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The War against Ourselves

Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, along with their vice-presidential running mates, are fighting hard to convince voters that they will support and defend Medicare to their dying day. All of these political candidates understand an uncomfortable truth about the welfare state: Once people are placed on the dole, they will be unlikely to vote for any political candidate ...

Statism Is Finished

Two separate articles in the mainstream press provide good examples of how proponents of the welfare-warfare state are getting so desperate over the failure of their beloved statist paradigm that their thinking is getting ever more muddled. The two articles are “Europe’s Austerity Madness” by Paul Krugman in the New York Times and “Give Egypt’s ...

Imperialspeak: Is Egypt an Ally or an Enemy?

President Obama’s pointed observation that Egypt is no longer an ally of the United States reveals the imperial mindset that characterizes U.S. officials. Obama was recently asked in a television interview, “Would you consider the current Egyptian regime an ally of the United States? The president responded, “I don’t think that we would consider them an ally but we don’t ...

Why Do We Have Paper Money?

Article One, Section 10, of the U.S. Constitution reads: “No state shall … make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.” Article One, Section 8, reads as follows: “The Congress shall have Power … To Coin money, regulate the value thereof….” Keep in mind the dual purpose of the Constitution: one, to call the federal ...

The Military Has Shamed Us with Gitmo

We should bear in mind what the Pentagon initially had in mind when it established its prison camp and judicial system at Guantanamo Bay after the 9/11 attacks. Its plan was to make its prison camp totally independent from any judicial review or congressional control whatsoever. It was going to be a facility that would under the total control ...

No Presidential Debate on Fundamental Issues

The real shame of the Obama-Romney race will be the lack of debate on the fundamental issues facing our nation. Alas, the sad reality is that we’ve got a race between two statists who are battling over which one of them will make the better leader of a statist system. And that means that the debates and discussions are ...

Why Support the Troops?

One of the most fascinating phenomena of our time is the extreme reverence that the American people have been taught to have for the military. Wherever you go -- airports, sports events, church -- there is a god-like worship of the military. "Let us all stand and express our sincerest thanks to our troops for the wonderful service they perform ...

Why We Have a Liberal on Our Tour

Why is it important to advance ideas on liberty even when the odds against us seems so daunting? One reason is because it is the right thing to do. Another reason is because it’s the only way to achieve a free society. While there is no guarantee that people in society will embrace libertarian ideas once they hear or read them, ...

Less Freedom under Obama and Romney

It’s a real shame that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are on the same page on civil liberties, the war on terrorism, and foreign policy. The big losers of this bi-partisan mindset are the American people, who will continue to experience grave infringements on their freedom. Consider the presidential power to assassinate people, including Americans, a power that is exercised ...

Keep Watching Egypt

The opening sentence of my blog post of last April 23, which was entitled “Americans Should Watch Egypt,” was: “Egypt is developing into a fascinating situation, one that involves the United States. It’s worth paying attention to in the coming months.” In light of developments since then, including the election of Mohammad Morsi to the presidency and the recent angry ...

Constitution Day

Leave it to the Los Angeles Times to inject a bit of humor into today’s celebration of Constitution Day. The humor comes in the form of an op-ed entitled “The Audacity of Democracy” by Akhil Reed Amar, which sets forth the notion that the enactment of the Constitution was a triumph for democracy. Why is that funny? Because Amar ...

Sinking in U.S.-Created Quicksand in the Middle East

One thing is for sure: All the love that the U.S. government claims to have generated among the people of the Middle East with its sanctions, invasions, occupations, democracy-spreading operations, and other interventionist actions has failed to manifest itself during the past few days. On the contrary, all we see is tremendous anger, rage, and hatred directed toward the ...
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