorism prosecutions. It is a perfect example of how the federal judiciary, out ...

Release the CIA’s Still-Secret JFK Records Now

Today, June 10, marks the anniversary of one of the most important and remarkable speeches in American history — President John F. Kennedy’s speech at American University on June 10, 1963 -- what has become known as the “Peace Speech.” Two excellent books have been written about the speech: To Move the World: JFK’s Quest for Speech ...

Who’s the Traitor?

A few days ago, Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Max Boot authored an article in Commentary entitled “The Traitor’s Triumph” in which Boot accused NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden of being a traitor for revealing the NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional super-secret surveillance scheme to the American people and to the people of the world. Boot’s article raises one of ...

Is Max Boot Really a Liar and a Coward?

Glenn Greenwald and Max Boot, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, engaged in an interesting exchange about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in which Greenwald suggested that Boot is both a liar and a neocon coward. The exchange arose out of Boot’s critique of an op-ed by Snowden published last week by the New York Times. ...

The JFK Assassination and the Inconceivable Doctrine

Despite the large amount of circumstantial evidence pointing to the culpability of the U.S. national-security state in the assassination of President Kennedy, there are still some people who exclaim “Conspiracy theory!” whenever someone challenges the official finding of the Warren Commission that JFK was felled by a former Marine lone-nut communist using a junk Italian-made World War II rifle ...

Wrong Message in the Ulbricht Case

The first thing that entered my mind upon reading that New York City Federal Judge Katherine Forrest had sentenced Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht to life in prison without parole was, “What in the world could that woman be thinking?” At the sentencing hearing, Forrest indicated that the draconian sentence she was imposing on Ulbricht was meant to serve as ...

Will U.S. Soldiers Soon Be Dying for Communism?

Do you recall the justification that U.S. officials used for sending more than 58,000 American men to their deaths in the Vietnam War? They said that communism was so bad and such an enormous threat to the United States that it was necessary to stop the North Vietnamese communists before they came to the United States and took over ...

The National Security States of China and the U.S.

The New York Times recently published a story about China that reveals, indirectly, the revolutionary transformation of the U.S. government that occurred at the end of World War II. The article focuses on the nature of the Chinese communist state as a “national-security state” and points out that that “national security” laws are being used to maintain the ...

Rand Paul: A Profile in Courage

Yesterday, thanks to the heroic efforts of Sen. Rand Paul, the Patriot Act automatically expired. Yes, you read that right. No reform of the Patriot Act. Just termination. In case you’re wondering, the United States hasn’t fallen into the ocean and the federal government, including the IRS, has not fallen to the terrorists. Of course, that hasn’t caused the fear-mongering that ...
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