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Statist Economic Thinking, False and Fallacious

To understand why the United States and much of the rest of the world are in a world of hurt economically, all you have to do is take a look at the economic reasoning in this New York Times article by Shaila Dewan and Motoko Rich: “Public Workers Face New Rash of Layoffs, Hurting Recovery.” The title ...

Foreign Aid Abomination in Egypt

The crisis in Egypt is providing another real-world example of how differently statists think as compared to how we libertarians think, especially when it comes to moral principles and foreign policy. Demonstrations of the statist mindset have been provided by editorials about Egypt that have appeared this week in both the New York Times and the

The Moral Abomination of Sanctions

A recent New York Times op-ed entitled Pinched and Griping in Iran by Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof shows how differently statists think in comparison to us libertarians, especially when it comes to foreign policy and moral principles. Kristof is traveling in Iran and reporting on his experiences in the country. In his article, he focuses on the ...

Egypt’s Military Dictatorship Rears Its Ugly Head

The Egyptian people are learning firsthand why America’s Founding Fathers were so opposed to standing armies. Our ancestors understood that standing armies are a grave threat to the freedom and well-being of the citizenry. Thus, it’s no surprise that the U.S. Constitution failed to grant to the federal government the power to establish a standing army. Over the weekend, the ...

America’s Partnership with Egypt’s Dictatorship

This week, the Egyptian people got a taste of the reality of military dictatorship, while the American people got a taste of the reality of U.S. foreign policy. The Egyptian Supreme Court dissolved the Egyptian Parliament, and Egypt’s military dictatorship declared martial law in the country. These dictatorial events occurred just a few days before Egypt’s presidential run-off election. Even though ...

Double Hypocrisy

After Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Russia of shipping attack helicopters to the Assad regime in Syria, Russian foreign minister Sergey V. Lavrov reminded Clinton of something she might have forgotten: that the U.S. government supplies weaponry to oppressive regimes throughout the Middle East. Lavrov didn’t specify which countries he was referring to but he might have had ...

The Drug War Is Finished

If you want to see a look of stunned silence on the face of a drug-war proponent, ask him the following question: To win the war on drugs, what do you propose be done that hasn’t already been done during the last forty years of drug warfare? He won’t know what to say. Everything that drug-war proponents have proposed has, ...

Mexico Should Just Legalize Drugs

According to a front-page article in today’s New York Times, Mexico’s top presidential contenders are signaling a shift in how Mexico intends to fight the drug war. While the movement is in a positive direction, unfortunately it still doesn’t go far enough. Mexico should just end its entire participation in the drug war. It should legalize drugs. Six ...

Can We Also Investigate the U.S.-Syria Torture Partnership?

I don’t get U.S. officials. They’re so outraged over the brutality of the Syrian regime. They calling for an investigation into atrocities committed by Syrian forces against the Syrian people as part of the regime’s effort to suppress a rebellion against the regime. They are also demanding regime change in the country. So, what is there not to get? I don’t ...

The Pentagon, the Troublemaker

My article this past Tuesday, “Partnering with the Communists,” detailed how the Pentagon is doing its best to partner with the communist regime in Vietnam in order to provoke crises with China. The Pentagon’s troublemaking strategy is already working. According to Reuters, “Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he will boost military cooperation with China, including ...

Reality Is Mugging the Greeks

For statists who were hoping that Greece’s financial crisis had receded into the background for the indefinite future, their hopes have been dashed. This title of an article on the front page of today’s New York Times sums up the problem quite well: “Greece Warns of Going Broke as Tax Proceeds Dry Up.” In the print version ...

Partnering with the Communists

Given the U.S. government’s longtime military and financial support for dictatorships around the world, including Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and its historical support of military dictatorships in Latin America, I suppose it’s not too surprising that the Pentagon is now trying its best to enter into a partnership with a communist regime. What is shocking to me, however, ...
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