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Does It Matter Who Is Elected President?

For their entire lives, Americans living today have experienced two massive infringements on their liberty and well-being, one consisting of what we call the welfare state and the other consisting of what we call the warfare state. The welfare state encompasses coercive transfer programs, regulatory programs, and all other government programs that take care of people or subject peaceful choices ...

Conservative Blindness on Iran

In a standard conservative screed against Iran, Los Angeles Times columnist Jonah Goldberg begins by stating, “It has been an Iranian tradition since 1979 to end Friday prayers with chants of ‘Death to America.’ In a purely rational world, that would be all one needed to know that Iran is not a reliable negotiating partner.” Goldberg is wrong. In ...

Separate Charity and the State

In order to achieve a genuinely free society, the American people should be discussing and debating the following fundamental question: What should be the role of government in a free society? Once that question is asked, the following questions naturally follow: Should government be involved in the business of charity? That is, should government be forcibly taking money from people ...

How Exciting: The Birth of a New Official Enemy!

There are few events more exciting in people’s lives than the birth of a child. Similarly, there is always a tremendous air of excitement that comes with the birth of a New Official Enemy of the U.S. national-security state. This past week, the American people got to experience this exciting event in the life of the national-security state. Through an official ...

Maduro’s “Paranoia” About U.S. Regime-Change in Venezuela

Good for the Venezuelan domestic opponents of President Nicolas Maduro. Although fiercely opposed to Maduro, they have come out publicly against President Obama’s meddling in Venezuela’s internal affairs. According to the Washington Post, Opposition leaders, who generally are close with the United States, said they rejected the use of unilateral sanctions. “We appreciate and are grateful for the support ...

The Depressing Results of the War on Terrorism

Don’t be surprised if the prices for antidepressants soar even higher than they already are. That’s because U.S. counterterrorism officials are horrible depressed about the results of their much-vaunted “war on terrorism.” According to an article entitled “In Campaign Against Terrorism, U.S. Enters Period of Pessimism and Gloom,” in last week’s Washington Post, “U.S. Counterterrorism officials and experts, never ...

Obama’s Venezuelan Dictatorship

Ever since the advent of the Cold War, U.S. officials have told us that it was necessary for the United States to adopt the totalitarian structure known as the national-security state in order to combat communist totalitarianism. We are now witnessing a similar spectacle with respect to President Obama’s exercise of dictatorial powers to deal with the socialist regime of ...

Iran Won the U.S. War Against Iraq

Has there ever been a bigger disconnect between myth and reality than the outcome of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq? On the one hand we have Operation Iraqi Freedom. U.S. officials tell us that their invasion and occupation of Iraq was a tremendous success because it brought freedom to the Iraqi people. That’s why Americans are exhorted to ...

Striking at the Root of Foreign Crises

As the United States jumps from foreign crisis to foreign crisis, it’s important that we recognize that there is a root cause of all these crises. The reason it’s important is that if Americans ever want to get off the crisis merry-go-around, there is a way to do it — by striking at the root of the crises. Consider two ...

Would a Bigger Police State Win the Drug War?

Most everyone would agree that China is not a free society. It is ruled by a brutal communist regime, one that has absolutely no regard for civil liberties and such criminal-justice principles as due process of law, trial by jury, right to counsel, and habeas corpus. When the state wants to go after someone, there are no institutional barriers ...

Lead Us Into Temptation, Evil, and Death

Every Sunday American Christians go to church and pray The Lord’s Prayer, which includes the following plea: “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” The rest of the week, many of these same Christians then proceed to support a governmental program that not only leads people into temptation and evil but also brings with it death, ...
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